Sunday, July 2, 2006

You're so arte.

Let me tell you something. TAG-LISH annoys the heck out of me. Especially, when they're being uttered and/or scribbled by female, or even male, teenagers who act like they know their shit. Well, unfortunately, for reals, they don't.

Kris Aquino: You had two atras powers, why didn't you use it?
Girl 1: I don't want to make paatras e. Kasi it's unfair.
Kris Aquino: Well, it's in the rules, and it's part of the game.

And then she mumbles, "...because I don't want to...uhm *gestures atras*", as Kris Aquino finishes the sentence for her. Mahirap ba sabihin, "...because I don't want to offend anybody"? Gee. Sooo elementary.

Like when people say, "tawagan mo na lang me", or "kasi it's so mainit e". I could only cringe in irate. Is it that hard to say, "tawagan mo na lang ako", or "because it's too hot"? Man, it sounds terribly stupid to me. I'm sorry. But seriously. If you don't know how to speak the language fluently, then don't speak it at all! Besides, you're in the Philippines, mag-Tagalog ka na lang, 'neng!


nastrans said...

tama ka dun queenkai, minsan nakakairita rin yung mga ibang kababayan natin na kung mag-taglish parang filing sosy, nakakabwiset. May mga matino namang taglish e pero mga "im here na" o kaya yung "tawag na lang me" naku nakakairita talaga, hehehe.

bone said...

uy napanuod ko yang episode na yan..
medyo guilty ako, coz i sometimes speak like that.. geez.. pero hindi naman yun,"papunta na me." or "kumain na you" style.. yung normal taglish lang, period. hehe.

add this (i usually hear this from assumption or woodrose people): "uy, i have kwento.."

Kai said...
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Kai said...

What's wrong with speaking purely in Tagalog anyway? They're in the Philippines, they're not in an English speaking soil. Goodness, lol.

No offense, girl, but I just find it ludicrous, apart from stupid. But I know the 'normal' tag-lish from the 'arte' one. It just annoys me to no end. And hey, you forgot Poveda, haha!

aCey said...

hi, ate kai! i think i know the girl in that kris a. show... hehe.

Jaz said...

so what else is new with Kris Aquino? i mean, i just don't get it with her....she's from the ateneo and yet she speaks as if she's not! and the funny thing about it is that people (other actors & actresses) find it cute and actually end up imitating her 'you're so arte' style of speaking. haayyy!

Debbie said...

hay naku matagal ko ng kinaiinisan ang mga yan...way way back when i was still in the philippines. especially the "sosy" and feeling sosy ones...uggghhh! i can't help but cringe coz it's so forced, pretentious and wanna-bees...want to be someone they're not. I JUST DONT GET IT!!! kaya yung mga cousins ko dito, whenever we hear someone doing that, we really laugh and stare at them in disbelief. if you can't speak it well then use the one you know, simple as that.

Joel said...

Hahaha.... palagi nga ako nang-aasar pag may gumagawa nun ....hahaha!

HanAgiRL said...

gulp! I was guilty of speaking that way, but thatwas way back in high school naman. Blame it on my school. haha!

But I agree with you with the use of that "me" especially in text messages. I hate hate hate it!

Kai said...

Personally? Well, then tell her to stop being extremely pretentious because it makes her less cute. I'm mean, but it's true, hehe.

I find her maarte too, and the most annoying thing about her is her "know-it-all" attitude. She couldn't even pronounce certain words the proper way. And what, Ateneo? Err, it makes me wonder more if she really got something from Boston.

Ditto. Unbelievably irritating, right? Ugh, so phony. Feeling "sosy" as you perfectly put it.

Hahaha, kasi naman tunong bobo, diba?

Oh, tell me about it. I was Tag-lish-ing too, but not to that extreme extent, haha. But upon residing here, I have started to notice the "arte" the rub into it. As one who uses English more than usual, I just think it's not as smart as they think it sounds. Let alone, it's very annoying.

raissa said...

I am not too fond of Taglish myself but my cousins brand of Taglish is actually cute. No one else speaks the way they do. LOL well the difference is they are in US, born and raised and still speak Tagalog with mix of English.

Kai said...

