Tuesday, November 28, 2006


*** Long entry ahead. If you can't devote a good 10-minute readfest of a Texan's escapade to California, and with major camwhorage in tow, then this particular post is not for you. Scaramoosh!

I was planning to blog while I was in California, but my aunt's AOL dial up service was helluva crap, for lack of a better word. I'm over and done with dial up, so to sit infront of that computer for more than 15 minutes would actually be very patient of me. Unfortunately, that's yet one trait I'm planning to list in my new year's resolution, hence the short hiatus. But I'm back! With a new blog address, blog title, template, stories, and everything else. Long story short, I just got tired of the old stuff. Back to story...

As you know, I finally got my much awaited vacay the past couple of weeks and I got to spend each day with no less than my family. Expectedly, it was fun, but I never thought I'd be exhausted by the 3rd day. We were always on the go, there was always something to be up to, and not one day for me to indulge myself in that tempurpedic bed. Not that I didn't have a choice, but I don't want to give them the cold shoulder, especially that they only get to see me once in a blue moon. Nevertheless, I had a ball, and hopefully everyone else also did.

The rundown.

Day 1: Eagle Rock Plaza is about a 2-mile walk away from my aunt's place, so we chose it as our first destination. It's pretty small, and its basement is stacked with Filipino people, shops, and fast foods. We had lunch at Jollibee, had my first Jolly Spaghetti in years, and you bet, I was in heaven. The mall also has Chowking, Goldilocks, Bench and a huge grocery store racked with Filipino goods. It's like strolling in Megamall on a random Sunday morning. Then off we go to Universal Studios after lunch. It was only the four of us, but we had fun, nonetheless. Super bonding time.

Jolly Spaghetti; Universal Studios overlooking San Bernardino; Bagets Reunion with Hailey

Day 3: Hollywood Blvd. We just cruised through it, kodak-ed here and there then left immediately. Had dinner at Max's Restaurant shortly after, with my parents' old classmates and the rest of the family. Sarap ng Crispy Pata, super na-miss ko!

Day 4: Off to Rancho Sta. Margarita to visit our favorite cousins. Traffic and travel time are torture but it was all worth it upon seeing our first pamangkin. Then to Irvine to visit a friend, and back to LA to celebrate Tita Tess' birthday.

Day 5: Then the actual celebration. It wasn't really a huge party, just family and some friends. My ninang from Fresno came over, and a few others. We also watched the Pacquiao match altogether, and you can only imagine how bizarrely exuberant their celebratory cheers were after the 15-minute payperview. Quite expensive, 'no? But whatever. After seeing the fight, and the priceless look on that rich boxer's face, I finally realized why it was so important for Filipinos to support this boastful man. No matter how yabang he gets, he still bleeds for the country, so there, I couldn't help but go patriotic and appreciative. Parang hindi bagay, 'no.

Day 6: Sunday, church day. After mass, we decided to eat In-n-Out for lunch, my first time! My people who've been in LA forever have been bragging about their burger for the longest time, so why not give it a try. But for real, it didn't taste any special. It's good, but the fries were even better. I still prefer Sonic's, and Whataburger's. But you know what's the best burger I've tasted? Tropical Hut's junior classic. Yep, that one back in the Philippines. To die fuckin' for! I'd give up a year without internet just to have one branch here in Texas. PLEASE!!! Branch internationally!!!

Day 7: It was all about Vegas. We left around noon, and arrived at about 4pm. Checked in at Aladdin, changed clothes and had dinner at Buffet @ Asia, then strolled the strip until 11pm. Papa and Auntie Rose still managed to go the Casino downstais and guess what? My dad won ten times his capital. Hahaha, I wish I had his powers. Woke up fairly early, had brunch at Spice Market Buffet, shopping at Prim, then back to LA before midnight.

Strolling the strip with Bo and Han; Breakfast camwhorage with Hailey; Thanksgiving beerfest

Day 7: Rodeo Drive. I wasn't really expecting to see a celebrity since it's like a tourist spot now more than anything, but I saw a couple, a B-list and a G-list, I guess, hehe. I was in the same elevator ride as Jon Lovitz, and I was standing next to Eugena of ANTM Cycle 7 in the valet parking. Seriously, of all the celebrities in the world, I got to see those two. How lucky!

Day 8: Thanksgiving. I really don't prefer celebrating tradional American holidays, but whatev, it was all in good fun. I almost did nothing that day though. Just rested, fixed my suitcase, and drank a little. And ate my Chowking siomai to go.

Day 9: Back to Eagle Rock Plaza for Black Friday. It was my first time to shop at Macy's, and boy do they have quality clothes there. Too bad I only got one piece because of my luggage space left, and this sweater I badly wanted had no tag on it that I couldn't bring it home. Eff it! Good thing there was Jollibee for lunch, I was calmed. Hahaha! Then Kristine Hermosa and Anne Curtis invaded the Filipino grocery. I happen to be an avid viewer of these Tagalog soap operas, but I never intend to be a so-called fan of theirs to actually line up and ask for their autographs. My mom, my aunt and my cousin were otherwise. They like Anne so much that they just had to squeeze into the day-off crowd and take pictures. Then guess what. This random manong comes up to me and says, "maputi lang sila, at may make-up, mas maganda ka pa sakanila, magpapayat ka lang", hahaha, the old guy just had to compliment this fatgirl to vent out his frustrations of not getting his poster signed. Nambola pa! Bwiset.

