Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Worst Wednesday '06

Perhaps in Boracay, it's about 95°F, fairly sunny and breezy at the same time, with maybe a couple of bikini-clad college bombshells toasting glasses filled with mango margarita. Sounds fun, should be fun. But weather here, as you may know, is already changing up. Scorching and irritating hot days are finally over. And I can't be happier. But waking up at 7:15am when you've only had 4 hours of sleep is no joke, especially when you feel like it's snowing outside when it's remotely not.

So anyway, instead of resuming my suspended dream, I hurriedly got up when I heard my dad getting ready to go to Dallas to pick up my mom, and told him to wait for me, I'll only get a jacket, and I'll go with him. He laughed because he knew what caused the panic. It was this freakin' fat ghost I saw in the kitchen at 12:30am last night which naturally freaked me out. Ok, you might think I'm totally hallucinating because of the ghost stories I've been hearing lately, but I know I saw something in there. I was prepping to go upstairs when I overlooked the kitchen and boom, there it was. Seeing a ghost is scary enough, but imagine how scarier it was to see one without a head! Jesus. And I'm not making this up, it really had no head!!! And so I calmly walked for my dear life towards my dad who was already lying in bed downstairs and yelled for my brother to come down. Told them both what I saw, and expectedly, they poked fun at me. Whatever. I really saw something, and boy I wish that this effin' ghost makes a surprise appearance right infront of their eyes so I could laugh at them too. Hysterically, no less.

Upon coming out the door, I immediately ran into the car because of the freezing weather, and unsure of what exactly the temperature was, my dad was counting down the thermometer inside the car. It started with 70°F inside the garage, and quickly changed to 65°F in the driveway. We were like idiots counting the temp down, haha, 63, 62, 61, 60!!! My dad's child-like reaction to the coldfront was priceless, haha, as if he doesn't experience this every year. And it didn't stop there! The countdown went on and stopped right at 56°F. Damn, it was cold. And with my dad's enthusiasm over the cold weather (babaw, ano?), he refused to turn on the heater and even opened his window. And mind you, he was only wearing a T-SHIRT! I was just like, Papa, I know you're loving this, but your daughter's right here. Shaking!!!

On our way home was a different story. My mom, who HATES fall and winter unhesitatingly stopped my dad's enjoyment of the weather and asked him to shut his window and turn the heater on. Majority wins!!! My dad was pissed. Hahaha! I also told my mom about the ghost, and THANK GOD, she believed me! Of course at first she was like, guni-guni mo lang yun, but when I told her exactly what I did when I saw it (I actually stared at it longer than I should have), she got the idea that I wasn't lying at all. She was even more terrified than I was coming into the kitchen this morning, haha, finally, somebody who believed I see dead people.

And so I went straight back to bed after some couple of minutes accomodating my mother, and when I woke up it's already 12:30 in the afternoon and it was uncomfortably quiet. Normally, I'd wake up to the sounds of my radio, but since I slept in the computer room, I heard nothing but passing cars. Looked at the garage, durango is gone. SHIT! Papa and my brother already left to see The Departed without me. WITHOUT ME!!! Leo, Matt, Mark??? My long awaited dream of testosterone-overload is officially gonzo! It can't get any worse than this. I wanna die!!!


bone said...

its getting cold eh? last night was silly. i felt so cold but too lazy to get my own socks, i had to siksik yung mga paa ko sa ilalim ng pwet ng pinsan ko and when i could no longer stand it, i grabbed his socks from his feet and put em on me. haha, obviously, im just bragging having fun with my fam. hehe. yabang eh noh, masaya lang. lol.
your boys went to see a movie without you??! thats not cool!

Jaz said...

yikes! a headless ghost! and in your house!

gotta admire you though, you still had the guts to stare at it! kung ako yan, hinimatay na ako sa takot!

ice_edge said...

ghost! i haven't seen one before and i don't plan on seeing one my entire life. lol. :D

missed reading your posts! too busy wit school eh. take care, and i hope you won't see any of those creepy things anymore. :)

Tani said...

can't wait to see the departed. i'll probably be as excited as your dad when i see snow. and i'll she a tear or two as well. :)

Vayie said...

You may really be “seeing dead people” – well, I had some share of ghost stories too, especially at the office where the elevator is haunted and I just had another experience just last Saturday (think of the movie Gin Gwai or more popularly known as the The Eye – BTW, don’t watch it since you’ve been having these sightings lately…) but, nothing like a headless apparition!!! You have all the reason to freak out! `Coz it’s in your house. Gaad! How can you even sleep in there?

I also heard on TODAY show that it’s really cold especially in the Midwest. 20° -- I heard. I thought it’s only at that part of the States. Kayo rin pala.

