Monday, July 10, 2006

How about my idol?

"Bata" crowned the new IPT King Of The Hill.

Fine. I get it. Manny Pacquiao is your Philippine Sports hero. But what about Efren Reyes? He has single-handedly changed pool in every sense of the sport, let alone, his being the first Filipino inducted into the Hall Of Fame. Hence, the fact that he doesn't get the attention Manny Pacquiao has been injected with bothers me, to think that they're both still very dominant in their respective fields. Yes, I am bitter. Because I am simply tired of seeing Pacquiao's overrated offense and try-hard attempts into showbizness, or so I've heard. While my own athletic hero is continuously gaining even more glory for the Philippines in his humble and quietest ways.

Shifting moods...

Did you see the FIFA finals? What the fuck. Hahaha, Zidane Zidone. What was he thinking? I never really liked him, but I have a ton of respect for the guy. He's probably the BEST soccer player of this generation, without any ounce of exaggeration. He's retiring after the cup, and boy shall I say...that is the ugliest exit in the history of sports EVER! *headbutts keyboard*

And yay for Italy winning it, although it was kinda lame that it all came down to PKs. Oh well, another 4 years in the waiting until Brazil and Kaka kick some major butt, haha! Now, some FIBA in two months. Can't wait!


vayie said...

That's so true. The "hype" that is Manny Pacquiao.

I'm not being ungrateful to him. I know he had brought so much glory for the country but if you could only see the commercials and all those endorsements (you'd get sick watching him singing the jingle of XTreme Magic Sing), you'd really think he's nothing but a walking billboard. He even has a movie (of his lifestory) for crying out loud! And there were some interviews that he seem so arrogant and cocky. Where is the humble Manny who came to Manila from GenSan to try his luck? Do you know that some nincompoop wanted to make him our National Hero? Over `di ba? How could you call someone a hero when he was denying his lovechild? He had come a long way now and indeed, he's starting to turn me off.

Jaz said...

can't blame you on that one, dear...pacman is just sooo overrated. and oh yeah, what vayie said is actually true...he's getting overly cocky nowadays, tsk tsk.

cruise said...

nakikiisa ako sa pagbubunyi sa pagkapanalo ng Italy, di dahil fans ako kundi may kaibigan kasi akong Italyano na masayang masaya ngayon.

Oo nga sana lahat ng atleta ay nabibigyan ng tamang parangal hindi lang kung sino yung popular na pwedeng gawing commercial model.

Kai said...

Oh my, I sooo wanted to insert those in my entry but I was taken aback by what could be a furious response in my comment box. But thank you! You really elaborated my point very well clearly. He's arrogant, I think the exact same way, and I'm extremely fed up with his act.

He's overrated, period. Like, it's absolutely ludicrous to celebrate his win each time when you've got an olympic SILVER medalist, who gained a handful of respect for the country, vying for 2 million pesos in a certain GAME SHOW. Seriously, what the fuck was that.

Commercial model, well, I don't think Pacquiao is too perfect for that. For I may consider boxing a little bit violent compared to other sports. Billiards, on the other hand, is a battle of physics and greatly clever offense. It's just sad that Efren Reyes, now the BEST pool player in the whole world, is not given the chance to shine in his own soil.

jassy said...

i like efren more than i like manny. but then abscbn got a hold of manny and so more profits for both of them.

Anonymous said...

*hear hear* glad to have someone here who doesn't worship pacquiao, that makes us two... i have nothing against him, yeah he's good, but there's a lot there better than him. plus the fact that half na ng commercials sa tv, siya ang nakikita...ugh! *apir kai*

shai said...

oops, bakit anonymous, ako yan..hehehe

Joel said...

Actually back in 99 till 2002 Efren was THE main Filipino athlete, Today Manny is just the new Efren hehe.

HanAgiRL said...

yeah, what about Efren Reyes indeed? I guess the more bloodshed the better in this country. haha!

Kai said...

It's all about the moolah, eh?

Korek ka diyan!

MAIN guy? Erm, I digress. There was a point in time where he was best known as a national athlete, but nothing compared to the heroic embrace towards Pacquiao. If I felt that Bata was treated more than crap, I wouldn't be ranting like this.

Violence is their kind of sport. Oh well, I guess only smart-asses can differ. *high five*

Laureen said...

is he really trying to get into showbiz? i didn't know that. it's really a shame that they've been ignoring Efren Reyes - he is simply awesome.

Zidane Zidone? hahah. i liked that. i know what you mean about his exit - ugly indeed. i wasn't too thrilled about the decision boiling down to penalty kicks either. oh well, at least your Italy won ;)

Debbie said...

countdown to...Proj Runway 3!!!!
woohooo!...hehe hindi naman ako ganong excited no? hehe

john said...

manny rocks . billiard is a game for 'istambays'. long live the filipino people ! long live the fil-am ! long live me !

fortuitous faery said...

karma was swift and merciless for france because of his foul act. it cost them the world cup.

Richard Diongson said...






Kai said...

Well, apparently, he has a music album. A FREAKIN' ALBUM. Hahahaha, the guts. Seriously, his vocals are anything but spectacular, as I would expect. He can't be good at everything. *scoffs*

And it has officially begun. Make it work, haha! (:

Wow, somebody's even more bitter than I am. *shocked* I don't blame you, "pool" is a game centered by physics. Totally better than busting your head wide open, literally. And what's wrong with being a tambay, does that make a person any less? I can't believe you're bringing down a Filipino, who in his simplest ways brings a little ray of light to the country's sorry ass, just because you want to act a certain way. Tsk, tsk!

I'm neither a fan of France nor Zidane, but I'd like to disagree. It's a team effort to start with, and France had their chances to win with those PKs. If they couldn't make it this year without Zidane, then what more in the next world cup?

Wow, that's uber Tagalog. Thanks for dropping by! (:

Eunice said...

the album is preposterous. i can't believe, he's already a millionaire, better yet, a billionaire, and yet filipinos are still paying for the publicity. GAWD!

i miss efren bata, wonder where he is now.

Kai said...

As mentioned in the entry, Bata just won the most prestigious tournament there is for pool players all over the world. He's the new King of the Hill aka the best of the best and the richest pool player of today. He's never gone, he's just slightly unnoticed.

JM said...

Heres what I think..

I don't get it either when the whole nation once fell in love with Efren after winning the World Pool Championships a few years ago in Wales, everybody treated him as a God..

Ngayon cable subscribers get to watch Efren.. Too bad, hindi nila nakikita si Efren.. Wala ng pumapansin sa kanya.. Kaya Efren saludo parin ako sayo..

Kai said...

I've always been his fan, and never did I felt that the reception he once got from the country was ever remotely similar to what Manny Pacquiao has been indulged with.