Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Love Handles

Time and time again, I'd attempt to crash my eating habits in hopes of finally getting that shape I once had. But everytime I feel like I'm already on it, I'd crave so much harder that I'd always find myself pigging out before I can even lose half a pound. If I may be addicted to something, it's gotta be food, and I can't fuckin' quit it.

Death, as scary as it sounds, seems to be not enough threat to me, hence the urge of digging for that one motivation that can genuinely discipline this pighead. As you know, I'm of legal age, not the partying teenager anymore, and basically growing older rather rapidly. I hate it. But I got too scared of the thought that I might end up an old maid. No husband, no kids, no romance at all. And that frightens the heck out of me.

After hearing mass last Sunday, family had dinner at one of my favorite fastfoods, Sonic. I believe not everyone's familiar with this, but Sonic is this place where you just park your car, order from there, you pay, they'll bring the food to you, and you eat right then and there. They even have a trash bin before you leave the parking/eating lot. It's one of my favorites because it simply brings you the best services, you only talk and eat, no need to even get up, haha. See? That's exactly why I weigh this big, my lazy ass and my football appetite. Therefore, I gotta give it up.

And so. I vow to keep my piehole controlled. I'm not gonna diet slash starve, 'cause it always never works. Instead, I'll refrain myself from touching foods that please my tongue the best, and that can be a stepping stone for a healthier lifestyle. And for a new boyfriend, hahaha.


yayam said...

diet doesn't work for me either. and i cant control myself. instead, i play football. :p

bone said...

diet?? i once had this "talk" with ms. tina juan (a health and fitness expert) and she said diet is just die with the letter t.
hmm wait, im not trying to make a point here coz hosnetly, i dont know what point i should make. haha. coz if you ask me, i just eat. its the zits thats been making my life miserable. i dont even know where theyre coming from! boohoo..
those fears you just mentioned.. woman, am i glad im not alone! =) you said new boyfriend?? where do we find that?? i want one too! lol.

m0nai said...

good luck on that! btw, care to exchange links? ^_^ take care always!

Kai said...

Good for you! I'd gladly play any sport on a regular basis but that lack of someone to train it hinders that for me. For the time being, controlling should work, and if it doesn't then I don't know what does. :p

Oh, zits? Speaking of the devil, I have a pimplet beneath my chin and it hurts the hell out of me. Haha. Anyway, I'm glad I don't sound stupid. Isn't growing old alone just a scary thought? I mean, we need some serious canoodling too in the coming years, hahaha!

'Course! Link away, will add you right back. And thanks!

Debbie said...

you know, i too have a love-hate relationship with food, especially junk food. i love it to death yet deep inside i know it's not good and i know that it'll catch up on me when i grow old. but the thing that struck me was my daughter. she's learning my habits and is starting to favor junk food to fruits. so i really had to change! we find fruits really really satisfying if they're sweet and cold...find something that will be as good as the junk ones. like grapes...it's sweet and crunchy..hahaha with salad, i find the dressing that i like so i wouldn't feel like i'm eating grass or hay like a cow(coz sometimes i feel like an animal when eat those plants haha)...
i still fight that urge to buy chips and eat french fries now and then...we still do but not as frequent as before. you're right, you cant just starve yourself hoping you'll lose the weight. it'll only add more. just eat the right food and amount with a bit of exercise and your back to your old bod before you know it. and oh by the way, quit the rice....or limit it at least. malakas magpataba ang rice...

Jaz said...

that's right...don't go for crash dieting. it definitely won't do you any good.

you may wanna start cutting down on your major meals intake. slowly though, ok? try having a hearty breakfast but go lighter as you go through the rest of the major meals. if you get hungry, you could always shove some fruits or low-calorie crackers down your pit. and your friend debbie is right too....quit/lessen the carbs intake, especially on rice.

of course, don't forget to exercise. it'll not only rid you of excess calories, but it'll promote better blood circulation and increase your general well-being =)

good luck, dear. you can do this!

ish said...

i gained a lot nung nagbakasyon ako, Frany eats every 2 hours! alangan naman titigan ko sha db? when i came back to work nalaman ko mag bridesmaid ako. wala, madugong dyeta ito..:(

elaine said...

gawd. i love this stuff. junkfood? i eat it for dinner! my mom keeps reprimanding me for it but i don't listen. and she gets pissed at me when she hears me complaining that my legs can be served for crispy pata na. hmp. i'm weight conscious but all i do is whine. i still eat a lot. how bad is that?

