Sunday, February 3, 2008

Working like a dog.

I have worked unforgivable hours for my current job. I never thought I had this workaholic in me! I mean, money is a magnet. But I didn’t expect it to be this magnetic. I underestimated my capabilities when it comes to getting paid. I also have been complaining. My mom and I just had a minor bitch fight yesterday over some undone chores. Ok, I was probably wrong for shutting her down after a 12-hour shift. But her memory kind of spaced out when she forgot that I work every day of the week for about 6-7 hours a day (with no breaks), plus school, and that I only caught 2 hours (TWO hours!) of sleep the previous night for a paper. My mother’s getting old, I get that. But sometimes, I just feel the need to buttheads with her, as often as she wants to burst my the-world-revolves-around-me bubble.

I, for very forgivable reasons, have thought of quitting my job. First things first, my job is very noble. It’s probably one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. But being a teacher takes its toll. Especially if you’re a Kindergarten teacher at noon, a toddler teacher by 3pm, and an infant caretaker come 5. Being a teacher slash floater is not the easiest shit in the world. Don’t get me wrong. I adore those kids like they’re my own. It’s just that, for a couple of months, I experienced working in just one classroom, with the same eight babies, everyday. And being back to the floating arena is not what I had hoped for when I gave up my position for a friend who needs the hours more than I do. [Even if it’s wrong, I sometimes wish I hadn’t told her about my wondrous job. But that’s a sin and I don’t need any more of that.]

How can you resist a smile like Blake's?

But to my consolation, I get the luxury of rewarding my own hardwork with no guilt involved. I get a couple of martinis every weekend, a good serving of fine dining, and some shopping here and there. It’s kind of a blessing to be earning and only paying one bill (and that, my friends, is the cable). So I share. And it’s not just your ordinary “share”. I basically pampered my family on Christmas that I almost (just almost) forgot about myself—which, as you know, is a rarity. I gifted my mom this patch plaid duffel bag from Dooney and Bourke; my bestfriend got a black satchel from her favorite store; and the boys (aka dad and bro) got a pair of tickets for a Dallas Mavericks home game (AND, it’s even against the team they favor most from the opposite conference). Oh my goodness. I know! How special of a daughter, sister, best friend am I?? All together now… SO special! But even if they trapped me in great debt, giving as much as receiving is ultimately the most amazing reward I could ever give myself. I know, right? I’m not so much of a selfish, histrionic, narcissistic bitch after all.

Me and mi hermano after a one-sided Mavs win.

If I was too much of a bitch, to begin with, I wouldn’t stick to a job that requires changing diapers, reading a story, playing hot potato, singing ABCs, and potty training (oh it’s my favorite!). I have been in Primrose for almost 4 months now and although it sucks the patience out of my system, I still kick ass whenever I tell my friends that I am a teacher while being a student.

I know the NBA tickets were supposed to be the boys' presents only, but my birthday was around the corner too that I just had to give myself a good view of Dirk Nowitzki too. [My mother thinks he’s hot, I’d like to prove otherwise. But he’s a good baller. Very good.]


Talamasca said...

You're teaching kids? Wow. Just... wow! *standing ovation WTF*

Just so you know, I can't stand kids! I hate them with a passion that could depopulate an entire legion of worthless boybands WTF WTF. XD

Aaaaawwww! Not only is Kai a teacher extraordinaire, but she's such a noble daughter as well! Someone put her up for sainthood! Or better yet, you should run for the Presidential election WTF! :D

Oh, and that smile you're donning is dayum infectious! Me likey!

Ok buhbye. See you and your blog in, like, a decade WTF. ;-p

acey said...

ate kai, you have no idea how happy i am to see you back in your blog!!!

and that kid is so cute! god bless you with everything. :)

that was a long hiatus. :(

Gail said...

aww man. it's my dream job to me a kindergarten teacher. gusto ko rin mag babysit pero hindi uso dito. that sucks. i love kids!

Vayie said...

Welcome back Kai. Now that explains your absence on the blogosphere.

chase said...

I also wanted to do that in Norway since the kids are just adorable! Anyway, I usually dont buy gifts for myself but instead giving it to others

clare said...

hey there! nice to finally hear from you again!

i'm liking this new post, it's like i'm reading about a very grown up and definitely mature version of you now. i love it!


alvin said...

I remember taking an alternative class in college on how to put up your own pre-school. I can't remember why I took it, and the class was boring as hell, but sounds like your new career is really fun :D

Anonymous said...

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