Sunday, October 22, 2006

I just got bang'd!

I know, couldn't have gotten a worse title than that. But look who's sporting a new do. I finally feel like a woman who cares how she looks like. And I effin' like it! But you know me, I was all that contented with how my hair was done on a daily basis, so I still had to literally streetfight with my mom before she got me to this urgent and totally nonessential haircut. We only went out to apply for a state ID replacement, and the next think I know, I'm already in the queue of makeovers. I was pissed! She knew I was rushing home to catch a tennis match, but she still insisted. Mahirap magpalaki ng magulang, so I just had to say yes, even after embarrassingly telling the hairdresser that I have to look good when I go to California to see movie stars. Trust me, that's not really my purpose. I ended up apologizing and thanking her anyway, because I think I look better now that the ponytail days are over. And the new bangs!!! Haha. Very Tina Paner.

I still made it to Rafa's quarterfinals match (this was last Friday, btw). I wasn't exactly pleased with the end result, nor by his opponent's celebratory arrogance. But it was entirely entertaining, to say the least. Perhaps it was Becks' absence that caused Rafa's uninspired tennis (the bromance, you know? lol), or maybe because Sergio let his Jennifer-Aniston-hair down that it easily became a distraction. Or it could be me. You know what, I think I jinxed him. Haha. You see, everytime I mention him in this blog, in the middle of a tourney, he always chokes. I think it happened 3 times now, in a row. Plausible, right? Maybe if I mention Federer, he could lose too? Just kidding.

So to compensate my frustration with Nadal's recurrent crappy tennis, ATP provided me with this photo of (L-R) Iker, Raul, Rafa, Sergio (thanks for the beanie), and Becks. ATP, you're awesome but nobody's worth of this collective Eurohotness. It's just too much!!! Ok, enough of the fangirl squee-ing. I just got a new do, so I now have to act accordingly.

Bakit kayo nagsisiksikan sa Madrid? Maluwag dito!

Onto other stories...

In less than a month's time, I'll be somewhere else, window shopping, strolling the strip, and endlessly chatting with an aunt whom I've not seen for the past 15 years. My memories of her though stayed clear over time, and our communication never waned, so hopefully I won't have problems being comfortable with and around her when I get there. After all, she's the same person who convinced me repeatedly that I'm a girl, not the kind who's socially allowed to collect matchboxes. And she even wanted me to be Little Ms. Philippines. I could have given Aiza Seguerra a run for her money, but I rejected the offer. Hahaha. We got our tickets yesterday, and looks like it'll be an 11-day escapade. Finally! A real vacation. Wardrobe for travel would be quite something to think about though, since weather here and there are as dissimilar as their timezones. The hours of our departure and arrival don't help either. Imagine, I woke up to 37°F this morning, without the heater and waterheater on. Man, this isn't normal. It feels like I'm in Colorado or something. Not even funny, and it's only October! But I know that coldfront there isn't as bad as this place's, and I'm sure they always have the heaters on whenever necessary, unlike here where they want to conserve energy as much as weather's still tolerable. Whatever.

On another very random note... I weighed in last night before going to bed, and it said that I lost 6 pounds from my last weigh-in. Of course I was instantly in cloud 9. My no-rice campaign is slowly paying off. Then when I woke up, guess what, I gained a couple of them damn pounds back. Huh?!! I only slept for about 6-7 hours and I got fatter. This is what we normally call a "what the fuck" moment. Seriously, that's just a pretty bemusing way to start my week off.


Debbie said...

i like your new do....i like gives a fresh look.

those hotties over there are really something huh...esp the married one!!! haha

you're going to cali? wow finally! i well deserved vacation! well, leave your sweaters coz it's hella hot over here. i don't know what happend to fall. it used to be colder. i love the cold weather but it seems like fall and winter here gets warmer each year. hay global warming na nga tlga....37F!!!geezz...freezing!

Kai said...