Fil-Am Tag-lish is remotely different to what I'm hearing in the Philippine TV, and that's what I was talking about. I just find it uberly phony coming out of a, as Deb put is, "feeling sosy" teenager's piehole. Absolutely hypocritical to me.

Jen said...

Ei kai.. well, SD would be here in Manila Oct.21 & 22.. of course i would be there.. Tix will be released by July 15th but im not sure if im getting them as soon as it wud be released. Nway, I hope you'll enjoy SNME in 2 weeks.. mis yah! *hugs*

Debbie said...

hey kai...i'm sure you watch "so you think u can dance"...right? have you noticed one contestant named "ashlee" first glance i really thought it was hanagirl. i literally jumped out of my seat and took a better look....they have so much resemblance..hehe

Kai said...

Good for you. I will surely enjoy it, and I hope you do too! (:

Oo nga, ano? I never noticed til you mentioned it. I've always thought she's Filipino though, but is she not? Does Hanagirl know about this? Hehe. At bakit gising ka pa? Lol, it's 7 minutes past 1 am here. I'm actually looking for a job...magic! Haha, but it's already late and I better go (:

vayie said...

Something really tells me you hate Kris Aquino.

Anyway, I hate prissy girls too and when they speak in Taglish annoyingly. I remember this one time a Kulasa girl (St. Scho) went to Jollibee and ordered palabok.

She goes: "One pal`abek phlueeeasse, don't put the "bud-bud"-thing huh?"

I wanted to strangle her.

Jen said...

yeah kai.. i would really enjoy it! and i hope there would be some line-up changes in the coming months.. anyway, havent talked to u in a while.. mis u po! *hugs*

:cheenee: said...

kai... :( I feel so sad pa rin for England and Brazil... You should've seen Terry on TV. He was crying like a lil boy and BEckham was consoling him.. argg.. Later I'll be watching Germany vs Portugal.. Sana Germany wins. I hate Portugal for beating France.. :(

Laureen said...

oh, i hate it when people use "me" in a Tagalog sentence too. how hard is it to utter one extra syllable so the sentence is is either purely english or tagalog?

i don't really see anything wrong with Taglish, but some people go overboard and OA na talaga ang dating.

one of my professors in cebu would berrate us when someone recites in mixed dialects. he'd say "if you start your sentence in english, finish it in english." hehe.

Clare said...

omg, you find Kaka cute too? hehehe!

was really happy to see italy win this morning over here....i *heart* that team...although i'd be torn if it came down to a france-italy final.

minsan nakakaaliw ang taglish...minsan kainis din naman...hay.

cruise said...

sagwa nga ng taglish, parang bading na bading ang tunog, depende pa kung paano sinabi, correct? (ayan na po. bading na bading)... hehehe

Alvin said...

My Filipino teacher back in college said that there are two types of Tagalog-English mix, Taglish and Enggalog (I know Enggalog sounds ridiculous but she has a point)

Taglish is the mix of English and Tagalog words using the Tagalog gramatical rules (i.e Pakikuha naman ako ng spoon and fork), while Enggalog uses English rules of sentence construction (i.e. Please make kuha naman a spoon and fork for me.)

So Taglish, accdg to her definition, is just normal since we use English words all the time anyway (and it does come naturally most of the time), while Enggalog, or the "Kris Aquino speech style", is completely annoying.

Nice blog btw :)

raissa said...

alvin makes a valid point. I do see the difference. I think Taglish coming out in conversation is almost accidental why Enggalog (cant they come up with a better term?) is deliberate thus sounds so forced.

I think more than the construction of the sentence what makes it annoying is the tone when its said

Kai said...

Haha, that's funny. And I don't hate Kris Aquino, her being "know-it-all" just annoys me to bits.

Yeah, we haven't chatted in a while. (:

I hate France for ousting Brazil.

Your professor's right. (:

Yes, Kaka! I'm so sad he's gunzo. ): I'll be rooting for Portugal since I loathe France for eliminating Brazil. Bitter ako.

Hahaha, korek!

I get your point. I had no idea there's such thing as "enggalog". Thanks for dropping by!

Yes. I agree with Alvin too.