Monday, December 24, 2007

Just so you know...

I haven't forgotten about you. In fact, I have been excessively thinking of ways on how to get back on this thing before it forgets about me. Well. I'm still breathing. Healthy and alive. So the pregnancy and death rumors are now safely bound to trash. Ok, I totally made that up. But my excuse is absolutely valid. I now have a job (that I dangerously enjoy), I underwent major full-time-student-ness (by taking 18 credits at once!!), and I insanely morphed both activities and inserted them into my daily lifestyle. Hence the lack of social life. Even this virtual social life.

But I'm back. For good, as I pray. I finally managed to buy a new laptop to take with me wherever winds lead me and that shall help me update this thing in a regular manner as I used to. And before I go any further, I just want to make my apologies. I know it's not a big deal for most of you, but true friends have contacted me over time, and I truly appreciate the thoughts and wishes. You guys rock my face off.

Since the last time we've talked, many things have changed. I have been a success story for the most part, although finding the right job for me became such a task. Mind you, I have had three jobs since my two-week stint at Carino's. I accepted a sales job at my college's bookstore during the remainder of that summer, and while it was convenient to work at a familiar setting, the load of work plus the very unsatisfying pay just couldn't cut it for me. Can you imagine me stacking bottles of Pepsi products on three different refrigerators on a regular basis? I didn't think so. But I was bored, fat, and broke that I stuck through it for four desperate months. During those four months too, I was hired by Kohl's as an associate for the Junior's department. Whoever said working in retail was the easiest job on earth, must be seriously decapitated.

So after merely three paychecks, I quit. Both jobs. But hey, at least I experienced something I've always wanted to do... work two jobs at one time. Looks like I may never try the adventure again. Then enter this teaching job in my neighborhood of Valley Ranch. First of all, I had no idea why on earth I decided to apply for it. Because one, I have no teaching degree, and two, kids and I aren't always the perfect pair. But I thought it would never really hurt me to try, so I did. The same week of my interview, I was also offered a job at an Irving library for an assistant position which pays no less than $13/hr. I was appalled at myself for rejecting that. Who wouldn't be when I could guiltlessly buy a Gucci with a whopping paycheck? (note: I don't pay no bills.) But anyhow, I made a rather selfless decision to work with nrkids that pays a few dollars less of what I could have gotten as a librarian. After all, kids and I started to click like macaroni and cheese.

I'll tell you more about this one in the future. I just wanted to update you about the basics of my life. Like losing quite a few pounds, spending most of my time either at work or inside my car (I can now drive on freeways!! WORD.), and still not having a lovelife (which I'm actually thankful for). How about you? Have you missed me? Did I miss anything out here? I know I missed Kat's pregnancy announcement (Congrats, Katkat!) and Alternati's website warming, but is there anything else? Fill me in.

With that, I leave you with warm Christmas wishes. I hope you enjoy the holiday, I know I will.


JM said...

Whoa. FINALLY. An entry! Happy holidays, K!

xoxo joey

Vayie said...

Ayayay! Finally, you're back!

Honestly, I took you off my blog list because I don't know whether you've changed your URL again and not telling me like before (not deliberate, I know...Ü) or don't intend to blog forever (since your last post was July!).

I was completely surprised seeing your comments on my blog and I have to admit, I miss it so much...Thanks.

It's great having you back...*giddy dance* Sana, no more disappearing act =)

zerovoltage said...

Just random hopping ... Merry Christmas! :D

Jaz said...

Welcome back, Kai! =)

To be honest, I was, likewise, fully pre-occupied, so much so that I haven't had much chance snooping around in the wired world. Tried updating my blog every once in a while, but if you'd note, my updates have been so dull, hahaha.

Anyway, have a very blessed Christmas! And here's to hoping that we get back to our blogging ways!

Anonymous said...

welcome back!!!

and merry christmas!!!


alvin said...

Hey, you're back :)

Happy new year!

Kai said...

And what happened to your site?

Aw, thanks! And no biggie on the link, I figured out why, and I knew you'd put me back up when I blogged again. And I missed your ramblings too! So much :)

Zero Voltage
Happy New Year!

Nah, you've never been so dull, girl. You always had something real to talk about. Maybe, yeah, we both just didn't have time. Especially me, this work-study thing is so new that time management becomes such a critical issue. :(

Hello! Thank you!

Oh yes! :D

Alternati said...

Hey Kai!

Glad to hear everything's great on your end. Really feel happy for you and all these good news. :)

I was really surprised when I saw a comment from you on my blog. Kat and I were wondering where you were. ;)

Anyhoo, I totally get what you mean when real life takes over all forms of social life... Update whenever you can m'kay?

A Prosperous 2008!


Anonymous said...

FINALLY!Missed you Kaiiii! :D

Talamasca said...

I thought they tried to make you go to rehab? Hehehe. ;-p

At long last! The amazing Kai is back! *clap*

And so am I! But I kind of like, moved! So, um, yeah, is no more! Here's my new URL:

See ya around!

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