Saturday, November 4, 2006

California vs. Texas

My wisdom tooth is soaked in excruciating pain that it now has its own heartbeat. No kidding! But as I was watching That's The Question last night, I learned that there's a certain part of the brain that has its own anesthetic capability which would seemingly work when you don't think about the ache that registers your body. I know, that can't be serious, right? But it actually works. Once in a while. Just like Aleeve. But not really the eternal remedy I was hoping for.

Anyway, let's forget about this bastardly denture for a second, shall we? I've been thinking about this dilemma my mother, and this whole family, are presently facing. Well, it's not really a dilemma since I'm the only one who's entirely against the idea, but I'm pretty much on point, contrary to the rest. Allow me to fill you in.

My mom got a call from Cedar Sinai Medical Center last Monday. Suri Cruise, those Spederline kids, Kingston Stefani-Rossdale. Ring a bell? Yes. That Hollywood hospital. She could've landed a job there long before we moved to Texas, but she chose to be committed to her agency at that time. But since her ties with it, and Children's Medical Center, are soon to be unattached, she's been contemplating on which hospital she would rather spend the rest of her professional life in. She's obviously enthused by the Cedar Sinai opportunity, and although I'm pretty confident that she already has this in the bag, I still can't quite imagine myself living in a city like Los Angeles. Permanently. Unless I choose to be left here in Dallas. Forgive the skepticism, but I seriously have some issues.

We've been out of apartments for almost a year now, and I'm not one who'd take the risk of leaving this beautiful house in exchange of a 2-bedroom, fifteen-hundred-dollar apartment in Hollywood. Plus, this location can't get any more convenient. We're literally minutes away from the post office, gas station, interstate freeway, schools, church, a lane stacked with restaurants and fast food chains, Walmart, Target, mini malls, etc. This place is effin' awesome! That's why I can't be puzzled enough by their, my dad's specially, obsession over this whole moving idea. I mean, it was OK before 'cause we didn't have to tow furnitures with us, and we traveled not via land, but this is a totally different story. And I never imagined busting my ass driving a U-haul from one state to another. So please!

Family, yadda yadda yadda. Sure, it's definitely funner spending Holidays with the rest of the clan. I'm not that insensitive to not cognize the comfort of having people you know best in the same vicinity as you are. But how about being practical for once? Los Angeles isn't the best place on earth for a family like ours who's only halfway through being completely stable. If we're already jousting over tax payments in a state that only commands Federal tax, how much more if we move to a place where there's Federal, city, county, state, and all else? Let alone the cost of living, the percentage of interest I have to pay when I loan for college, and just about everything in that superstar expensive city that'd ruthlessly torture our bank books.

Okay, I might be a little too overreacting, but you get the drift. I've gotten used to the type of living here in Texas and it would take a lot to shift gears YET again. Here, everything's humbly cheap (well, compared to LA), there's the equally diverse community, time zone is PERFECT, and we get the four seasons. Even snow on lucky winters. But obviously, my point is beyond making snowballs during Christmas time. It's about gambling this more than contented life we're all zesting at the moment, for something so trivial as being in the same state as family. Yes, I said trivial, not big enough of a reason to me. Why? Because I'd rather spend a 500-dollar ticket to California every summer to see them all, than inescapably slap my face with traffic, stupid celebrities on the streets and ridiculous bills I can't even afford to pay.

I'm so glad I'm a Capricorn. It sometimes pays to be inevitably practical. But hey, I'm only one-fourth of this family and I don't make the decision alone. So... insha allah!


shai said...

so the idea of moving to L.A doesn't interest you? gaaaaaad, whyyyy? jk!

i get it, you wouldn't trade the home-y feeling in Texas to the idea of rubbing elbows with the Hollywood stars. And shempre practical tayo..ang mahal dun noh?! heheh...*apir* tayo jan.

P.s, ako din, di ko pagpapalit ang bahay naman sa pinakamalaking bahay man sa Forbes Park, kahit libre pa...bwahahahah. plasteeeeeeeeeek!

ish said...

aww... ako rin i would'nt trade our house for anything else... except yun samin ni frany ha.. hee hee.. how are u sweetie? i missed u..:)

Joey said...

I wouldn't be as enthused with moving to LA too! Hahaha. Before moving to New York, I was a NorCal girl through and through - hence, the SoCal hate. Good luck with that though! Moving around can be such a bitch. Trust me, I know how that feels.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, btw!

Vayie said...

You never fail to amaze me. A lot of people I know would rather have a semi-charmed Hollywood life.

I definitely get your point, though.

