Friday, July 7, 2006

Money is L-I-F-E.

Gotta face it. Passion, just by itself, can't be sustained as my bread and butter. Sure, some people make it. Taylor Hicks is a living proof of that. But I'm not as patient, nor as determined. I'm going the easy way out.

I'm a young adult who's completely clueless of what she wants to do in her life...until today. I've finally apprehended the fact that money is a daily vitamin every single human being needs to take in order to survive. If I pursue what I'm doing right now (graphic designing), I will be risking my ass in such a competitive market, much less, an unsatisfying wage. Whereas, if I bestir myself to neccesary practicalness, not only will I live in contentment, but as well as a future of better welfare for myself and my eventual kids.

I will endure a battle with numeral assassins, and I will be victor in the end. Pharmacy, here I come. And as for my so-called passion,'s my blog. A perfect outlet of my creative juices. Another new layout as we speak. *winks*


Clare said...


i know how you feel sis. i don't really want to be doing government work the rest of my life, i'd rather dabble in my writing (songs, scripts, etc)...but as you said, we need money to survive and as cool as it may be to become a "Struggling artist" i know that is not the practical thing to do these days.

happy weekend!

jassy said...

you're a pharmacist, too? alright! exchange links?

Kai said...

Malay mo, Ate. Pag mayaman na tayo, magawa din natin yung gusto natin. Ang tanong, kailan kaya yun. Hehe.

No, I'm not a pharmacist. I'm gunning for Pharmacy Tech, actually. Anyway, sure! Mi casa es su casa (:

vayie said...

Goodluck then, Kai.

*eLLe* said...

may quiz na naman ako! :) try mo i-answer oki, masaya yun :D

Laureen said...

well, what a cheerful new layout to match your bright new future, kai ;) good luck! =)

Debbie said...

i can always chase those dreams when you get the mulah! right now, aiming for a stable income is the practical way to go. we're always here to admire your artworks....and you certainly are creative and talented at that!

go pharmacy tech! my cousin's one already, and he's liking the fruits of his labor!

take care!

fortuitous faery said...

hi from the east coast! your blog skin is gorgeous.

may i link you? :)

Kai said...

I need that. Grazie!

I will try.

Thank you, girlfriend.

Exactly. I can go back to designing when I can already say I'm rich, hehe. And thank you so much!

Fortuitous Faery
Hello, and thanks! Already linked you. (:

Anonymous said...

Isa lang masasabi ko - BATISTA!!!!

Kai, another thing, DILANA!

nike said...

still at it huh ?
confused ad undecided.
one advice : go follow your heart and you will not go wrong !

Kai said...

Dilana rocks! BTW, who are you?

Haven't you read its entirety? Well, lemme quote myself for you... "I've finally apprehended the fact that money is a daily vitamin every single human being needs to take in order to survive". My passion for art won't bring me riches, unfortunately. Thanks for the words of wisdom, nonetheless. (: