Thursday, October 5, 2006

Bedroom fixed but couldn't sleep in it.

Since I realized that my daily routine is pretty much of a fat ass' (well, I am a fat ass, but trust me, I'm working on it), I got out of bed yesterday morning, went straight to shower despite the disfunctional heater, ate breakfast, and fixed my room. My mother bought me a new dresser (a smaller, but cuter one I should say) that came with a nightstand, and it's adorable so it's motivation enough for me to finally clean up. My room is normally messy, yes, very pig-like, very me. I wake up, toss the comforter to my right, get out of bed, go to the bathroom and downstairs I go. It would stay that way until I get into bed again, toss the comforter over me, and put my eyelids to rest. I know, I should have been a guy, right? But that's about to change. Hopefully.

As I've said, I suddenly had the urge to be girly, and fix my room with these new fancy furnitures, and so I spent nearly 3 hours getting everything done. Actually, not everything I did in 3 hours were associated with the cleaning, but I danced every once in a while. Hahaha, I'm not really a dancer, but with the radio on, and some SexyBack is uninvitedly accompanying you, you gotta get jiggy with it. So I did, hahaha. Back to the room. Got you some photos, which unfortunately aren't enough justification of my hardwork. And to remind you, I'm no Ty Pennington, so that's the best I could do. As you can see, I've got no television whatsoever, I pretty much live in a maid's quarter type of haven. Haha, just kidding. But you can't blame me if I feel bad, the kitchen has a television, with cable no less, yet I don't? Regardless, I like my room, it doesn't have an ocean-view or anything but I think it's pretty nice. And oh, that little red bench right there is actually a place for my shoes and purses, but since my dad is fixing the heater via my closet (which sounds weird, I know) he tossed it out of it, which gave me the idea of making it an accent. It's a pretty fragile bench though, only winnie the pooh can afford to rest its ass on there, hehe. And since you know I'm not a girly-girl, and the room is unbelievably yellow, I feel like I need to explain. Before we moved here, that room was occupied by a baby, and I suck for not devoting enough time to actually change the color to something suitably better.

And so, the room is now all sassy and done. But when my Aunt called last night from Bicol, she had some ghost stories in tow, which I didn't appreciate at all. Ghosts that are apparently of my dear grandparents, but eventhough I love them so much, they should know that I would be with them in a snap if they show up. If I'm scared of anything, besides being an old maid, it's gotta be those paranormal stuff. Hell, even Criss Angel freaks me out! Let alone ghosts. Resultantly, I pestered my parents into sleeping in their own bedroom. After doing the late night bathroom habit, I hurriedly made my way into the king sized bed and acted like a 5 year old nagging her parents to let her sleep in the middle of them. Can you imagine a fat adult doing that? Only in this four walled cell, baby. Not that I'm proud of that! But hey, I didn't sleep literally in between them so gimme a break. I don't think we'd fit anyway, haha. But my dad dutifully gave his spot to me and lied next to me on the floor. Aww, there's the best father in the world! And since my mother's at work for the next few nights, I think I'll find that beautiful bed unscathed, and this 5 year old will once again bother her ever nice dad. You think I like it? Not at all. So hopefully when I come back, my brave spirits are too.


Jaz said...

it's ok, kai, you're a lot braver than i could ever be when it comes to paranormal stuffs.

i don't suppose you'd know the 80's TV show Regal Shocker, but, i would literally cry my eyes out whenever i hear even the shitty musical intro to that show....its sound effects alone scares the hell out of me! and oh, don't expect me to sleep alone in my room as well, coz i won't. instead, i'll cuddle up in bed beside my mom & ask to leave all the lights on!

and there's more...i can't even read or watch any suspense or thriller publications without imagining all those weird things coming out to eat me alive *eyikes!!!*

Vayie said...

Seeing your room now, I don't think I would want to post the BEFORE and AFTER pictures of my recent room makeover. Nakakahiya!

Nice room. That's how it should be, no clutters.

Kai said...

Haha, of course I'm familiar with that, but I can't remember anything anymore. I know all about the early films of Shake, Rattle and Roll though, those are some horrifying stuff, haha! And just like you, I sleep with the nightlight, but I'm worse, as I wouldn't sleep without the radio on. So much to keep the ghosts from our sleep, hahaha!

Dude, ano ka ba? My room's plain-jane simple, makulay lang kaya parang ang ganda. I'm sure your room's a whole lotta better looking. (:

Tani said...

kai, it looks like you've been renovating your blog as well. hey, we have a similar cross-stitch work (cherubims) framed at our living room. :)

vaninski said...

all neat and pretty now ei? :D nice work on your room kai! ;) and i love the big windows.

I haven't seen a ghost yet (and i don't ever want to see one!).. but if ever they do show up right in front of my face, there's no doubt i might do exactly the same thing. Hee. :D

cruise said...

haha, parang na imagine ko na kung paano mo nillinis ang kwarto mo, sarap ng feeling kapag ikaw mismo nag-ayos diba? tapos habang naglilinis napapaindak ka sa paboritong mong musika, wow, makapag ayos nga ng kwarto ko mamaya :)

Debbie said...

oohhh...nice and cozy! yup ghost stories and movies scare the hell out of me too. can't sleep with the lights off for the first few nights. but i still love to watch them and listen to stories...haha i don't know, it's so tempting although i know it means i'll be having sleepless nights.

it's nice to sleep with your parents once in awhile, i think they like that! :)

charles ravndal said...

Maid's quarter? You have such a lovely room dear. My own room is a fucking mess, typical Your room is clean and yes it's kinda girly lol!

Laureen said...

ooooh, i love your room. inggit ako that you have "furniture" to fix. all i have is a bed and a 3-shelved bookshelf. blah. my parents have decided to put off buying furniture for my room for the meantime. they're prettying up the living quarters pa daw. so i'll have to wait. ho-hum.

i love the paranormal! i don't really have trouble sleeping alone after hearing ghost stories. i hope you've gotten over it and are now sleeping in your bright new dolled-up room, hehe.

enjoy the week, kai.

iwiwag said...

Nice blog :)

Kai said...

You'll have to get used to it, hehe. Oh, the cross-stitch job. My mother gave it to me. It's my favorite too!

Thanks, girl!

Hahaha, oo nga e, parang nag work out na rin ako. :p

You're right, ghost stories are so tempting. I remember back in the day, my friends would tell me stories about UP, those are the scariest I've ever heard. Di ko parin makalimutan hanggang ngayon, haha! And yeah, I think my parents like it to once in a while. I found myself in a Jennifer Garner situation (13 going on 30), haha! But they were so nice to accomodate me. :)

Kai said...

Aww, thanks hon. Put some girly-color in your room, maybe it'd help you gain motivation to clean up, hehe.

That's understandable though, you just moved there, so of course, they'd want to make the living room first, after all, it's what visitors primarily see when they step in. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll make it up to you and your room later. And yes, I'm back in my room. But sometimes, when my mom's at work, I still like sleeping downstairs (in the computer room) with my dad. Natatakot parin ako e, hahaha!

Thanks a lot!