Sunday, July 16, 2006

In need of a better digicam.

So, amidst the less-than-hyped system I was trapped in, I still went to see Saturday Night's Main Event with Bo last night. I almost gave that ticket away, and boy, I'm so glad I yielded the persuasion, otherwise, I could've missed a whole damn lot. As many of you know, I'm a big fan of professional wrestling, so if some of you aren't down with that, I advise you to leave. This entry will be filled by what will be a spastic narration, no less.

We arrived at the AAC 15 minutes late of the starting time which was 5:30pm. All along I was questioning as to why it begins at 5:30, when TV guide says that the program starts at 7, and it's supposed to be aired live. Dumbass me didn't realize that it's airing on network television, and for that reason, parts of it were needed to be pre-taped. And so after eating a wondrous whataburger, Papa dropped us off the west entrance, and we readily headed our way to the line, and waited for an estimated 15 minutes under the scorching Dallas heat. Then, we finally settled on our more than satisfying seats at exactly 6:00pm. The view was better than what we could've expected. It just sucked a bit because Paul London had a match and we hardly caught any action. So anyway, I was seated next to my brother, of course, and a black guy to my right who has an uncanny resemblance to Mavs' Erick Dampier. I was a little bit conscious at first because the seats were not as convenient as they're supposed to be, especially for Texans, but as the gentleman I assume he was, he made me feel comfortable with the way I was seated. Needless to say, he also seemed like someone I befriended throughout the show. He was funny.

I was slightly disappointed though, because a lot of the matches, seemed to have been choreographed hastily and lazily (dark matches excluded). I guess, I'm only bitching because my first time was superbly sulit. I paid $60 bucks for a floor seat, and I was supplied with 3 hours of jampacked grappling. Whereas, this $40-dollar treat couldn't compare. BUT, there is one thing that I was witness of last night, that I didn't get the chance to see the previous time. Underfrickintaker! Holyshitness. That was the most surreal thing I have ever seen. As a kid, I would be extremely horrified by his gigantic creature, and those devilish antics, let alone his freakishly chiller music. But he is a phenom, per se, and as a fan that I am, it was the cherry atop the fabulous night that I was having. I have finally seen The Undertaker! I can die now.

Who's my favorite, you ask? Well, right off the bat, I'll tell you it's Triple H and HBK. But I also happen to be a fan of John Cena, who unfortunately faded as a major favorite among the crowd. The best thing about the event though was that I was inserted in a crowd of men who all know their shit, my brother included. Unlike others on the other side who only "boo" people just so they'd get hitched by a certain bandwagon. I take my brother as a perfect example of this point I'm trying to make. In the more than 10 years of his passionate adoration for professional wrestling, he only worships three people. Them being: Triple H, Mick Foley and Ric Flair. Yes, Hulk Hogan doesn't count as his god. Anyway, I knew that he loathed Cena, much like a lot of you do. Hence, my surprised reaction when he applauded him. He clapped, just like all the men around us did. And that minimal applause ingrained my integral respect for my brother and his own share of fanaticism. He's just not another professional wrestling die-hard. He's one of them genuinely smart fans, who give mature ovation whenever it is due.

Speaking of my brother, he was the one taking the pictures and the videos simultaneously. So I credit him for everything we've got. It's just unfortunate though that the images doesn't come close to justifying what we saw, personally. Check them out here and here.

Overall, it was a decent treat. Good show, great seats, best part of the crowd. I had a ball. My mother presently says that the next time WWE comes to town, she won't be paying for the tickets anymore. She actually said the same thing last year, haha. But I guess, we won't torture her any longer. It's my father's turn the next time around. Kidding! I cheered for Batista the loudest, just so you know. He's a fella, and I can't help but be so proud of him. Have you seen his new ink? Anyway, this is lengthy enough. So long.


GreenMangoes said...

hi ms.kai!! nice new simple blog look we got here ah?! =)

by the way, one time the RAW TOUR came here, di ko napanood.. waaahh!!

I'm also a fan of the oldschool wwf (back then it was wwf ata.) Mga kapanahunan pa ni Hulk Hogan and Ultimate warrior yung napapanood ko! eheheh!

