Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What the "fuck"?

It's a boring Wednesday afternoon, and I had nothing else to do but roam around the netopia. I, somehow, found myself in a celebrity blog. Remember Elyse Sewell from the first cycle of America's Next Top Model? Well, I landed on her journal and found some interesting stuff from her new life in Japan...including this fucker.

According to her, it's a menu from a restaurant. Fuck a fish head. Fuck a spring chicken. Hahahaha.


Debbie said...

that's hilarious...

hey, do you have an account in

vayie said...

She seems to like the word.

sassylicious said...

gusto ko ang kulay ng blog nakakatawa ang post..hahaha! ;p misha!

Laureen said...

oooh, i liked Elysse. although, i only saw a couple of episodes of the 1st season. =)

what a funny menu. haha.

i still haven't figured out that new version of YM. i actually miss the older version. na-kuryos kasi ako eh. *sigh* if you wanna use the PC-to-PC calling feature, then this is the version for you.

Anonymous said...

Kai!!!!!!!! I miss you too!! thank you for dropping by!! how are you??? good to see you change your layouts again, it looks good!
Elyse has a journal? where did you find it?? hope to talk to you soon whether on AIM or MSN, bye girlfriend!!

Anonymous said...

The comment above was made by me, Mary, lol sorry i forgot to put my name there

Jaz said...

You don't believe that those Chinese words really mean the F word, right? But just for info, the appropriate translation for that dish is Pot-boiled fish head / spring chicken =)

cruise said...

delicious kaya ang mga ito?

Kai said...

Yep. It's /queenkai. (:

The restaurant menu does.

Maraming Salamat!

If you've seen its entirety, she might've annoyed you. She hated Christ, and loved to badmouth her peers. Lol. Anyway, thanks for the tip!

Thank you, and I miss you too! Yeah, I, out of the blue, found my way to Elysse's website. You can click the words "her journal" in this entry. It's linked to her LJ.

Isn't "piaw zi" the same as that? Oh well, my Chinese can never be in comparison to yours, hehe. Thanks for the info. (:

If it's Chinese, then I guarantee it's good.