Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Gloomy but Giddy 4th

Despite the uncooperative weather...

The grill still willingly served us to a bloaty 4th of July celebration. Obviously, we're not Americans. But I think, being legal residents can already be a healthy excuse to have another one of those splendid get-togethers.

And of course, we couldn't resist to haul ourselves with the American tradition...BBQ!

Mama with raw meat, and Bo starting to grill 'em.

Tita Tina continued the grilling, she's such an expert.

All time faves. From Pansit Palabok to Pizza. Yum!

And the young'ins, so you can't find me there d:

It was fun, although the planned pool party didn't push through. Our spacious kitchen served us fine, and the bazillions of eats to chow down. (:


vayie said...


Anyways, I find nothing wrong celebrating the Fourth of July even if you're not Americans. My relatives in the States, has never forgotten their roots but celebrate major US Holidays especially Thanksgiving. And I thought it's cool to have some celebration where there could be an excuse for a legit get-together. People in the States are always busy kasi.

Jaz said...

wow, so much food! just looking at the pics' making me hungry!!!

Debbie said...

oohhh..the bbq looks good! so is the rest of the it sure looked gloomy...did it rain? i like that gloomy shot you got there.

have a nice day! tc

Laureen said...

yum! didn't have my 4th of July fix on Tuesday =( i didn't even get to watch fireworks due to the oh-so-wonderful weather *sarcasm oozing* shucks. maybe next year.

floi enjoy said...

Yay. That definitely made my mouth water! ^_^

Kai said...

Everybody celebrates Thankgiving, I just thought it's not our thing to celebrate their Independence day. (;

I know, right?

It was taken by my digi-genius brother. It did rain, a downer, but it was still so much fun, nevertheless. (:

How lucky are we? Lol.

Hehehe. d: