Sunday, October 8, 2006

Football Wives

In a state like Texas, a divorcing couple due to football overdose (no pun intended) is relatively normal. Makes me imagine how many of them already consulted a lawyer this past weekend, which considerably is the craziest football weekend of every year. There's the annual state fair cottonbowl event and Sunday football to be all orgasmic about. These men are nuts! But hey, leaving them isn't the only solution. Right?

Divorce is a diabolic term to my ears, hence my fear in marriage. I kinda fear it just as much as I fear snakes. Seriously. It's not a walk in the park, that's a given, but why does divorce seem as easy as that? Not to mention when it's supposed to be "sacred", unless you're allah-uhakbar-ing or something. I mean, it's even written in the bible for crying out loud... "whoever divorces his wife and marries again commits adultery, and whoever marries her who has been divorced also commits adultery". Gee, who knew St. Mark wrote about this absurdity. Shame on mankind!!!

I'm not a football fan myself, but if I ever, God forbid, get married to an enthusiast of this certain sport, and if and when it gets a little too out of hand, I still won't divorce him. Um...yes. At least I'll try not to. I don't think resting in the devil's armpit every football day would be too much for bearing. I mean, it's only existent for four months in a year anyway (I allow to be corrected), so why be all cranky about that? Or better yet, I''ll ask him to buy me Football for Dummies so we can both stupefy ourselves over some hugging bouncers. But kidding aside, I know it's not gonna be easy, but don't they think that they bicker over a piece of shit? I mean, my mom gave my dad a hard beating because of his mistress. That's a bigger deal, you know? Ok, I totally made that up. But seriously. All these couples just need to compromise. It's not like Jessica divorced Nick only because he was wetting over USC's quarterback. Duh?

Point is, there's always solution to all problems, and a simple signature over divorce papers isn't one of them. Yeah, yeah, what do I know, right? I'm only a young-in with a struggling love life. But you know what, it doesn't take you to be 25, 30, 40 to actually embrace the real meaning of marriage and to know what it should be in one's life. It's just like a football game. When somebody tackles you, you get up, run, and never give up. Touchdown, beeyotch!


iskoo said...

buti sa PInas di pa masyado uso yang divorce although meron annulment pero sa mayayaman lang yun.

at least kahit papaano dito sa pinas nag-iisip muna bago magpakasal kasi wala pang divorce.

jassy said...

i'm also thinking about marriage right now. :)

charles ravndal said...

Well I am pro divorce but getting one because of one or both is crazy about a game that spells trouble to the rel. is not even worth. Despite my stand on divorce I still want that the first person that i married is the last

Kat said...

here in the U.S. divorce is so common that we really shouldn't be surprised when say, Drew Barrymore divorced Tom Green after only 6 months of marriage. but I'm still surprise!

however, there is a majority who use divorce as a fianl resort to end a marriage that is simply not working after having tried many ways to make it better.

i think the philippines should stop being such a hypocritical nation and just legalize it as well. enough of these "chi-chi" annulments that only the rich can afford, no?

CheH said...

I rather get a football enthusiast than a sick casanova *kamot ulo* may pagkakaiba ba?lol

I love your new skin,btw;)

bone said...

i think if you really love a person, nothings ever gonna be enough reason to leave him/her.. but ya, huh.. what do we know?!

Vayie said...

They always say that Divorce is like, a "sign of the times". But then again, when you think about it, morals should be eternal.

Kai said...

Di ba mas masaki ang annulment, cuz it's like saying your marriage never existed.

Uyyy, inlababo! :p

I think divorce and annulment have its purpose, but sometimes both are being utilized severely and repeatedly. Parang wala nang respeto sa simbahan.

I agree. And right on, very hypocritical. Annulment is even worse, because you're basically letting a couple sign their marriage as fraud, whereas divorce can separate you but still will recognize that you've been married for a period of time. Labo nga nila e.

Thanks, Cheh! Actually, pareho tayo. At least if he's only addicted to sports, you know exactly where to find him, as opposed to a casanova, where he's located only God knows where. :))


I'm a practicing catholic, so I guess that affects my stand on nulling marriages. And I think it should be the same way for others of the same religion as well.

Laureen said...

i am not a fan of football, so i don't intend to marry a football fanatic either. i would rather he spend the weekends watching basketball then screaming out "Touchdown!" with his buddies. haha. like that's such an easy thing to screen in prospective husbands.

when i get married, i want to spend the rest of my life with this person. i pray that i don't ever end up getting a divorce. and it's sad that most reasons for divorce today are based on such trivial matters. sad.