Friday, July 14, 2006

Drive-thru Dallas

Snapshots from the east side of Downtown Dallas during an enthralling 35-minute semi are we there yet misadventure. Dang, I miss this place. It's been 7 long months since the last time I set foot on it. Dallas was everything I hoped it would be. It holds a mix of colored people, hence the feeling that we genuinely belong, not to mention the certain parts that are remotely similar of what Cainta (my hometown) was like. As opposed to that, North Irving (my current residence) is a little bit on the upper-class hand. I was raised in a middle-class type of living, resultantly, the mute and cleaner surrounding makes me feel quite alienated. I miss the long bus rides, the noise, the smell, the clutter, the mexicans, the gay people, everything. Had we not scored a great bargain with this house, we should still be staying there. And if I would be given an option, I will most likely prefer growing a family in Dallas than anywhere else.

- Leah Salonga was mentioned in yesterday's Jeopardy. My heart giddily jumped, you bet!
- It is quite surprising that I'm not as enthusiastic as I should be about tomorrow's Saturday Night's Main Event. I think my obsession with professional wrestling tamed down a bit, and I blame FIFA and KAKA for it!

I will make sure that I have a blast this weekend, so make yours a party too!


Laureen said...

i love the pictures, kai. Dallas does sound a lot like the big city feel. sometimes i can't figure out which one i like better, the city or the country side. hehe.

have a great weekend!

fortuitous faery said...

ooh you're from cainta? i used to live in greenpark village which is near the boundary of pasig, marikina and cainta. sta. lucia mall is close by. i also lived in san mateo for a little while...but it's a little too far. hehe.

nike said...

dallas is a cool town .
yoo bad , it's also known as
a losers' town because miami
made it such.

Kai said...

Thanks, dear. Used my brother's camphone to take 'em, with a littel tweaking via photoshop, they looked better, hehe. In Dallas, you actually get the best of both worlds. But I can't just speak for the rest, you may want to try it since you're already close (;

Really? I grew up in Village East. We were neighbors!

Did I just get yo'momma'd? HAHAHA.

jassy said...

never been there of course but it's good that you're very observant of the places that you've been! you're lucky you've got the best of both worlds!

have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kai,
I also have that same reaction when I see or hear something Pinoy in foreign programs or movies or shows.. Hehe. For instance, in Superman Returns, did you hear that part when a news anchor said that he was in Manila? Hope you're doing great sweetie...

Take care,

*eLLe* said...

time for another quiz! :D

wow that's cool, bout the leah salonga thing :)

Kat said...

great pics of dallas!
so did you catch project runway?!?! malan is so freaking pretentious! but i do miss santino and where's andrae?!
have a fab weekend chica!

Debbie said...

nice those sight-seeing roadtrips.

i'd rather have a mix of people too, i feel i belong.

have a great weekend kai!

bone said...

hmm.. looking at your pics.. i say dallas is a great place..
just read your previous entry.. one of my titas is a comcast client.. geez, every time i go to her crib, the tv jsut annoys me.. i dont get comcast.. cables here are so different from what we have back home huh? oh well.. hehe.. hows your weekend so far?

Laurene said...

ate kai, dallas looks like an interesting place. =)

richard said...

hello.. thnx also for droppn' by my site..

How I wsih makapunta ng DALLAS! It's great!


K said...

Hi Kai! Thanks for reading my blog. Aren't we going to put up a Kaka Fans Club soon? My friend told me that he's already married. I haven't checked though..he haven't mention about it anyway. I'll ask when he calls--in my dreams! =)

I'm going to Texas some time soon (no definite date yet) but i'll be in Houston. Just wanna share..

Keep on blog hopin'


Clare said...

hey there ... oooh i would've been giddy hearing that part on jeopardy when i heard them mention manila on superman returns...

Kai said...

I guess, I am. Thanks!

Loser, am I. Haven't seen frickin' Superman!


I know! This sounds crazy, but as I was watching the premiere, I would repeated wish that somebody would bitch talk heavily on others para lang may drama ala Zhulema, hahaha!

Right. The more colorful, the better.

Kai said...

I actually like Comcast the best, it's just that it's uber expensive. Di kaya ng powers ni Papa, hehe.

It is an interesting place (:

Yeah, you'll have a blast here, for sure.

Oh really? I haven't been to Houston but we've got a lot of friends there. It scares me because of the certain hurricane that hit last year. But I heard that it's a wonderful place too. Oh my Kaka, haha! I would love to put up a gang just for his cuteness, lol. BTW, he is a newlywed. Doesn't make me like him any less though. Wala akong pake, haha!

Ate Clare
Sali ka sa fan's club, ha? Haha. I miss Kaka. Boo. ):