Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Me vs. Blogger

My month long penpal-ing with Blogger Help.

After all the stops and starts... We keep coming back to these two hearts... Ugh, totally in karaoke mode. But I can't help it! After a month long of absence from Blogger, I found myself in a fortunate position of embracing it all back. Eira, you've been nothing but extremely accommodating when I needed a place to lament, and I can't thank you enough. But just as I was already enjoying my status as a sassy chique, Blogger retrieves my old blog (this one), not to mention, on the perfect time when Eira's site temporarily shut down. It's no secret that Blogger and I aren't always in perfect unison, hence the frequent change of addresses, but all I really need is a blog. I don't need the extra stuff that a website, like Eira's, offers, and although I really liked it, I feel like the space I occupied was partly to blame for her site's sudden dysfunction. I apologize if my abrupt invasion caused it, but it's been such a delightful stay, and I will continue to be a sassy chique, even only in spirit. :-)

Holyshit! Holyshit!

That's the never-ending chant of wrestling fans when a grappler successfully executes a death-defying stunt. Who would have thought that the inner wrestling fan in me would be chanting 'Holyshit! Holyshit!', with the rhythmic right fist up in the air, whilst watching daytime television??

See for yourselves. And yes, it was LIVE. And in the morning. Catfight!!!

Alright, kidding aside. I'm not American, and eventhough I've been living here for quite sometime now, I honestly could care less about President Bush and his shenanigans. Of course, I don't like the idea of troops still dehydrating in Iraq, I'm pissed that New Orleans still looks like shit, and that my ancestral home, the Philippines, would have to abide this country's needs in times of war. Regardless, I'm not one who'd go out, most especially on national television, declaring my profound hatred on Bush's mistaken decisions. Because in my opinion (I repeat, MY opinion), Gloria Macapagal Arroyo -- as dwarfish as she may appear -- is far worse. Plus, there are countless problems in the world that we, civilians, have to take more care of. Like say, Lindsay Lohan and global warming.

But seriously, the world has enough problems for these two cockfighting bitches -- from the loudest TV show on earth, no less -- to overtake the news and our daily watercooler chatter. Nevertheless, it was strikingly entertaining.

Dear Mighty Fed,

"If I have to lose to someone again... he's the man" - Nadal. Oh, you're in his head, Rogelio!

We counted years until Rafael Nadal's 81-match winning streak concluded, only to be stashed by the same guy he beat more times than anyone on that murder list. And that's you, Roger. You finally broke through by silencing your critics -- and that probably includes the Rafatard in me -- and by beating the one person that has eluded you from winning that glaring void on your already distinguished resume. So Roger, now that you've figured out Rafa and his bicep-bearing greatness, I think it's about time that you confirm to the world that you're indeed the greatest tennis player of all time (or simply, the GOAT). I'm going out on a limb here, because Nadal's my future husband, but I'm rooting for you to win the French not only because you have to, but for my grandma skills too. Seriously, I want to story-tell my grandkids that I lived in the same lifetime (because presumably, you'll die before I do) as you did, and that I've seen you win, lose, eat dirt, and kiss Mirka (which was never a pleasant site, by the way). So Roger, I wish you all the luck in the world, because you're going to need it, and I hope that this time, you won't let me down.

10 babbles about the '07 Miss U.

1. A Nelly Furtado dance number to kick off the show.. How gay.
2. Oh great. Just when I already had enough of Slater.
3. First, his bestfriend teleports. And now Ando's judging Miss Universe? Lucky bastard.
4. Oh my gosh. Brazil is girlcrush!
5. Ms. Photogenic again for Philippines. Wait. From online votes? Haha. Okay. *shuts up*
6. Nicaragua was Jennifer Coolidge 20 years ago. Seriously!
7. Bronze: Carmen Electra, Silver: Rachel Smith, and Gold: Kamilia Wawrzynia.
8. As if falling flat on her butt infront of a worldwide audience wasn't enough, USA gets booed by the merciless Mexican crowd. And they say Chicago has the worst fans ever.
9. I was pissed last year because Japan didn't win it, but now that it did, it kinda bums me out that this less attractive version of Chibana beat out my new girlcrush, Brazil! It only tells you that the panel of judges -- I mean, if you have Dave Navarro judging a prestigious contest, then there must me something wrong -- are easily persuaded by an answer that begins with the likes of "I love dancing."
10. Monday night and I'm watching Miss Universe and Food Network. Oh Heroes, where art thou? :-(


Laurene said...

glad you're back from blogger, ate. :) and i hope indi na kayo mag-away ng blogger. haha. :D

missP said...

im just happy that you are back... don't worry about us changing back links ... we need to do updates anyway in our sites..

i love your new look, by the way. i mean, both hair and site :)

raissa said...

I agree though I am glad that Ms. Japan won I still think last year's Ms. Japan was better. She was robbed. Oh well.

