Monday, April 9, 2007

Comfort while chaperoning, ya dig?

I hopped inside the car after a meeting with school stuff last week when my brother said mother rang and asked us to go straight to the mall. She has been shopping. My brother, who had no plans of going elsewhere, was only in his pang-bahay hoodie and denim shorts, while I was dressed quite accordingly. He didn't mind driving me all the way downtown Irving, but he was obviously bored and pissy, pacing around the women's area of Macy's. So he dragged my dad to the Food center (as usual) and waited and waited and waited until he finally pulled out his car keys and decided to leave. Which was completely understandable anyway, he wasn't there to buy anything, not even lunch, and was stuck with women who even seem to have not cared as long as they're grabbing stuff with sale tags.

He'll bite me if he sees this. But that's the best father, AND husband in the world.

So I've been thinking... I really think there should be a coffee shop, or a little burger bar inside the shopping stores, and scattered couches everywhere. For one, a lot of women can't brave the freeways of this big city (and many others), that certainly, the men of their lives would have to stick around during discount days. And like they had a choice, right? (I mean, just look at my dad! Poor him.) Secondly, boys will have nothing else to do at home to begin with. Instead of just eating and watching sports all their days off, the little burger bar can even help hone their social skills by chatting it up with other husbands, boyfriends or brothers while waiting. And lastly, for those loyal ones who choose to tag along the women, (carrying the bags, of course) the couches can only make them feel comfortable whenever they may be lead. Again, look at my dad right there. He customized his own little waiting area while my mom's trying out stuff in the fitting room! I really think my ideas are worth some consideration. Like seriously. Shall I pitch 'em? :P


bone said...

lucky me, i have an appetite for shopping thats equal to that of my brother's hehe.
but yes, you have good ideas.. and it always made me wonder why american malls never thought of copying our malls here.

Vayie said...

Well we have those burger bars and coffee shops inside malls so guys here can't really complain (unless you go inside SM or Landmark when you only have the Foodcourt). But gee, I feel for your dad. Look at him sitting near the skirts and blouses(?) and his face couldn't tell it even more.

So, still snowing?

Happy Easter!!!

missP said...

i heart your dad, Kai,super bait at very patient. it shows. don't you wish you'd have a man of your own who is just like him?.. hehehe... yes, what's with the american shopping malls ba? i thought that our malls in the philippines were patterned according to the american ones, but it seems not.

Shari said...

I'm the man in the family. My mom and dad could go shopping all day, and I'd just sulk somewhere. You're right, scattered couches everywhere are a must.

Elaine said...

Haha! Omg. This is so totally worth pitching! Sana makarating dito sa Pinas.

Seriously, JC and I almost always end up in a little quarrel when I shop. Totoo naman kasi na ang tagal ko, pero hindi na mapipigilan 'yon. Haha.

I love your idea! Go! Pitch!

Btw, your Dad looks adorable! Haha.

Kai said...

Onga e. Ugh, I wish my brother was like yours!

Err, I know! When my mom and I would shop back home, we'd always leave my dad and brother in the billiards hall where they can be as long as they want. See how advantageous that would be if we had it here? And yep, it snowed Saturday morning, but it's been sunny since yesterday. But still cold! Brrr.

Of course! I would kill to have a husband with my dad's abiding patience. He's so awesome. :)

Actually, they have couches, just in the shoe area. But that's not helpful enough, is it?

Hihi, I know, right? My random mindfarts :P

cruise said...

buti nalang dito sa pinas may mall of asia, kapag sasamahan ang mga girls na mamili ay pwede magpaiwan muna sa mga coffeeshops. ang bait naman ng dad mo.

tani said...

so that's your father! :) yup, they should have cozy waiting areas for the shopping companions who aren't interested in browsing through the racks.

Alternati said...

Hahaha... first of all. Your Dad's GONNA kill you! The photo caption won't help your chances of survival. And your burger shop must have a state of the art entertainment system (Game console optional) to keep em occupied. Pitch the idea! :P

OR, we could always go for the obvious. Robots! One with like 15 hands to hold every single bad you buy... and one with an "extreme amount of patience" chip. Oh and one with a built-in CD player would be phenomenal!

chase said...

Hahaha that is so nice of your father to accompany your mother all the time. My uncle follows my aunt when she is on shopping and he is the one of course carrying all the stuff she is harbouring

Anonymous said...

Hehe, my dad goes straight to the couches in the shoe department or the ones along the bright hallway of the mall coz he can't stand walking that long either. And it's odd how he can hike up a mountain for eternity and not muster walkig in air-conditioning.

Wait, you were in San Antonio?! Why didn't you tell me sooner? :(

Kai said...

Mall of Asia is the first thing on my list once I get the chance to visit home. Maganda daw, ah.

Yep, the best father in the world :P

Hahahaha, I know!! Psssh. :x

I know, right. Boys. Yeah, I was in San Antonio. Briefly. Just checked out The Riverwalk, The Alamo, ate, shopped, then left. It was really short. Next time though, I promise. We'll see each other :D