Saturday, April 7, 2007

Coldfront tantrums.

Images supplied by my Weather Channel Desktop. And yes, that's 41 degrees in a Texas spring afternoon.

This is insane. It's April 7th and normally by this time, the pool is already utilized due to burning heat. But instead, we're forced to dig into the deepest corners of our closets to bring out (again!) the supposed-to-be-retired sweaters because it's been freezing the past couple of days. The weather had been consistently lingering around the 60s, 70s and 80s the past couple of weeks, and now we're back to the 50s? Even worse, high today is at 38°F, and guess what, even a possibility of snow later in the afternoon! SNOW! In April?? I know, totally weird. Would make sense if we're in the skinny state of Colorado, but we're just right above Mexico, and we're getting snow in April?? I'd be jumping like a kid right now if it's Christmas season. But it's not. And my brother's driving tonight. It CAN'T snow!!!

American Doolittle

I just found out that I haven't talked about American Idol yet since the first few episodes. That's um, surprising. I would normally talk about it every week, make my silly predictions of who should go home or who would have the worst hairdo (this year, it's a no-brainer, obviously), but since my life has gone back to the colorful side, the blogs on reality TV has been apparently limited. But don't worry, my Miss Page Six persona is back to make a furious plea to Sanjaya's voting demographic... PLEASE, take that *insert offensive term here, I can't curse, it's Holy week* off that show!!! It's excruciating!!! ...err, not really. I'm not bothered anymore by Sanjaya's existence. As long as he doesn't stay longer than my favorites, I could care less.

Who cares if she looks like Shrek?? Pssh. Mean. Pokes head.

There's my girl! Melinda Doolittle, the obvious favorite to win the whole thing (once Sanjaya gets off the show, of course). Big voice, big head (literally speaking), and big boobs. Ok, that sounded lesbian-ish. But heck, what's not to love? She's freakin' awesome!! And hey... do you want to win some dolares? I thought I'd throw in a trivia question for those of you, broke pricks like me. Prize money courtesy of leftover aguinaldo... If you can only tell me the name of this Filipino guy my mother instantly thought of upon seeing Melinda for the first time. Clue. They look alike. Duh?

Normally, the boring days...

With no disrespect, I tend to have found the Holy days of Holy week to be the most boring days of my summer childhood. We were not allowed to come out and play patintero, due to our usual clamour that would disturb the neighborhood vigils, eating meat was also, and still is, a big no-no, and cable TV in our area was not yet in existence, that we had to stomach all the Nora Aunor films Channel 2 could possibly air.

But those days are gone. Capped by the annual marathons of Seventh Heaven on Studio 23 (do they still do that?). Don't get me wrong, the Holy week means a lot to me, my family, and the Roman Catholic tradition. Believe it or not, I have my fair share of prayers, repentance, and mass attendance. But I'm not one of those devotees who sorrowfully commemorate the events that actually led to Christ's sacrifice for mankind. I understand, it's their form of recognizing the holidays, but... Ok, ok, I'm not gonna go on and on about this anymore, since it's pretty sensitive for funky me to discuss (and I don't want bitchfights this time of the year).

And just so you know, I have been penitently observing the no-meat-during-Fridays rule, settling on egg sandwiches (who cares about calories? It's Holy week, magtika kayo!), tuna subs from Subway (now, that's "healthy") and dinaing na bangus (marinated milkfish) from the Asian market... with rice, of course, and vinegar dip with crushed garlic. Ugh, I know, it's a sin to be gluttonous, especially this time of the year. But trust me, the bangus just fits the one-meal-a-day penitence. Promise!

In case I get raped again, let me be early and shove you a Happy Easter greeting. Enjoy :)


chase said...

Well I thought that we were going to have a nice weather here due to the whole week of sunny and warm days.

Now we are having snow! Gosh!

evi said...

the unusual weather condition nowadays scares me. it may be a sign of future destructive climate brought about by global warming.

i'm rooting for doolittle, too. other than the singing ability, she is so humble.

Jennie said...

wow. snow in april?! hehe.. i'd kill to have snow here in manila ^_^

yes, studio 23 still does that. i watched 2 episodes earleir (dunno why i did.. must be because of barry watson, hehe.) they also had a gilmore girls marathon last thursday.

i love melinda and i agree with your comment on my blog. she's great but i think jordin will win. on her look-alike: i think i have an idea... was he a part of a duo? ^_^ (ay ang bad ko)

Shari said...

Crazy weather. Even here in the Philippines. Dammit.

Gawd, I miss the 7th Heaven marathon on Studio 23. I think they still do that, but then I hardly watch TV anymore, teehee.

PS: Sorry sorry sorry. Blame my forgetful nature for not remembering the link. Grrrr!

Kai said...

Whatever happened to Spring??

Eeep, now that you brought it up, I'm more baffled than ever. :))

Yeah, it snowed this morning! So weird. Ooh, I love Barry Watson. Used to watch those marathons just because of him, but I can't stand What About Brian, for some unknown reason. OHMAGAH!! You totally know who I was talking about!! You win!! Hahahaha.

