Friday, October 27, 2006


It's been three years, but I've never paid a handful amount of attention to this certain controversy up until the trio showed up on my tv again on a Wednesday's Oprah. I don't dislike them. I happen to love some of their songs, but that's just how far it goes. I never said I was a country music fan to begin with, but nevertheless, these women's tenacious and rightful bluntness towards their nation's erroneous happenings were something noteworthy. In fact, I think Natalie kicked so much ass for basically saying that President Bush, with all due respect, is-was-always-will-be a piece of shit. It's really not that hard to say, but with the backlash that parked her frontdoor... Man, ow, man. Seemed like speech's vested freedom never existed.

For those of you who are still clueless about what I'm yabbering about, I'm talking about the Dixie Chicks. A grammy-winning bluegrass trio who apparently spoke disrespectfully of this country's president. Quote-unquote, "Just so you know, we're ashamed the President of the United States is from Texas". Burn!!! Fifteen words that immediately leaped half of this shallow country in an idiosyncratic sphere, with a repercussion that was beyond nightmare. Album sales dropped, poor concert ticket sales, avid supporters devotedly boycotted them, and even obscene death threats conquered their living-the-dream superstar status.

To despise them is one thing, but to insensately damage their characters - permanently and without limits, just for the partially irrational reason that they said it on foreign soil - is purely overreacting. I may understand that it was too unorthodox for politically conservative Southerners to hear three open-minded girls speak their minds like they did, especially in regards of their country's misguidance. But to smother them with verbal destruction and traitor-treatment ENDLESSLY is just too bestial for bearing. I can't even imagine how they've managed to go on with their lives despite the unfathomable jungle they trapped themselves into. Gee. I must've nailed my liver with a butcher knife or something. And although I may agree that as public figures, and role models, they might have acted otherwise unpleasantly, their compatriots still automatically discounted that these women are in fact human too, with a prerogative to say what their smarts urge them to express.

So what if their combative opinions were uttered on foreign soil? It's not like they purposely blasted Bush in UK, a country by the way that even helps the US in jeopardy. And it's oceans apart from Iraq, I'm pretty sure they knew the difference. So was that reasoning suppose to add more fuel to the fire? Pfft. Nevermind. Makes me think about how much Filipinos in this country execrate the dirty politics back in the Philippines, and how brazen we are in belittling (no pun intended) the president. Do you think that even if we forever bag on her flaws as a leader, here in a foreign country no less, we'll ever be cussed as traitors? I never thought so.

And that's the harsh reality of being in the public eye. You're instantly robbed of the power to utilize the freedom that was given to mankind to think open-mindedly and be considerably outspoken. Unfortunately for the Dixie Chicks, they had to suffer the humiliating behaviour besetting their individualities and had to be sidelined for what seemed to be the longest three years of their lives. But what the hell! They're BACK!!! And still not ready to make fuckin' nice.


Debbie said...

hay naku...sometimes they just blow things out of proportion. everyone's entitled to their own opinion, they just happen to be in the public eye.

Jen said...

Hi dearest Kai.. im absolutely fine, though mejo nabobored na ngayon pa na malapit na matapos sembreak ko... as what i've told you before, im slated for graduation March 2007, so 2nd sem is all about hardwork and sleepless nights for me, I guess. and yeah, Panic! at the Disco is my current addiction. I dunno, they're a great band with great number of songs.. plus, goodlooking band members.. haha! Oh my.. I miss u dear..*hugs*

Kai said...

It's funny now because these people who vowed to never agree with them are now actually dissing Bush themselves. Oh well, just goes to show how bizarre people here can get. Take Tom Cruise for example. *LOL*

Panic at the disco?!! Err. Sorry, not my type. Their songs are catchy though, but a bit obscure. Anyway, good for you! Goodluck with everything. And I miss talking to you too!

Jen said...

I miss talking to you, dear. And whoa! You got bang'd!! it really looks good!

cruise said...

mahirap din masyadong sikat, whatever they do or say can really make or break their careers.

elaine said...

Would you believe I'm only hearing about this from you? Haha. I'm such a loser.

Anyway, I like them for being so upfront. I think it's much better to be badmouthed than endorse something you really don't believe in. Haha.

Have a good one, Kai. :)

CheH said...

Uhmmm...Was it that song' are you'strong enough'to be my man? of sheryl crow & dixie chicks dedicated to Bush? me wonder lol

I like that song though hehe

charles ravndal said...

Well, I actually admire their bravery to confront the shallowness of some people. I heard that there is a movie coming about them.

Kai said...

Thanks, girl!

Yeah. Well, I'd rather have the freedom of speaking my mind than be mobbed by paparazzo daily.

I wasn't paying attention to this myself when it came out, so don't worry about it. (;

I'm not familiar with that, Cheh e. Pero yung bago nilang kanta ngayon, mas patama kay Bush, hehe.

There is, called "Shut and Sing". It's a documentary actually, quite intriguing but I don't know if it's worth my money.

Vayie said...

I read on People Magazine what the Dixie Chicks said about the President and I knew how big that comment was since it triggered the controversy, the pulling out of Dixie Chicks' playlists...etc.

There is a thin line between saying what's on your mind and bashing a person.

Kai said...

Do you think that they bashed the president? Like how? Speaking their minds was exactly what they did. Bashing was the backfire that they got from it, and that includes that article you said you read on People (of all magazines). There's the difference you're talking about.

Laureen said...

i had no idea they have a documentary coming out about this controversy.

well, i'm a fan of country music & the Dixie Chick's songs are pretty good. but i was pretty shocked when Natalie said those words. i mean, come on, she should've known people were gonna take those words against her & they would lose a lot of their fans. this is a patriotic country & it's the President she was gonna say she was ashamed of.

sure, it's free speech, but it always comes with a price. no doubt about that.

Kai said...

She was aware of that, I believe. And don't you think she's already paid the price, if not more? And she still keeps on paying! Death threats are beyond what they deserved, do you think that's totally rightful? Well, I differ. This country fought for it's freedom of speech, religion, whatsoever, but the sense of it all abruptly disappeared when a certain entertainer chose to express her disgust over the president. No wonder why sometimes it's so hard to comprehend this country's stupidity, or patriotism, as you've described.

And don't you find it funny that those people who trashed The Dixie Chicks three years ago are the same people who're now anti-Bush? I think Natalie just figured it out earlier than they did. ;)