Thursday, October 19, 2006


I know I have nurses, physicians, whathaveyous, reading this blog, so just one query. Is there something wrong with emptying your bladder once, twice or more within an hour? I was couch-potato-ing this afternoon, enjoying a Rafael Nadal match when I subconsciously would run for my life to the bathroom every now and then. I never sat on something hot as what would normally cause a balisawsaw, nor have I been drinking too much water. It's kinda weird. Not that it's hurting or something. Just bothers me a little bit.

Look who's watching! Maybe this caused my pee problems? Ugh! Rafa + BECKS = suicidal hotness.

Anyway. I ONCE AGAIN changed my template. I've been trying to make one that I won't get tired of looking at, and I sure hope this is it. As Tani have said, I seem to be making my blog over and over again. And I know it sort of annoys some of you already. Trust me, I sincerely wish to stop right here. At least for the next couple of months. :p

Project Runway season 3 concluded last night. It was nice to see the collections completely, and I must say that Uli's set was just...ugh, PERFECTION! I'm so glad she didn't use prints in all 12 pieces, but man, that was some mad skills! I won't take back whatever I said about Jeffrey though. I didn't think he had the best collection out there, nor did I ever consider him to be the best out of the final four, but being ambitious takes you to new heights, hence his victory. I'll say I'm a bit upset, not that I didn't expect it, but it could have ended in a better fashion.

Don't worry Uli, if I ever (God willing) get my shape back, I will definitely hunt you down. It will take a while, but you can absolutely count on that. Here are my favorite pieces from your drop dead gorgeous collection. I still feel bad because you should have won, you clearly were the best, and YOU DIDN'T GO OVER BUDGET. But hey, I'll soon get over it. It's only reality TV!

And onto more random stuff...

My mom had a strange dream. She was like, "nanaginip ako, ang payat mo na daw!". I could only laugh my ass off, while of course, kind of wishing at the back of my head that it comes true. I was told though that when you talk about what you dreamt of, it won't happen in reality ever. Man, aren't dreams suppose to come true anyhow? I don't wanna be fat for the rest of my life! :))

It's been really cold lately, and rumor has it that it might snow this year. I looooove snow, because it makes me feel like I'm in America, not Mexico. OK, that's a joke, before you go bonkers on me. So weather this year has been pretty much similar to what it was a couple of years ago. VERY hot summer, but equally freezing fall-winter. And it snowed that time! But snow tends to be a little unfriendly though, especially when you're driving. I remember one time actually seeing a couple of cars clash into each other by the corner stoplight, exactly how it is in funpark bumpcars. Yikes! Regardless of that, I still hope to experience it again. I never had my picture taken on it, so I'm still waiting for that second chance. Let is snow!!! Too early to ask for snow, or as if this state is prone to that kind of weather. Pfft.

I needed to be random after that "Maalala Mo Kaya"-ish post. Back to my old jubilant self, and enough of the dramachoos. I'll be visiting your blogs after posting this, then I'll head to bed, for I'll continue drooling over Rafa's hotness tomorrow. Hahaha. Have a gradioso weekend, my friends!


Vayie said...

From what I know, frequent urination could be because of an infection/inflammation of the bladder - or because you're pregnant.

None of the above, hopefully.

Tani said...

I almost had a heart attack with that picture of rafa and becks. :) permission to send it to my friends. hehehe. :)

i love project runway. i don't remember the designers' names, but i just love the entire elimination process. :)

Tani said...

here's my email ad. please send that picture of becks and nadal to me.


jassy said...

i wish i have the same body like those models...sigh! have a great weekend kai!

jassy said...


when you have no physical activity in a cold weather and your just sitting watching tv, it is possible...your body cannot really produce sweat, blood vessels are constricted and so instead of the water coming out of your skin through sweat, it comes out as urine...

if there's no weird discharge or pain while urinating, then i think it's normal.

but frequent urination can also be a sign that you have diabetes...observe if there are ants crawling towards your urine, are you thirsty most of the time? are you hungry most of the time?

sensya na...don't mean to frighten you in any way...just sharing my knowledge

Kai said...

Ow, dear. Haha, I'm certainly not preggers.

That's the best one they've got on Yahoo!, I didn't think they met after the match either. But there's this old photo of them, I'll send it to you too! And you should be watching Project Runway. One of the best shows on earth. :p

You're scaring me! Haha, I hope not. I was basically just sitting by the fireplace with a blanket. No activity at all. So I'd like to believe that the catalyst of this is your first theory.

RennyBA said...

I'm here to say hello, to wish you a happy weekend and to thank you for your nice comments on my wife's post about her trip to the Norwegian mountains:-)

Laureen said...

maybe it's just the cold-er weather that's making you pee more than usual, kai.

yes, i did notice how often you've been changing your layout. this new one is quite pretty =)

i seriously thought Uli was going to win coz Jeffrey did go over budget. but shocker! i was disappointed in Michale's collection. and when he said "I'm only 27, this is the first time I ever did this sort of thing (or along those lines)," i thought "hay naku, Michael, you're digging a grave for yourself" ahaha. but still, Uli's collection was AWESOME!

Debbie said...

oh man...i've never been so way off until this season with PR!!! so unexpected huh! when i saw all the collections, i thought it was definitely Uli. what happened to Michael? guess he just went way over the top...kaya sumobra! i loved his past creations, but his finale was just too much. i guess he really needs some maturing to do, fashionwise. but i didn't expect jeffrey to win! i really don't know. i guess they like jeffreys "innovation". even the majority has uli has their strongest bet. or maybe i just don't like his punk style. anyway, that's that. but uli's creations was just WOW! esp the brown and gray chic!

hey i love how you change's refreshing. i love to see what you're coming up with. keep it up!

shai said...

yummy. i dunno who's yummier though...hehehe

cruise said...

nakakatuwa yung picture nila beck at rafa, bakit kaya ganun ang purma at titig nung isa? hehe. the buzz!

tamang tama white christmas pala sa inyo kapag nagkataon :)

charles ravndal said...

Hmmm well stuff you eat no matter how dry it is contains water or other liquid stuff.

And oooohhh the dresses are nice!

evi said...

i didn't watch project runway. the clothes are gorgeous. i particularly like the fourth one.

Kai said...

Hello, Renny! You're welcome, of course. :)

Hahaha, ikaw talaga. I still hope Michael pursues this though, he's got an awesome talent to put to waste. I still believe Uli should have won. Hands down.

Reacted the exact way you did. I was clearly a fan of Uli's since the beginning, and even more after seeing her do something else for FW. I think Jeffrey had decent ones but definitely not up to par with Uli's. It was shocking, and if they think he's couture whatsoever, then maybe it's just not our style.

I go for Nadal. Biceps. Yum! Hahaha!

Hahahahaha, loka-loka!

Indeed, they are.

You should start watching. It's one of the best reality TV shows I've seen by far. :)