Thursday, November 2, 2006

What's up, vanilla face?

I missed it for the world! It could have been my very first giving-away-candies experience for this particular holiday (since kids wouldn't drop by apartments before, sosyal sila e), but I missed it. I was half naked upstairs when I heard the bell ring and the collective excited squee - "twick or tweat!!!" - but obviously, I didn't wanna give them horror at its best by running downstairs with my bouncing watermelons partly covered and pretend that it's just any other ordinary costume. So I just had to pass. And much to my luck, those kids (a group of 10 or so, per my mom) were the first and last group of treat-or-treaters that knocked our door. Well, it's chilly that night so I have to be the mature adult to understand, right? Fine. There's always a next year. I'll get over it, don't worry.


I've been seeing BORAT everywhere! From The Today Show, to Letterman, even at this morning's Kid Kraddick radio show. Seriously, he's frickin' everywhere! Well, can't blame his commodity, his movie's trailer is one of the funniest shit I've seen in years, what more in its entirety. It should be good. Quite depicts yet another pop culture phenomenon, following the carved comedic footsteps of say, Napoleon Dynamite.

Please come see my film. If it not success, I will be execute. HAHAHAHA!

On another random blab.

I'm not sure about this but aren't all wisdom teeth supposed to be already in place once you turn 18? Well, I'm already past that age, obviously, and I still have my lower right struggling to surge out the surface. It did hurt multiple times before, but it'd take a long break once in a while. But it still hurts so fuckin' bad every single time! I can't even eat properly. Is this normal? I think I need help again from my blogging physicians/nurses. Does this problem frequently happen to mankind, or am I the only one? Help! I want to enjoy my food again. :(

By the way, I hope y'all attended mass or at least prayed for your beloved departed ones.

Enjoy Friday, everyone. :)


Vayie said...

Ei. Trick or Treat, that's so nice.

Here back home, Posh subdivisions and condominiums are the only ones who practice that. I couldn't imagine a kid in a Trick or Treat costume knocking at houses here in Tramo! Hehehe. Ü

About the wisdom tooth...sometimes it comes out at a later age, which I think is just normal. Yung sa akin? I got it in my pre-teen years, so...wala na siya ngayon! blame my sweet tooth.

Enjoy the weekend, sweetie.

evi said...

i didn't have candies to give out. 3 groups of kids came knocking on my door and all i could say was 'sorry, no candies! and all the kids could do was sigh. i'm like the old grumpy lady.

Jaz said...

Well, mine just pushed its way out some 3 years back, so, I would have to say that it's normal :)

yayam said...

hello kai! have a great weekend! :)

Kai said...

We don't get Trick-or-Treaters either back in the 'hood (downtown Dallas), pang sosyal na lugar lang din dito. Anyway, it hurts, 'no? I can't even eat anything that's too hard to chew.

Aww, poor kids, haha! Next time, you be ready, k? You don't wanna disappoint them again. :)

Thank God! :D

You too!

vaN said...

awwww... i think trick-or-treat-ing is just so cute. :D sadly, they don't do that here. :P

i wonder... why do they call it wisdom teeth? ^_^

anyhoo, enjoy the weekend! :D

Laureen said...

i was in school when kids knocked on our door. true, there's always next year. when i got home, it was waning down. seemed like there was a curfew in my community.

borat cracks me evreytime i see his trailer. "Ma nem eh Borat" haha.

hey, i don't have wisdom teeth either. the place where they should be sprouting have been killing me for the longest time too. i was supposed to have them taken out but we moved, so no more good dentist. huhu. i think it's genetic. on my dad's side of the family, my aunt had hers removed because they hurt real bad, too. and my dad doesn't have wisdom teeth. so don't you worry...di ka nag-iisa. hehe.

Kai said...

I know, why do they call it that? When it hurts like hell!

Yeah, kids stopped daw at around 8pm. Quite early, but they're kids! Haha, they had school the following day, and it was pretty freezing that night too. Haay, tama ka, there's always next year. Hahahaha "Ma nem eh Borat!", it's become a last-phrase-syndrome in this house. We just can't wait to see it! Can you believe it's been getting As and A+s from critics? Exciting! :)) And the wisdom teeth. I think it hurts because the tooth doesn't have enough space to locate itself. Sana kasi wag na 'to magpumilit pang tumubo, haha!

shai said...

oh well, there's always a next time Kai.

teka, ako wala pang wisdom teeth bakit ganun, tao ba ko?

elaine said...

oh my. it's only now that i'm realizing that i don't even know if i already have my wisdom teeth.

anyway, i'm so sorry you had to miss the kids. you'll get 'em next year. :)

charles ravndal said...

Hallo Kai. Belated Happy Halloween. Hmmm I should have watched Borat earlier.

Anyway, have a nice weekend!

Kai said...

Baka tumubo na, di mo lang namalayan. ;)

Count your teeth. You're past 18 now, right? Should be the number of an adult's.

I'm so excited to see it too! Looks hilarious.