Monday, October 30, 2006


Eating out after hearing mass has been the usual routine every Sunday, but now that my brother and I aren't babies anymore, and there's no more Jolly Spaghetti hovering our tastebuds, eating out has now become a weekly debate for my family. The battle of what's in the fridge vs. a 20/30 dollar ticket to a decent breakfast. This Sunday was no different. We already ran out of sausage patties and hashbrows, and I was too lazy to prepare anything, and besides, I was dripping saliva over this breakfast burito from Sonic (my favorite fastfood, as you know) for the longest time. But since it's the end of the month (no cash and useless plastics), we had to look for somewhere else cheaper (if Sonic wasn't cheap enough). Then cruised Krispy Kreme. I love it there, got the best doughnuts in the world, but sometimes when you've had too much of it, especially for breakfast, it doesn't feel indulgent anymore. But hey, I haven't had it for months, I was freakin' starved and it's Sunday - which Papa God approved to put a red light to whatever we're doing, and I guess my controlled-eating-habit is no exception to that - so I gave in. I walked in to the heavenly aroma of coffee and caramel, snatched my freebie, and told the lady that I'm going to take a couple of dozens. I was ready to pick whichwhich, when these creepy yet enticing pumpkin-faced doughnuts immediately invaded my sight and were loudly singing to me in chorus. I just had to get it!!! Ugh, thank God it's Sunday! :)) And since Krispy Kreme is kinda cheap, I was thinking of working it on Trick-or-Treaters, but unfortunately, I already have candies, lollipops and chocolates in a basket waiting for them, and doughnuts will only add more damage to their choppers. Too bad, but the last thing I want for Halloween is some mother kicking my front door because her kid received monster sweet treats from a fat lady. Uh-uh, not happening.

My cute little niece, Hailey, celebrated her first birthday this weekend (today's her actual birthday). This is just one of those many occasions when you can only wish that Texas to California is as convenient as a 4-peso jeepney ride from Cainta to Cubao. Seriously! I can't believe I'm missing out on Hanny's whole motherhood thing. The last time I saw her, she was still single, and that was just a couple of years ago. Yeah, and now I'm already a bonafide auntie-ninang. Ha, look how rapid the freakin' calendar flips. And I still don't have a new boyfriend!!! Well, not that I wanted a baby too, but I think she's enjoying life so much more than I am. Anyway, three more weeks til I get to snuggle them. Super kakagigil. :p

I just got John Mayer's new album. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. Vultures has got to be my favorite cut. Well, it's collectively good stuff - amazing lyrics, the falsetto is exceedingly sexy, and the guitars in there are just INSANE!!! Imagining his orgasmic guitar face while repeatedly listening to it kinda helps too, hahaha. It's really good. Go get it!

That's it for me this October. How time flies so fast, man. I remember back in the Philippines, around this time, my friends and I would spend a Saturday night altogether watching the yearly spooky episode of Magandang Gabi Bayan with a big bowl of yakisoba, then off we go to various parties ala Lindsay Lohan. Hayy, it just never gets boring back home. Oh well. If ever this house becomes a pitstop for trick-or-treaters, I promise to bring some pictures. I just hope I don't scare them and think that I'll auction them off eBay, haha. Advance Happy Halloween!


Jaz said...

Your niece is super cute!!!

Advancing you a Happy Halloween, Kai :)

Vayie said...

By some reason the page's down so I can't see the pictures.

But anyways, I guess you miss Filipino foods. I can't imagine my folks and I eating doughnuts, sausage patties or hashbrowns.

shai said...

Your niece is super visiting Pinas?

and ohhh, i sooo love John Mayer *drools*

MGB? taena, simula ng mag call center ako, di na ko nakakanood niyan, sobrang naduwag na kasi ko kasi madaling araw ako gumigising...bwahahah

ice_edge said...

Hey, Kai... Happy Halloween! :D take care! :)

Kai said...

I know!!! Kakagigil, 'no? Hihi.

I don't miss Filipino foods 'cause we always have 'em too. In fact, I just had Adobong baboy last night, and we also make sinangag for breakfast. But we also ran out of rice so we just had to settle for doughnuts for that particular day.

Hahaha, sobrang katakot mga kwento dun, 'no? Di talaga ako nakakatulog ng maayos. ((:

Happy Halloween!

Cheenee said...

Hi Kai!!! :D The jeep ride doesn't cost 4 pesos anymore!! HAHAHA!! :D But anyways, it's kind of amazing how you miss the Halloween here in the Philippines where it's not really celebrated grandly... :) Well, there's no place like home indeed. :)

Your niece is cute by the way. :D

Suggested koreanovela in Youtube: Princess Hours


Anonymous said...