Gail said...

hello, kai. i love your blog layout. it's so clean! :P

thanks for visiting mine. ;)

Laureen said...

i know my mom still has hopes of going back & living in california. i've always been a NorCal kinda girl (we're a NorCal family. haha), so i can sense why you really don't want to move to LA. the climate, the price tags on practically everything, the traffic, the fact that there are just too many people in that part of the sate is just "ugh." i wouldn't wanna move there either. but you practically have roots in TX by now, so it's tough to just move away.

moving is never easy, no matter how many times you go through it. isn't there another job that's located in dallas for your mom to take? maybe if there was a job opening for her over there, your parents wouldn't have thoughts of moving.

sure, you'll be closer to relatives, but you're right. there's always the option of flying once in a while to see them. good luck persuading your parents to stay in Texas =)

Kai said...

Bruha! If the cost of living there is as reasonable as here, why not. It'd be cool to see Filipinos anywhere you go, right? But since it's remotely not, I'd rather not take the risk. Plus, who'd want to start from scratch when you have a pool and spa at home, hahaha! JK :P

Haha, of course! I'm doing great. 'Bout you?

Plus, isn't SoCal kind of a not-so-friendly community, considering the gangs and all? Haha. It's scary, my mom's now asking me if I wanna go to USC, I was like NO way! :)) Thanks, I need luck to sway my folks' decision to my favor aka practicalness. :P

Maybe those people aren't Capricorns, hehehe.

Thank you, Gail! I liked yours better :)

I don't mind NorCal, in fact I have tons of friends living by Napa and the bay area. Weather there doesn't quite change too, but yeah, the cost of living is nothing different to SoCal. Actually, yeah, I love this place, and the convenience of our exact location is heavensent. My mom actually has some job offers here too, but of course, Cedar Sinai is quite has the upperhand. But I still hope she reconsiders. Thanks though!

Debbie said... guys are living the life out there, unless you want all the chaos, traffic, and smog. i often think that hollywood is only for the stars coz they get gazillions plus they get to buy million dollar mansions to get much needed space but for ordinary peeps like us, it's just too much. i think the high per hour rate isn't enough to compensate for the chaotic city life. i myself would rather live in a wide, spacious place minus the congestion.
and besides you rarely see stars anyway, people just have this thought that it's glitzy and glamurous in hollywood. truth is, its basically a melting pot of people from all walks of life. it's good if your into acting though, but other than don't belong here.
i don't know why dito nagsisiksikan ang mga tao. for us, we first settled here because my relatives were here, i guess its the warm climate too that old people like. anyway, i hope your mom doesn't decide to movve....and by the way, i almost had my clinicals at cedars, but decided on another hospital because of parking. it really is a nice hospital, but i figured that the patients would naturally be snotty, and more difficult to handle coz of their high status in life...hmmf! i'd rather be with the masses, they're more easy to please...hehe i'd rather have a homeless guy than snotty rich b*tches!

elaine said...

oohh. quite a problem. it happened to my family as well, when my dad wanted to move to australia because he was offered a job there and we have family there too.

but we decided against it. i love my life here, and i can see you love yours there. i hope everything works out for the best. take care kai! :)

jon go said...

cool blog :)

Jaz said...

you know what i think? if your family can earn (and save) more than what you are going to spend there in LA (cost of living & all), then, go right ahead. but if not or if you're not quite sure of your resources, then, better convince your parents to stay put.

Joey said...

Well, I don't know about the gangs, but yeah they do give out that vibe that they are everywhere in LA. It must be the rampant hip-hop culture down there. I detest hip-hop so I just think of LA as one big ghetto city. :)) Pardon the hate. It's just that I don't think people realize that LA isn't what MTV's The Hills or Laguna Beach make it out to be. It's not a glamorous place at all! Even the area around Chateau Marmont, where all the celebs shack up, is pretty sketchy. If you're used to the convenince of having restos, malls, etc. nearby, that'll take a lot of getting used to when you move to LA coz everything is so damn far away!

I don't mean to be discouraging especially since you might be moving out there. I tried not to bash LA, but it's hard!! Hahaha. Tell your mom to move the family out to New York instead!! ;)

Kai said...

One of the differences I'm talking about. And Texas wouldn't be dubbed as the "friendly" state for nothing, right? Somewhat the opposite of your place there. Sorry, but random people don't seem to smile at you as often as strangers do here, hehe. Plus, the modest type of living in a huge cosmopolitan city is what I've always wanted. I hope we stay.

Thank you so much, Elaine!

Jon Go

My parents are quite confident, as I'm not. Since my dad's quite a sureshot of a new job there, I think it'll all come down to how much Cedar Sinai is willing to wage my mom. But I'm not counting on it. If the hospital is gonna give my mom the starting wage of what she's already earning here and more, then I don't think it's worth the relocation. I'm still hoping for the best.

And you forgot the damn traffic! :)) I've never been to New York, but I believe I'm bound to live there in the future. Considering that I hate to drive, hehe.