I'd trade an afternoon in Boracay any day. And hey, don't sweat! Told you, I really don't mind ;)

chase said...

That I don't know but April is usually the unstable month here.

It is so weird that it's quite sunny then suddenly here comes snow, sunny, a little bit of rain, sunny, snow and so on... All in just one day!

Anonymous said...

Roderick Paulate ba, Kai? hehe

anywho, i am just too embarrassed to have liked Sanjaya when the season started. gawd! get him off the show. whoever is still voting for him should be ashmed of themselves. mind you, i never voted for him. just wanted to make that clear. haha. i do LOVE melinda! freakin' awesome! they should just end the show right now and let melinda start recording her full-length album.

crazy weather huh? my astronomy teacher claims this Easter is the coldest Easter in San Antonio history. haha.

Kai said...

Ow geez! Just when I thought we had the weirdest weather, haha. Sun then snow? Then sun again? Gee, must be hard to go out then! How do you people dress up?

*buzzer* Nope! Jennie's got it, she threw out a clue too right there! But your guess is pretty funny. Their jaws resemble, hahaha! Mean :P Anyway, LOVE her to bits. I still don't think Idol would allow her to win though, I'm pretty sure they'd go for something more current and marketable. And yeah, it's been crazy cold these days! What's been happening?? We got snow this morning too. SNOW IN APRIL!! Not really what we want, right? Especially when it's the time for cropped pants and flip-flops. I mean, we've had enough of layered clothing! It's been cold since what, October?? Geez!

Jennie said...

mwahahaha! it's funny coz the answer just popped when i read your blog. ^_^ i kept thinking before that she looked like someone but i couldn't tell who.. not until i read your blog. but i don't care who she looks like, i think she's amazing and i love that she's very humble :). oh, & i don't like what about brian, too, but i still like barry watson :D

jassy said...

happy easter! there's no more 7th heaven marathon on studio 23...good thing there's cable now!

Vayie said...

You're right, iba na ngayon Kai, here in the Philippines, you would no longer know the difference between Holy Week and any other ordinary week. It saddens me...

Talamasca said...

OMG I am also cheering for team Melinda! And Blake and Jordin too! And yes, Sanjaya always takes everyone’s eardrums to hell with him. He should’ve been gone by now. This show deserves an Emmy award, dammit! Nyahahaha!

Annual 7th Heaven marathon is Studio 23's expertise. And Gilmore Girls to boot. :-)

iskoo said...

hanggang ngayon ganyan pa rin sa pinas kapag holy week, kahit na gurang na ako di ako makalabas kasi sarado lahat ng malls kapag holy week, kaya bawal lumabas kasi wala ka naman mapupuntahan, hehehe

mrs. pektus said...

Hope the weather has been better since you last posted this blog.
We just arrived from Batangas for our holyweek vacation. I'm no holy week kind of gal but I had my fair share of penitence, tuna sandwich, no meat and only 1 full meal last good Friday, heard Mass only on Easter Sunday.. didn't even go the join Visita Iglesia.

Saw that episode of AI.. and Melinda is also my choice.. I just can't tell who she looks like.. any more clue?

Have a nice week ahead!

mrs. pektus said...

and yes.. Seventh Heaven marathons were played on Studio 23 last Holy Thursday until Black Saturday..still!

Anonymous said...

crap! haha. i just read Jennie's's Carding nga noh. haha. hawig nga. but still, i do hope she wins it all.

you bet! i am SOOO ready for flip-flops right about now.

Kai said...

I laugh so hard everytime she does that "humble" gesture, it's so cutesy funny. But I adore her. She's pretty amazing. :)

Belated! :D

Really? Aw, man. That's really sad. Considering that the Philippines is pretty much 1/3 Catholic. (I allow to be corrected.)

I know!! Amazing Race has had enough! Give it to AI!!

Haha, ikaw talaga.

Mrs. Pektus
Err, it hasn't been. But we're getting through, hehe. They still do 7th Heaven marathons? Haha, must have been a tradition now, eh? And Oh, it's Carding from the RayCards, remember that duo? ;)

Hihihi. Yeah, I really hope she wins. :)

tani said...

she looks like carding from reycards... or elizabeth ramsey...

Alternati said...

Who votes for freakin sanjaya? The deaf? the mentally impaired?

I can't quite get his voting demographic. First of all, he is OBviously gay (Even more than Ryan) which SHOULD rule out all the voting women. I guess most of America is tone deaf now... or have poor gaydar. Melinda is always fabulous! I loved her "Sway" version a whole lot! (even if Simon didn't)

I was about to say Reycards but Tani beat me to it! hehehe...

Another thing... I wonder if a filipino ever came up to Lakisha and told her what her name meant in Filipino. :P

P.s. They still do the 7th heaven marathon. hehehe...

Kai said...

Ow, that's mean! :P

Oi, your bad (about Lakisha)! Haha, but yeah, haven't thought of that, nice one! And yes, I'm exceedingly convinced Sanjaya's gay. From the moment she walked bouncily towards her sister during Hollywood rounds, I knew he fantasizes men. So I really cringed in embarrassment for him when he kinda said that he wanted JLo's number or something. As if! :))