Saturday, July 29, 2006

Once was a weird kid.

I was supposed to snag Laureen's survey and do it myself, but something came up, and it's this one weird habit I used to have as a kid. We all love Jolly Spaghetti, right? But I can clearly remember that I used to pluck each ground piece of meat, only retaining the fat hotdogs, just so I can eat it indulgently. Weird, right? And mind you, I even used to call them buto, hahaha.

And the other weirder habits started to hover my memory.

I was immensely frightened by mascots. Like, seriously, whenever I was at another kid's birthday party, I would segregate myselft in avoidance of the freakin' creature. I think the fear was generated by this 90s film which starred the cute Gutierrez twins that had a giant that injured the masses. The phobia vamoosed when this mascot from Max's Restaurant pursuadedly hugged and carried me on my 5th birthday. They were really nice, after all. Haha, and yes, it took me quite a while to figure out that they're human too. Weird!

Then there was my fear of firecrackers. My parents would always have a difficult time celebrating New Year's eve because I would cuddle up to either shoulder each time I hear a boomerang. I would cry like a newborn and gradually sabotage the celebration via my toddler-ish tantrums. I can't exactly remember when the fear waned, but I'm glad it did. Not that I enjoy firecrackers already, they're still cancer to my ears each holiday, but it'd just be weird to not party during the time, right? I enjoy fireworks though. They're beautiful. Anyway...

Now that I'm all grown up, I can't pin-point a weird habit that I presently have. Maybe one thing, I crack my knuckles and cough like I contain severe tuberculosis each time I get butterflies in my stomach. That's very manly, eeks. Have a great weekend, everyone!


charles ravndal said...

Well as I stated on a comment before I guess it was also in Laureen's blog. All of us have weird habits and if you read on her comments section you can find out one of the weirdest habit I got

Kat said...

holy sheyt! i just read your reply to my comment --the gown looks fabu on her!! thanks for showing me!

and like chas said, all peepz got weird habits!

Kai said...

Sure, we do!

Kayne was superb. It looked PERFECT!

Vayie said...

I think a lot of us were once afraid of mascots (I don't, I actually find them cute) and especially clowns (Coulrophobia). Clowns freak us out talaga!

But growing up here in Tramo, I was never afraid of firecrackers.

I'd probably answer Laureen's tag one of these days. :)

yayam said...

mascots? firecrackers? hehe:p have a good week kai! :D

Kai said...

I think that's the weirder thing. I was afraid of mascots, but never was of Clowns. I've always thought they're pretty, haha.

Funny, right? d:

fortuitous faery said...

i remember attending a jollibee birthday party as a kid. while we were all dancing with jollibee the mascot, his wings hit me in the head!

but i still love eating at jollibee.

Clare said... a kid i was hooked on chickenjoy...actually i still am. hahaha!

Jaz said...

If you think cracking knuckles is already weird, lemme tell you that i can crack my knee joints without literally damaging it! It has been this way ever since I was a kid....forgot though how I came to realize that I had such a uhm...talent *lol*

Kai said...

Oooh, bad bad Jollibee. Hehehe.

Ate Clare
My favorite still is the spaghetti. The only difference now is that I already got used to eating the buto, haha.

How do you do that? Haha. I can't imagine you doing it. d:

Laureen said...

i had to rack my brains to figure out my weird habits. coz when we're so used to doing it, it doesn't seem weird anymore.

moving on, i wasn't at all freaked out by mascots & wouldn't resort to hovering in a corner when they were around. i just don't like them coz diba most of the mascots in the Philippines have these dingy costumes that grossed me out. haha. i do remember fearing that their heads would fall off and squash me. haha, now that is weird.