Clare said...

hope this works, parang hirap magcomment sa page mo lagi e...

they say that you don't really diet to lose weight...dapat you change your eating lifestyle talaga...losing weight and being healthy will come naturally after that... you have to commit yourself to it...

unfortunately, ako di pa makacommit. lol!

jassy said...

hi kai! pareho tayo. i really want to lose weight na rin. but i still don't have the self-control needed to stop eating. i feel like that there's nothing to do but eat. and unless i think that way, then i know i won't lose weight. but still, i'm afraid to develop a disease caused by being overweight. so i'm starting to watch what i eat.

goodluck to both of us!

Kat said...

SONIC!!! one thing i hate here in the east coast is that they play these drool-inducing SONIC commercials, but there is NO SONIC joint within a 150-mile radius (at least, none that i've googled!)

and the food looks damn good! damn good!

i'm with you on this one, it seems death is not enough to curb by eating habits. my cholesterol level is 226 and i know, know, know that i have to stop eating crappy food. but it's just too darn good!!

Vayie said...

This Sonic place seems to be fun. It's better than just going Drive-thru. I am lazy too, and I love staying inside the cars. I think I could go for hours just chatting with someone inside a car. What could be far better than someone bringing the orders for you? Kung nandiyan ako, malamang tataba na rin ako. Sa wakas!

I'm just blessed with a superspeed metabolism but I eat like a cow. If a guy could see me eat, baka ma-turn off sila.

As in: "Extra rice pa `nga!

Kai said...

Actually, Deb, if you still can't resist the urge, there's these crunchy and really delicious chips from Quaker Oats. I think it's made out of oatmeal, of course, but flavored with barbecue, cheese, etc. It's really good, and apparently healthy too. Try it!

Actually, that's what I'm doing. Moderately big breakfast then fruits during lunch, and a lil something for dinner. I tend to skip lunch sometimes, but I've learned that it's not good, so I guess I have to stick to the traditional 3-meal-a-day routine. Thanks, Jaz!

Hindi ba nakakapayat ang may fiance? If you get my drift. Hahaha, just kidding. :p

Ow, you actually don't look fat at all. Maybe your mom's just a little scared that you'd weigh more than you should. Trust me, it's not easy to be big, so you should be extra careful about what you eat, ok? :)

Kai said...

Really? I thought the bug's fixed. If it doesn't work the next time, try posting as "other". Sorry 'bout that. And ate, mag-commit na tayo! We can do this. :p

I know, right? When you're bummed out it feels like food is the only way to entertain yourself, haha. But hey, it can be changed. You're right, if we're gonna die, we gotta die pretty, and being overweight isn't the perfect way to go, hehe.

I get the same reaction from my friends over there. Haha, sounds just like White Castle from the movie. The delicious commercials and yet they couldn't find the freakin' place. Lol, it's really one of the best. But 226??? And you're freakin' sexy, no kidding. But woman, haha, don't seek for Sonic anymore. It'd kill you! :))

Haha, yeah, it's definitely the place to be for lazy food lovers like me, lol. Don't worry, if you ever decide to come here, I'll accompany you there anytime. It carries one of the best onion rings too! Ugh, eto nanaman ako, haha! You know what, this is weird. You and my friend Val, who I believe I mentioned to you already, are really similar. Separated at birth? Haha. She eats like a man too, but she's super model-ish, just like you! Kainggit!

Tani said...

super wala na ginawa sa sonic pala if you ordered from them. imagine a person doesn't even have to wait in long lines.

Laureen said...

i haven't tried eating at Sonic yet, and I would love to try it out. their advertisements are pretty funny, too.

i have trouble controlling my eating habits too. i used to think that i refrained from eating when depressed. then i later found it that the assumption was inaccurate and that i still ate too much to get certain things off my mind. haha.