Take Care. You might get sick because of the weather and of the sightings...

Debbie said...

can't believe you've seen a ghost...i just hope it wouldn't happen to me. i'm not sure what i'd do if it happened to me, i'd probably faint.

wow that's cold! weather there is sure in extremes huh! yeah, i like winter too...although it doesn't go as cold as it does over there. i enjoy being under a warm soft comforter...haha

anyway hope you wouldnt' run into any ghosts anymore...take care

Kai said...

Hahaha, masama ka! :p Actually, I have to clean up their names, haha, they only went to grocery shop and not to watch the movie. I thought they left me, I was so sad, hahaha!

I had to stare at it to be sure, it looked like a well-built guy, just with no head. Gee, freaks me out!

Thanks, dear! I hope you're doing just fine!

Kai said...

Haha, well, my dad didn't go that far when he first experienced snow. It was just a mere 5 year old experience, not only for him but for all of us too. Snow is fun, but pretty much of a pain in the ass too!

Dude, I've seen "The Eye" and I know exactly what you're talking about. That's not even a ghost, right? Still, pretty horrifying! I guess I was able to sleep because I was beside my father, plus I pray really hard before closing my eyes.

Actually, that's the misconception about TX, I remember a friend even said that she thought this place was a desert. We get a fair share of Fall and Winter here, it even snows. Unlike Californa where it's somewhat dry.

I'm actually coming there!!! I don't mind feeling warm again, at least the heat in California is far milder than what we get here during summer, hehehe.

CheH said...

Ohhhhhhh kai halika may kitkat ako hati tayo:)

So hows you na dear?

Have a nice weekend! Wag mong pansinin moomoo,moomoo lang yan!!(bah hambug kow!feeling hindi matakutin o!)hehehe Ingatss

elaine said...

oooh my. that just sucks. i hate the feeling too, though i really haven't seen a ghost myself (and i don't plan to!)

i hope you come to terms with the weather soon. hehe. take care kai!

ralphT said...

boracay!!!!! :)

Cheenee said...

Hi Kai :) I so love THE COLD WEATHER as well. :P Just like your Dad. :) I love, love, love the cold. :) Hahaha! :)

Yikes!!! GHOST? OMG! :( Creepy... I hope you're okay now...

Anonymous said...

Hi Kai..ü
Guess what? I just came back from Boracay. Had to do research and planning there for four days.ü (i love my work!) And weather's been perfect. I watched The Departed before leaving for Bora. Love it. Martin Scorsese is a god. And the cast... wow! Thanks for always visiting.

::.russ™ .::

cruise said...

di pa ako nakakakita ng ghost pero ayaw ko makakita kasi baka mag hysterical din ako ;) pero alam katakot nga ghost but they cant harm us, just pray para lumakas loob mo.

naku magkakasundo kami ng dad mo, gusto ko malamig na lugar.

sorbetera said...

omg... what actually caught my attention wasn't the fact that the ghost didn't have a head (I'd prefer a headless ghost than one with a head and eyes looking straight back at me) but the ghost was FAT?! hahaha!!! I suddenly got Fatso's image in my head with casper and stinky and the tall one whose name I forgot. hehe

Oh well.. at least your mom believes you. Nakakabaliw pag you're so sure with what you've seen and nobody believes you.

Reminds me of Gothika.

Btw, I'm gonna watch The Departed too!!!!!

Kai said...

Have a break, have a kitkat? Haha, I would love to share but I'm controlling my eating habits, as you know, lol.

Actually, I have no problem with the coldfront, just didn't expect it to come earlier than usual. :)

Hey there!

I like it too, but it's a lot harder to do everything (sleep, go out, take a bath) during fall/winter than spring/summer. Hehe.

Oh, so that's what you did to refresh? Good, good! Oh my, I just watched The Departed too, it's just wow. Hot, brutal, amazing. Haha! And thanks for always stoppy by too :)

Yes, prayers always work. Thanks, bro!

Actually, you're right. I would be beyond freaked out if it were staring right at me, haha! Yeah, it seemed to be a fat or masculine guy's body (not so fatso-ish, hehe), that's all I saw and can remember. BTW, the tall one was Stretch. :)

Laureen said...

dude, how old is your house? why are there ghosts lurking in your kitchen? how creepy. i haven't seen an actual ghost, but i've felt things and seen figures in the corner of my eye. oh, and halloween is coming up...i remember those Magandang Gabi Bayan episodes where they feature ghost stories, i would race home from church to catch them every year & then have trouble sleeping. haha.

yup, it sure is getting colder in Texas. but 56?! that is cold! these days, we're still getting highs of mid-70's down here in the south.