Sunday, July 16, 2006

What about love?

Inspired by both Vayie's latest entry and a recent discussion I overheard from the KiddKraddick In The Morning Show. I will try not to be mushy and cheesy, that would be totally uncharacteristic. Trust me.

It all started with a simple letter written by a listener which tackled her fiancee, who was getting a job in New England, and the life that was then being offered to her by his eventual better half. The guy wanted her to dump her present job, and fly to where he's at so they both could try to embark a new journey together. The girl hesitated, not wanting to leave her moneymaker behind. The following week, she heard a knock on her door only to find out that her fiancee ditched the new career just so he can be by her. She was elated. However, two days later, her boyfriend got into a car accident that put his life in jeopardy. He was awfully injured that he had to get his legs cut. The girl had to take care of her boyfriend, that ensuingly cost her her job as well. The letter ended with her narration of how pitiful it is to watch his fiancee undergo therapy with those metal walkers, and how life would have been so much better had she only followed him to New England. And for the record, they are still together.

Ah. The Power. Of. Love. How can we spell the shit any better.

I'm your average youngster though, so I guess, it's a given that I've never been into a state of being so emotionally involved with a person my opposite sex, not that I have with a girl, haha. Safely, I've never been that in love. I think it would take a lot for me to actually be so attached to a guy, much less, to live with him before being blessed by the sacrament of matrimony. But it somehow fascinates me. In a way that it makes me more curious by the day of how serious true love can really go.

True love, on another way, frightens me. Like in a case of overpowering jealousy. I take Benicio of Sa Piling Mo as a solid example. He gets jealous over the simplest things, and he couldn't find a better way of channelling his outrage other than to be hitting his wife. It's pathetic on the guy's part, and horrifying for the woman's. I know that circumstances such as that inevitably happen in real life, and God knows, I will leave a man that attempts to punchbag me in a blink of an eye. But is that kind of wrath can ever still be considered as a condiment of true love? I don't think it's normal. See, it's all in the confusion bubble. Or have I just been extra indulged with my daily dose of telenovelas?

Eitherway, I do believe in true love. I know, I promised not to be all mushy, but give me a break. This is the first time EVER I'm blogging about the damn topic anyway. Going back... It is a crazy part of life to be involved in, to say the least. But it is also the most fruitful of all things. I can only wish that in the future, I can find a man who will love me and my family whole-heartedly. Apart from the cheesy stuff, a man that has the balls to be the breadwinner of our destined offspring. I may be dreaming, but tell me, there are still guys like that left in the world, right? Fine. I'm being excessively delusional.

I guess I will have to live by the quote/song from 13 going on 30 for the time being.....
No promises. No demands. Love is a battlefield. Gee, now that is cheesy. Haha.


Vayie said...

Well. Like I've said on my post, it's only LOVE - or at least, the illusion of it.

Not for anything, but if you haven't been that in love to do things that are tacky or baduy, you'll have your share sometime...Count on it.

Kai said...

I don't rush anyway. (:

Clare said...

ah love...can't live with it, can't live without it...

i posted a (somewhat) related blog ... pt2 ng bad day post...something came up e....

hay wish i knew you had that song all along! uy i have kuwento for you and will email you na lang -- but where? hehehe! PM na lang through multiply?

RennyBA said...

The Queer Chef pimped me here - you know I say hello from Norway!
I'm glad I paid you a visit because you really have a great blog and I'll come back for sure.
Btw: But of course there are still guys like in your dream list out there in the world. Just be ready when he is knocking on your door:-)

coach said...

it's mushy alright. sometimes it's ok to be sugary. talangka and lollipop and all. that's for the weak of hearts .
me , i prefer to break as many hearts as possible while i'm still young .
girls, you are at my mercy . love a 'lil , then dump 'em is my motto.
i just love to be the dumping king !

Kai said...

Ate Clare
I'll let you know where to email me. I don't log in Multiply that often. I'm excited, hehe.

Hello from Texas! Thanks for dropping by. Well, the reputation of men is slowly deflating for me, but I might never know. (;

I can't imagine it. Oh, you're also the king of humility, as it is very obvious. And I hope you've heard of karma. It's a pretty devious combat.

Debbie said...

oohhh..the power of LOVE!
it can be mushy right now but once it strikes, it'll hit you hard and good...hehe it will defy common sense! hehe but then it dies down and will bring you back to earth again.

you'll be living you're own telenovela love story when the right time comes...

take care

john said...

love is indeed in the air. i love myself , coach.

Kai said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kai said...

I hope it's not Sa Piling Mo-ish, haha. Thanks, hon!

I think you should tell coach that in his blog. Not in my turf, egomaniac.

bone said...

hmm.. the queen kai talking about L-O-V-E.. thats something new.. but you know what, i totally understand where youre coming from. sa panahon ngayon, parang mahirap na nga yata talaga, kung hindi man imposible, na makahanap ng lalaking matatawag nating "man enough" or "real man." suko na nga ko eh. hehe =P

GreenMangoes said...

heyyy!!! talking about love... meron din akong new topic sa blog ko! ehehe!

Jen said...

Hi Kai.. your mom likes Kris Lawrence right? Well, lucky me coz i met him this afternoon during practicum! I even talked to him in the elevator! He's so fcuking nice! ang swerte ni Jasmine Trias!

raissa said...

hay love as clare said cant live with it, cant live without it LOL

we all wish and want for that true love who will love not only us but our families as well. dadating din yan.

Like you, Benicio scare the heck out of me. I dont think that is love or maybe it is masked in control. or maybe I am just idealistic LOL

floi enjoy said...

And as for me... I'm not really looking for Mr. Right. I'll be happy with Mr. Right NOW. =)

oh wow... you WATCH telenovelas? cute. hehe.

Kai said...

Bata pa tayo, 'no. Cliche man, pero I still believe, the right man will come at the right time. Naks!

Already replied. (:

Yes, my mom used to like him but I doubt she even remembers him anymore, haha.

Yes, Benicio is a freakshow. That's one of the things that scare me in marriage. Guys can be evil master manipulators and I can't stand that.

You don't have to 'look' anyway. As they say, just wait and see, hehe. Yes, I watch telanovelas. It's my own little connection to home. (:

Laureen said...

been having trouble trying to drop a comment here yesterday.

anyway, whenever i hear of spouses (may it be the husband or wife) beating their other-half, i scuff at the reasoning that it is because of love. because in my mind, if you love someone, you won't ever hurt them physically, or mentally even.

yes, i do believe there still are good guys out there who wouldn't resort to making their wife a punching bag, so take it easy ;)

raissa said...

Guys can be evil master manipulators and I can't stand that.

some girls can be too. Yup he is one freakshow. another one that scares me is what I have called the "darth vader syndrome" the uber-nice guy scares me coz somewhere deep down there is a scary person lurking LMAO I just remembered this line from a kdrama that said "if you will always find faults, you wont be able to live with anyone" paano yan? LOL

Kai said...

I'm taking it easy, the thought that men are getting worse just fouled me a bit. I believe that too, that's why I said, and I will stand by it, that if a man attempts to hurt me physically, I will leave him, or worse, even hurt him back, lol.

When it comes to men, we can't have the best of both worlds. BOO! Hahaha.