Thanks, Deb! Hahaha, I know! Why do they all have to be oceans apart from us? LOL. I'm going there, finally! I hope I don't jinx this one now, haha. It's weird here either, it wasn't this (37 in the morning, gah!) cold last year too! What more during winter itself? It's insane.

Jaz said...

i think the one that needs a check-up on would be your weighing scale, hahaha! surely there's something wrong with couldn't have possibly gained weight just after a good night's sleep!

on the side note, the bangs look cute...very 80's look...which is quite 'in' these days :)

Kat said...

hey! we have very similar haircuts! i've been sporting bangs since the end of august and i finally just got the re-shaped yesterday!

kailan ka pupunta sa Cali?!

and i was so waiting for your input of PR!! so, so, disappointed w/ Michael! and Uli's collection was gorgeous, di ba??

jassy said...

nice much as i want to have a hairdo like that, the bangs will just get in the way of my sight...

i am also trying the no-rice campaign but i am always starving from my "toxic" work that I have to eat the rice on my meal.

anyway, have a nice week!

chEr said...

nice bangs.. hehe oo nga, parang tina paner. but you look good.. pwamis..

Kai said...

Hahaha, I know. It deserves a bodyslam, lol.

Is bangs the "in" thing today? Had no idea, haha. I'll be there mid-Nov. At sana wag na maudlot. Uli was robbed. No doubt about that.

If you really wanna slim down, I suggest that you try wheat bread. It's still carb but less fattening, I suppose.

Ow, I'm confident I remotely don't look like her. :))

CheH said...

ay susme!ano't nagsamasama aking mga ex boyfriends jan sa pic!hehe

I guess, I should shut up now huh kai?before you can grab my hair?lol

Lovely bangs my dear! suits you well;)have a lovely week dear kai! tc!

bone said...

oooh!! the strip! u going to las vegas eh? woohoo!! how about cali? dont you wanna visit the west coast? weird, coz yesterday, i was in chino buffet, er, pigging out, then i remembered u.. tapos ngayon.. eto na may ticket ka na para sa bakasyon! that is so cool. youre gonna have fun for sure. =)

Kai said...

Hahaha, bruha! Di naman ako madamot e, share-share na lang. Hahaha!

Actually, Cali's where I'm going to, then I'll just stop by Vegas to visit family/friends at siyempre, pasyal pasyal. Naku, mukhang tatabo ako lalo pag kumain tayo sa Chinos, hahaha.

Mec said...

i went on a diet of reduced rice intake... only half a cup per day... plus exercise... but i just kept gaining weight, and one time even gained 5 lbs in one week..

i gave up on the diet and ate 'normally again... i still keep gaining weight but at least i've reduced the weight gain to a pund a week :D

cruise said...

new lock, maganda, para nga si kristina paner, di kaya habulin ka ni cris villanueva nya? hehe

charles ravndal said...

The bangs look good on you. Wow a crowd of good looking guys!

Vayie said...

Yaiks! Kumukha mo nga si Kristina Paner!

Anyways, a bunch of hotties you've got there...

Kai said...

Diet just never works for me either. (;

Although di ko na siya maalala, salamat parin.

I know. Too hot to handle!

Is that a compliment? Maybe the sunglasses ruined the look for me, but thanks anyway. (;

Laureen said...

i love the new hair, kai. looks very cute.

yes, Eurohotness, indeed. y'know i just realized i've been seeing more hotties in TX compared to the last 2 states i've lived in. i should snag myself one. haha. naku, i feel the same way, i used to think i jinx Andy, too. *assuming talaga* whenever i'd watch him compete, he choked & whatever event i missed, he'd win. i eventually got over that though. haha.

wow, Vegas, huh? sounds like fun.

what the? you gained weight after taking a nap. and i supposedly heard you lose calories when you go to sleep. shouldn't that equate to losing weight as well?

Kai said...

Andy ka na ngayon, ha? Ako naman nai-inlove na kay Marat. Hahaha! Actually, maganda ang halo ng puti at chikano, kaya marami ka talagang makikitang papables dito. Ok yun, para madaling maka-move on. Hehe. ;)