Hello Kai,
Your niece looks adorable, so cute! I'm not too sure if we still have Magandang Gabi Bayan -- well, that's what I get for not being home most of the time. But hey, I do remember watching something really spooky last Sunday, it was sorta a Halloween special thing. I also wanna say thank you for the nice words you've left in my blog. Really appreciate 'em Kai. I'm already gearin' up for the change that I was talkin about. I know it's inevitable... and this change is something that I have been praying for the longest time. And now, God has answered my prayers.Ü

Happy Halloween,

vaN said...

ooooh!!! that's a cute pumpkin jack pastry! ^^ Belated Happy Halloween and Happy All Saints' Day Kai! :D

and oh... I love John Mayer!!! ^^

elaine said...

aww. i was suddenly reminded of the fact that i have never experienced trick or treating yet. haha.

anyway, your niece looks sooooo cute! and jeepneys cost more than 4 pesos now. haha. oil price hikes and all that.

hope you enjoyed celebrating! happy halloween!

and oh, if you get the time, please change my link to my new URL. :) thanks!

Alternati said...

I could never finish an MGB Halloween episode. I remember watching an episode of an adamant white lady trying to get into a house... that virtually ended the MGB thing for me. hehe...

I have always wondered why noone has franchised Krispy Kreme here in the PI, then I saw an episode of "Follow that Food" on Lifestyle and saw how secretive they were about the recipe. Oh well... less temptation.

Happy Halloween! Don't spook the kids. har har har

Anonymous said...

Hey Kai!!! thanks for your birthday greet, i miss you too, and dont worry about it, im happy that you dropped by. Anyways, we should really chat soon cuz i have a lot to tell you!!! hope you're doing well Kai!! *muah!*


jassy said...

i don't think there's still mgb? i was waiting for that but somehow i forgot what i was watching.

i was into watching spooky episodes of the shows here last sunday but one epsiode really got into me that i just stopped watching it and switched to watching herbie fully loaded.

chEr said...

awe... i miss krispy kreme...

cute niece...

at nakaka-miss nga ang halloween specials ng MGB.. wala na kasing mgb ngayon eh. sa Korina lang meron nung sunday.. kinda spooky.. kase meron daw sa abs, and natawa ako na natakot, kase madalas naiiwan ako mag-isa ni Beb when i visit him at work. hehehe

Kai said...

There's nothing too grand here either, minus the tradition of kids asking for sweet. But that's just it. If we're to talk about parties, it should be fun here too, but it's definitely more fun back there, especially with my old set of friends. :)

That's good! You deserve all the wonderful things you have now though, so you can only be thankful. You're welcome, Russ. You know you can always count on it.

Isn't John Mayer just divine? *angels sing* Haha!

I'm aware that it's already more than what it used too, di ko na kasi naabutan e, hanggang quatro lang ata ako. And yeah, I will change your link. No problem.

Kai said...

I think the horror is pretty tempting for a wuss like me, but I can't watch it all alone, haha. Hey, I heard there's already KK at The Fort. You should try it! It's heaven. ;)

MARY!!! Omigod. I miss you so much! We can't even talk, haha. What's been happening? I hope to talk to you soon. :)

Don't worry, I'm like that too. I can't even stand movie trailers, I'd quickly snap channels especially when I'm alone. :))

I used to visit ABS-CBN often but I'd always refuse to go to the rooftop when my friends would light up 'cause of those ghost stories. They said there's a man wearing Barong inside the then-magandang umaga bayan office staring right outside (the rooftop deck). Imagine when you're trying to relax within graveyard shift, tapos may makikita kang naka-barong, hahaha.

Laureen said...

your niece is so cute!

one reason why my mom and Kuya refuse to take me with them when they buy groceries is because i always point to a box Krispy Kreme donuts on one of the shelves at Wal-Mart. you know you can get them practically anywhere now, right? hehe. of course, they ignore me and tell me i'll get fat when i eat them. but i swear that when i get a job and start earning my own money, i will buy half-a dozen Krispy Kremes every week. haha.

man! i miss those MGB episodes. i wonder if they still have those back home.

Kai said...

Ay oo! They have it in Walmart and Tom Thumb, but it's still cheaper in Krispy Kreme itself, but you just can't resist the urge when you see these boxes of glazed doughnuts singing to you in unison, hahaha!

hellgod said...

Krispy Kreme just opened their first branch here in the Philippines, fyi :D (or will soon open, basta sometime November hehe)

Someone delivered about a dozen boxes of Krispy Kreme at our office earlier this week, promotional thing I think. It is yummy