Ewan ko lang kung nung bata ka pa e nabalitaan mo na yung namatay daw si Ultimate Warrior kasi binuhat niya daw si Andre The Giant?? Ayon sa mga balita na hindi ko alam kung paano nag simula, pumutok "daw" yung muscles ni Warrior.. kaya yun.. end of story.

Of course i was a kid back then who had a sucker mind for wrestling. So i believed the story. i do remembered umiyak pa ata ako noon e. waahaha!

anyway, you're gravely in need of NEW digicam. =)

But for now, be contented na lang. =)

chEr said...

i changed my url din.. hehehe

jassy said...

hi...isn't professional wrestling just an acting? several of my friends told me that. i used to like it a lot. idol ko si hulk hogan saka si ultimate warrior. then natigil na, hindi ko na alam kung sino na ngayon.

anyway, it's good that you enjoyed watching it and that you decided to watch it!

JM said...

I think share mo sya sa Solar Forums.. So that makita ng mga Cena haters dun ang respect na binigay ng isang wrestling/football state na binigay kay cena..

and btw great seats.. Hopefully maishare ko ng ayus Smackdown! experience ko by October

Kai said...
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Kai said...

I can't have everything, right? Hehe.

Thanks for updating me!

I've always known it's scripted and the matches are choreographed. But action is real, whatever haters say. Didn't make me like it any less. It's always been fun, nonetheless.

I can only imagine HIS bitter face, hahaha!

Jen said...

Oh kai.. the photos are really amazing! love it.. im glad u enjoyed SNME! and oh, u got some photos of Randall and Carlos?! thanks.. mis yah!

Laureen said...

i was never a big fan of wrestling. i'd watch it on & off when i was younger, though. and played around with my kuya's wrestler action figures. haha.

anyway, it sure seems like fun to watch an event - just ANY event - live. and it sounds like you had so much fun. maybe the next time WWE does come back to Dallas, you'd have that new digicam, hehe.

bone said...

haha, kai. u had fun!! great.. yey!! ur lucky to have a mom who'd pay for your tickets.. woohoo! snaps for her. =)

Kai said...

Stop kidding, the photos are anything but amazing. We blame the camera, no less. But the videos are viewable enough, so I'm happy. Carlito and Trish were so sweet, ha. They were hugging til they reach the curtain. Bawal selos, lol.

Ahhh. I hope so. (:

Kai said...

I'm lucky with everything, Bone but a good digicam. (:

charles ravndal said...

Got here thru Laureen's blog.. I like your blog's design and neat pictures you have here

ceejoy said...

thanks for the compliment :) about my brazil layout :) and wait a sec if i'm not mistaken the guy in your header is kaka? :) am i right? oh myyy! kaka is love :) lolol

Kai said...

Thank you so much! (:

It is Kaka. HE is L-O-V-E. Haha!

Jaz said...

do you know that i had a very hard time watching WWF back when i was a kid? was very much troubled with all that punching, throwing, grappling motions. X_X coz little did i know that it was just plain acting! and of course it was just that....else how could all those wrestlers survive getting jabbed, punched & thrown, right? so stupid of me huh? *haha*

Vayie said...

Bad girl! You didn't even tell me you have a new link. Now I feel alienated in the blogosphere. Huhuhu. :p

Anyways. Glad to be here again.

cruise said...

andun si ric flair, yung nature boy?? ayy kelan naman kaya ako maakapasok sa mga ganyang lugar?

Kai said...

That's actually the beauty that I find in professional wrestling. They make the scripted looks effin' real. And there is drama in every angle which makes it extra interesting.

Once again, I apologize. *flowers* (:

Nopes, Naitch wasn't there. But I saw him the first time I went to a WWE event. Remember the time when Tripl H turned on him? Anyway, I heard they're coming back to Manila by November. Maybe by then you can get the chance. Mayaman ka naman e!

Jen said...

eh.. it's ok for me that Carly's being paired up with Trish... mas mgnda na un kesa nman kay Maria.. duh?

Kai said...

I still find 'love stories' in professional wrestling lame. But it's cute, nevertheless.