Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Japan; Mama; Brian O'Brian

No, never dreamt of becoming a beauty queen, nor am I lesbian. Just averagely fascinated. So, after hearing mass and eating dinner last Sunday, we rapidly headed back home just so we won't miss the cheese-tastic introductory opening number. Japan captured my attention with that anime-ish costume, and boy, was I thrilled to see her make it to the Top 5. Although I partly share the same sentiments as Deb about the whole pageant thing, I still glued my butt on the couch and spent nearly two hours, anticipating our Asian cousin to end up first, especially after hearing that very realistic and logical answer in the Q&As, albeit the interpreter's translating exigency. But my hopes were severely crushed. Seriously people, Puerto Rico...again? That's like their 500th Miss Universe crown! I can't believe it. If the only reason Japan got axed is because she can't speak perfect English, then that's bullshit. Those over-pretty-fied South Americans have twisted tongues too, and still, they reign supreme almost every year. I can only scoff in disbelief. Anyway, Philippines snagged Miss Photogenic, not surprised there *waves mini flag*, and Japan received best costume, a well deserved consolation prize, nevertheless.

On another topic... My mom has an erroneous remembrance of where she places things, most specially her reading glasses, hence she'd always ask, "Be, nakita mo salamin ko?" (have you seen my reading glasses?), which eventually became a little disturbing. I suggested that maybe it's time for her to attach strings to it so she won't misplace it time and time again, or better yet, purchase contact lenses. But she would shrug my ideas off and depend on the fact that her kids can look for her lost stuff every single time. I don't mind, really, but it's just a little bit annoying sometimes, especially when I'm doing something else. So I came up with something. Remember the curse jar? Well, since everyone in this house conveys an unfiltered piehole, I've decided to transform the curse jar to Mama's own punishment. Each time that she asks me or my brother where her glasses are, she would have to cash in a buck. So far, there are about 5 bucks in there, and she still owes a couple more. Thankfully, it's working. It's been days since she asked the same ol' question, hehehe.

Last night, my family enjoyed a series of videos of Rex Navarrete's stand up comedy performance via youtube. I had no idea he was that funny! You gotta see it, it's absolutely worth your time, I promise. Here are the links.
The Brian O'Brian one is the most hilarious of all. Trust me, I almost pissed my pants, haha.


morton hurley said...

Mercury Rev?! I didn't know they were still around.

YouTube can get addictive... and I'm usually amazed at a lot of the stuff on there.

Example: There is an interview with Kiss from 1978?! Or a clip of Johnny Cash and Johnny Carson chatting with each other.

Who thinks to post this stuff?!

Kai said...

Morton Hurley
Listening via Last FM. It has every music you want. Yeah, youtube's pretty addictive. It's crazy, right? Like how in blue hell did they get those clips up there? Lol. Thanks for stopping by! (:

Debbie said...

i know! japan should have won. sawang sawa na ako sa south american beauties, YES the world knows they're gorgeous, let's get a move on. you know what i think they should not wear their sashes. they should be judged equally without the judges knowing where they're from. kaso nga lang, i think evryone pretty much has a clue kung sino ang south american beauties na naman. but it still is a fair game.

miss japan was so cute. she had that charm in her. i wouldnt have ranted the way i did if she would have won...hehe

poor mama...hehe siguro instead of asking you guys where her stuff are, hinahanap na lang niya..hehe is there an encore of MIss U? when?

my hubby wanted me to watch one of rex's shows, but i refused, kala ko corny. but since you've recommended it then it must be good. il check youtube. i search claudine baretto sa youtube, and i saw this funny clip of her cursing...hehe

ang layo na ng narating ni santino...hehe that's what publicity is all about.

Kai said...
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Kai said...

She was so close, you can't blame me if I cry racial discrimination, right? I mean, her being Japanese sure had something to do with it. Anyway, Mama would still ask us to look for her stuff, that's why she owes the jar two more bucks, haha. But she's now more careful with her glasses, which can only help. (: Yeah, watch Rex Navarrete. I also thought he'd be corny, but seriously, it's way hilarious than you could imagine. I'll check that video you're talking about. I love it when "celebrities" show blatancy, hehehe.

Vayie said...

Well, I'm an Asian too but...