OT: hey I am curious to see your list ;)

the philosphical bastard said...

about rosie.. isn't she fantastic? (big evil smile)

Kai said...

Hope so too! :p

Aw, thank you so much MissP! I feel loved. ;)

Oh yeah, totally robbed. She was my girlcrush last year too, malas ata ako magka-crush, haha.

LOVED her on that show. I only watched because of her!

Talamasca said...

You're back to blogging on Blogger? Guh-reat!!! ;-p

Rosie O'Donnell rox my sox. She's freaky, but in a cool kind of way. And have you seen her on Nip/Tuck? Gawd she's phenomenal!

You watched Ms. Universe? Erh... LOL! Just LOL!

Talamasca said...

Oh, and please install your feed. Ktnxbai. ;-p

jassy said...

hello! welcome back to blogger. buti naretrieve nila blog mo. will update your link soon!

Kai said...

HEY, whatchu laughin' at? Hasn't it been Filipino tradition to watch Ms. Universe at this time of the year? I'm not one to taint that! Haha. And I'm from the midwest. We care about our pageants. :))

Rosie's loud, but I'll take her in a grudge match against Hasselbeck any day of the week.

Re the feed, I'm still figuring it out. I had to make a new one. Sorry about it.

Thanks! :D

evi said...

i think so too that japan's candidate last year is prettier than the current.

Vayie said...

Oh my, where would I even begin describing the monstrosity of this year's MISS U '07?

...I also felt bad when Mexicans were booing Ms. USA. I mean she fell butt-first on the floor during the evening gown competition. If that's not reason enough for some people not to be that cruel to her, I don't know what else is. I can't even understand why some people, like my friends at the office, would watch the video on the internet and would laugh their asses off. Something must be really wrong with some people. Where's the compassion?

...If Ms. Universe is determined through online voting, Ms. Philippines would be a sure winner. I would flinch in slight mortification every year when the winner for Ms. Photogenic is announced. Hindi pa ba sila nakakahalata? Kahit siguro ako ang Philippines rep, mananalo pa rin ako - ang dami yatang boboto sa akin na mga officemates ko na walang ginawa kundi mag-internet =)

...Yabang pa nung iba dito. Summa Cum Laude kasi si Anna Theresa. Matalino daw. Sabi pa nung parents niya sa isang interview, "kung tanungan lang, kayang-kaya" - whatdoyaknow? natalo siya ng dancer.

...and the choice of judges! Dave Navarro! Anong malay nu'n? Hahaha.

P.S. Hindi mo sinabi sa akin you're back at blogger. Nakita ko lang kay Laurene. =(

Elaine said...

Hey! T-SC.Com misses you already! Hehe.

Anyway, I'm glad you got your old entries back! Yay!

And I've been watching E! News here in the Philippines and they have yet to drop the Ro-Elisabeth issue. I honestly dunno what the big deal is.

And Miss Brazil is pretty. Hindi ko napansin masyado yung Nicaragua. And isn't it totally wrong that Dave Navarro was a judge? I didn't mind James Kyson Lee though. He was totally adorable when he asked his question! Siya pa yung nanginginig!

Awww. I miss Heroes too!

Cheenee said...

KAI! Found you!


- SECOND, I was also pissed that Japan didn't win last year. This year, Korea ako e. Hehehe :P Cute. Pero promise, HOT si BRAZIL. ^^

- MS. PHOTOGENIC PHILIPPINES: kasi vain lahat ng Pilipina. HAHA! ^^

Kai said...

And smarter too.

It's Mexico, that was sort of expected. I admit, I laughed too, but I felt bad for her. So proud of her for handling it very well.

So funny how Filipinos can unite for once while voting for a beauty pageant award, hahahaha.

I know! Dave Navarro?!! Gimme a puke bag! :))

I swear, I know I told you about it (via IM, right?). :-l

Hey! Yeah, I'm glad to be back with my old entries too, hehe. It was fun while it lasted. I'm really thankful Shai was nice enough to lend me some space for a month. Plus, I didn't wanna cause bandwidth issues again, I really think it was me. So sorry about that.

Oh, that war (The View) was a HUGE issue here! Because it started with an opinion about Iraq and our troops, then they got into each others' skins, and started digging their dirty laundry. Haha, gotta love that show. It's wrestling in verbal form! :))

I know! Ando's suuuper blessed! Hahaha.

Heeeey! I found you back! :P

I love Rafa to bits, but I want to see history. Rafa has soooo many years left to play, Roger is getting old. He's gotta win that French NOW! :))

Philippines won because it was internet voting, hahaha. Just kidding. She was pretty too. Filipino beauty. ;)

Vayie said...

I don't remember you did - or maybe I'm spaced out when you did. But hey, nagdra-drama lang ako, girl. Like I would even take that against you...=)