Friday, July 21, 2006

Legal and Innocent

Shit happens.

The most responsible person in this house lost the most important documents I possess. My good brother misplaced his wallet, which happens to contain my green card, my ssn and Texas license. How are we supposed to go out now? I never dreamt of being suspected as an illegal alien, please!

It sucked even more that this had to happen on a weekend.

And no, there's more! The worst thing about it was that, I got half of the blame for it which is totally baloney. I know, it's totally uncharacteristic of him to lose something as important as that, fine, let's give him a break. But don't castigate me! I clearly had nothing to do with it. It's been with him for the longest time too. The reason I asked to him carry my stuff to begin with, was that he's the more responsible one out of the two of us, and I cordially admit to that. And who would have thought he would be careless in his lifetime? Hence, my befuddled and alarmed reaction to the incident, much more, to the backfire.

Why do I get some nagging, you ask? Well, because I've long ago ditched carrying a purse with me, which is anything but parenthetically relevant to the primary issue. Makes sense.


charles ravndal said...

I hope that you or brother can find the wallet. Or hopefully some honest people who manage to find it and return it to you guys

cruise said...

mahirap ba mag-apply ng kapalit? dito sa pinas medyo mahal at matrbaho ang magpapalit ng mga cards.

Kai said...
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Kai said...

I highly doubt that, though I wish. ):

I don't know, this is our first time. It will cost a lot of money, for sure. But I don't think it's mahirap process wise.

charles ravndal said...

Well, let's just be a bit optimistic here. Is there any other way that you can file for lost objects or get a new greencard.

And also I added you up in my blogroll as well!

Debbie said...

uh-oh....i loathe losing things..well who doesn't? it's just that losing something so personal really sucks. hope you guys report it asap before somebody uses it for the wrong purpose.

good luck on that...

Clare said...

hay, that's frustrating...hope that your brother finds it para less hassle for you.


jassy said...

that sucks but i hope you already did something about it.

Jaz said...

gawd, that sucks! and am referring to both the lost of that wallet & your being censured for something that wasn't your fault.

but hey, i think your bro's feeling much of the pain --- on being unable to keep to everyone's expectation of him, considering it was he, and I quot, the more responsible one in your family, who lost the wallet.

vayie said...

That's just too bad...

Kai said...

The police, which we haven't done yet. But we will call them today, for sure. Thanks for your optimism (:

Yes. Glad my brother was able to as Chase to yield transactions of his credit card before somebody could even use it.

Ate Clare
*hugs back*

Yes. Thank you.

Yeah, Jaz. I didn't pester my brother at all. It just fouled me a little because of the scolding on my part, which is really baloney, right? But we're all over it, walang sisihan.

Yeah, man.

bone said...

lets not think of who is to blame or whatnot.. i just hope everythings gonna be fine. di na baleng ung wallet ang nawala, wag lang ang kapatid mo hehe, just trying to make u laugh, dear. sana makakuha na kayo ng kapalit..

Laureen said...

yikes! i hate it when people lose my things, too. AND getting blamed for something i really had nothing to do with. but losing documents as important as those is even more hard to take. there's a way to have a set made, right. hopefully it doesn't get into the wrong hands & be used for something illegal.

Kai said...

Lol. You're right! (;

It will cost a lot of money, but I can't live by without those freakin' cards. Thankfully, nobody used my brother's credit card yet when he noted himself to stop it's usage.