Although I wasn't really thrilled that Puerto Rico won the title (because she was never a standout to start with and I've been hearing banters that she looked like Michael Jackson. Eww!) but I don't believe that Japan came in second because of discrimination or because she can't really speak good English. I heard she could even speak four languages. Maybe it wasn't really her time yet. You could see her disappointment though because as soon the Ms. Universe 2006 was announced she quickly took the bouquet and dashed to the backstage. I feel it was unbecoming for a poised beauty queen to do that.

And Ms. Philippines is Ms. Photogenic again. Thanks to online voting. I think these beauty pageant organizers should do away with the online voting coz it's not really accurate and reliable. We'd be winners coz we are after all the texting capital of the world.

Kai said...

Living here as a minority kind of provokes my tendecies of overreacting, so excuse me. I thought she was still gracious upon hearing that she lost though. She displayed a cute smile and was escorted away in a jiffy. Apparently they were running out of airtime. Anyway, it's actually nice how all Filipinos unite when it comes to something like this. That's why, I even expected it, hehe.

Clare said...

saang lungga kaya ako nakatago last monday...i wasn't even aware na may ms universe contest that day on tv....the evening after ko pa nalaman! lol!

raissa said...

LOL my dad was the same thing but I got an earful when I made a comment that he always loses it. *sigh* I think thats part of us, children's resume - to constantly look for missing/misplaced things of our parents.

Rex Navarrete is really funny. I was able to watch him live and 5 minutes pa lang my throat was dry and my tummy hurt. The "Star Wars - sparkle, sparkle" is really funny.

wasnt able to watch Ms. U but theres a lot of talk that Ms. Japan was robbed. Oh well

bone said...

geez.. i wish i was able to watch Ms U. pero alam mo, nagagandahan talaga ko sa mga Hapon, in general.
hmm.. i should prolly use a curse jar at home.. everyone in my family is "kabaw" (ilocano term for forgetful).
rex n. is hilarious.. hey, filipinos are born with great sense of humor! =)
i checked out claudine cussing on asap. she said sorry after..

bone said...

oh, i searched youtube for ms. japan.. omg, she's cute! she looks like a model.. uhm.. i hope that doesnt sound lesbian.. haha

Kat said...

hey, wasn't ms. use supposed to wear kayne's gown for the pageant? he won the challenge from project runway! i looked up the pics but didn't see her wear it!

and rex navarette is hilarious! i have his cd from a gazillion years ago and i still quote jokes from it!

Jaz said...

wasn't able to catch ms. u. in tv. darn gradschool classes! but looking at even just the pics, i don't see puerto rico's candidate this year as exceptional...

cruise said...

ah nakakaaliw talaga yang si rex navarrete.. meron lang ako mp3 ng mga comedy niya, try ko nga panoorin yang sa youtube. naka blosk kasi youtube dito sa ofc, kaya hintay pa ako makarating sa bahay para panoorin yan, pwede ba i-download?

napanood mo na ba yung superfriends, cartoons ni rex navarrete?

Anonymous said...

Hello Kai...ü
I was rooting for JAPAN! I thought she'd win because she did okay in the Q&A. But then, can't please all the judges.

Take care,

Cheenee said...

HEYYYY!!! Even though we're super miles away, I can't believe we rooted for the same person. I LOVED Japan's costume. Yeah... Anyway, it was maybe because Puerto Rico showed more boobies. arg. Hahahaha!! :)

Laureen said...

yeah, i was hoping japan would win the crown. and PR wasn't even pretty to begin with - and she can't even speak english straight either. hmph! whenever the male translator would cut these "beauties" off, i scuff and say "buti nga sayo, matuto kang mag-ingles sa susunod ha". haha.

oooh, i just LOVE rex navarrete. he is F-U-N-N-Y!

Debbie said...

i saw one of the clips of rex...so that's where my hubby got the "below job" and SBC jokes..hehe

charles ravndal said...

Rex Navarete is quite funny I have been looking for those Justice League and also the one that involves packing.

Kai said...

Ate Clare
It's ok, you didn't miss a lot.

Mahirap magpalaki ng magulang. Sparkle!

Of course not. I think I have a lesbian crush on Japan too, haha. She's just so cute, and apart from the appearance, her answer was cleverly executed too. She was robbed, totally!

Ms. USA wore it! Click here. (:

She's robotic. No more, no less.

I don't know where to download his stuff, but you can order some DVDs through his site. (:

As I've once read, natural beauty worked against her. Too bad.

Of course, gotta root for our Asian cousin!

Hahaha. Korek!

Haha, yeah. The SBC packers. LOL!

You should see the Brian O'Brian one. it's fuckin' hilarious!