Friday, June 30, 2006

Segunda Mano

I didn't get the chance to check my blog the whole day yesterday, and so, when I turned on it today, I was pretty much in shock to see some changes, that I know, I didn't make consciously. The font was changed from Trebuchet MS to Verdana, and a quarter of my links list was gonzo. What the freak is going on? Is some no life douchebag trying to mess with me again? Oh, lord. It seems like I attract hackers the most. It's so unfortunate.

Anyway, my mom has been very addicted to Craig's List. I tell you, we have a gazillion of things at home that are second hand, thanks to her obsession. Not that I'm totally against it, but I just don't like the idea of using somebody else's stuff just for the sake of a cheaper price. Thankfully though, Mama never buys something remotely close to sanitary gadgets, haha, so yeah...we let her be. Today, she bought a sofa sleeper for the room downstairs, plus a foot-on, a lamp, a side table and a couple of picture frames. All from Craig's List. Mama is actually not a stingy person, and she's a nurse for peter's sake. But seriously, is Pier 1 that expensive? I never thought so. Oh well.

I was supposed to see Superman Returns last night. I even threw a hissy fit just so we can go. But it didn't work, as usual. Papa was too lazy to drive, and my brother wouldn't want to go. Mama can't drive, and I don't want to. I was so pissed. But it opened my eyes to something. I have to face the hell of freeways and start driving for my own sake. It can only help.

Have a lengthy and lively spirited weekend, my friends!


:cheenee: said...

hi kai!!! :) well, good luck with driving!!! :)

thanks for dropping by always... I really have been super busy... I don't have time yet to watch Superman. Huhuhu!!! :(

Enjoy the weekend! :)

Kai said...

Driving is cool, freeways...not so. But thanks! (:

Debbie said...

hackers can do that? what do they get from changing your fonts? hehe jk...that's creepy though..

we were also supposed to watch superman returns today but the heat got the best of us so we procastinated yet again...hehe

i;ve heard about craig's list. i even get to check it out but im not so thrilled about used stuff either and you never know whatever REAL condition the stuff is in. but your mom must be just intrigued about it....whatever works for her..hehe we all have our quirks..hehe

my new layout is something blogger's, i just changed the background. have no patience in figuring out how everything works. gusto ko gawa na..hehe i'll still be tweaking it..i'm still looking for more premade stuff in the net..hehe

happy 4th of july too.....take care

chEr said...

darn hackers...

cant wait to see superman... :)

Kai said...

I know! It's crazy. Craig's List has everything, from furniture to humans. It's scary, haha! I'll help you look for premade stuff, don't worry. (:

Me too!

vayie said...

Don't worry, you can still get to watch it some other time. Cheer up!

Laurene said...

ate, i was supposed to watch superman returns today, actually. pero cancelled kasi busy. tc ate kai!

Laureen said...

hackers seriously need to get a life. good thing all they did was change your fonts and mess up your links. at least they didn't change your password.

oooh, my mom buys 2nd hand things too, but she doesn't purchase them on Craig's List, though. she gets my dad to drive her to garage sales, hehe.

naku, sinabi mo pa! i haven't driven on the freeway alone since we moved to texas. i missed florida for a second coz we lived right off Dale Mabry "highway" which was more of an avenue. hehe.

Kai said...

I'm well, it's just a movie. I will watch it, don't worry (;

Same with the people around me.

I know! Freeways here in Texas are crazy. Well, maybe not California crazy, but they're wider here. Scary. Haha!

Gail said...

hey Kai!

Linking you too because you have a cool blog. :)

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