Day 10: We went to Griffith Park the previous night to see the light show which was jampacked that it got us home at around 10pm. Went to bed at almost midnight, woke up at 3am, to the airport and left Los Angeles at 6:15. What a crazy hour to fly. Seriously. But for some reason, it was a huge relief to see good ol' Texas again. Such a breath of fresh air.

Can you imagine, it's been two weeks, exactly this time, since the time that I was enjoying McDo's famous fries, waiting for boarding time en route to LAX. Man, how time flies so damn fast. Holidays are here, the ones I normally celebrate. Then I turn a year older, and funtimes will soon be over.


vince said...

wow... holiday how wish I can go for a vacation as well...

The Queer Chef pimped me here hahaha

Anonymous said...

hi! found your new url through julie's blog...

natawa ako dun sa old guy sa grocery ha...lol!


Gail said...

Hello kai! Thanks for the visit and telling me that you moved. :D

I'll update my links ASAP. :D I like your blog. :)

Kai said...

Hello, Vince! Thanks for stopping by. :)

Ate Clare
Was gonna update you through Multiply, but glad you found your way. That manong was annoying, and he didn't just say it once. Akala niya, magogoyo niya ako. Tse! :))

Of course! :D

Debbie said...

eaglerock plaza..man! we could have bumped into each other most probably and still didn't know it! haha my mom lives a few blocks, and that's where we usually hang out coz there's jollibee and chuck e cheese and target too. but in those days where you were there, i guess i was just at home, too stressed coz its almost finals.

traffic sucks huh! ohwell what's new...and it's hot too...can't wait to get outa here of the city.

glad you had a blast!

Jen said...

Hi Kai... what's with the change of URL?! anyway, missed u sooo.. Take Care, dear! Belated Happy Thanksgiving! *hugs*

rons said...

updated your link at my blog already. :)

i had enough of my vacation, too bad, i didn't had a blast the way you did. hehe.

walk away is my feel-good song as of the moment. im effin lovin it. :D stay safe!

Tani said...

hiningal ako just reading your blog entry. hahaha! ang saya naman ng trip nyo. :) i like what you said about pacquiao that inspite of being rich and mayabang, he still bleeds for the country. i love the Filipinos that way, that they cheer for other Filipinos. quite the gettogether your parents and their friends had. must be a lot of fun. yup, maputi lang sina anne at kristine. hehehe... sige na nga. maganda din sila. :)

chEr said...

san ba kayo sa cali?

isa lang ba ang max's? kase if di pa nagkaron ibang branch, near yan samin. walking distance lang from my mum's.

i love in-n-out's fries.. and milk shake... not the burger :)

o diba, mas maganda ka pa nga raw sa kanila.. yaan mo na sya, baka di lang talaga sya mahilig sa mga celebs. e kung sa maganda ka naman talaga davah...

Joey said...

What happened to your other blog?! I updated your link in my blog as well. :)

Oooh how did Eugena look like in person?! I was rooting for Michelle in this cycle's ANTM, but I thought Eugena had her moments when she looked like a "top model".

Isn't it funny how being in California makes you feel like you never left Manila at all?! And how random is it to have those Pinoy celebs in a Filipino store in LA! Hahaha.

cheH said...

Wow new e-addy & e-mansyones! Congrats congrats! ala bang pamputo at sikwate man lang diyan lol

me green with ennvy to your escapedes in Cali.Teka,bat ambak? I understand that word kasi.Bisdak sad ka inday gwapa?

I like your smile,btw infectious to those who aren't wearing:)

Kai said...

LA's fun, mainly because of family. But other than that, it sometimes sucks. The dry weather, the narrow streets, the dirty sidewalks, and the effin' traffic. Just can't imagine myself living there. Come over here na kasi, you will love it, I promise!

Miss you too!

Why is that? Aw, that's too bad.

I find them pretty, I don't know why others don't. Anne is prettier though, there's just something about her that's so radiant, while Kristine's quite stiff and bland.

Formerly Norwalk. But now it's the more Manila-like, Eagle Rock. We ate at Glendale's branch, I'm not aware if there's any other than that.

Let's just say, I'm escaping a stalker's sight, hehehe. Thank, Joey! Eugena, to my surprise, wasn't that tall. If she weren't wearing heels, she'd only be about a couple of inches taller than me. And she's thin! Like Michelle-thin on TV, no joke. And she chopped her hair, ala Melrose.. Ow, you said so. It's as if we're not in "America", haha. And yes, it was kind of funny to see those celebrities, especially setting up an autograph session in the "gulayan", hahaha!

Anong sikwate? Haha, kutchinta lang alam ko. :P I'm not Bisaya, day. Ambak=I'm back. Haha, random, just couldn't think of a title. At nambola ka pa, pag-untog-in ko kayo ni manong, hahaha! But thanks anyway. Feel ko naman, haha :D

fortuitous faery said...

hello from jersey!

Laureen said...

i've heard about those Filipino restos being visible in SoCal. so that's where they are - Eagle Rock Plaza. hehe. i am so envious that you had dinner at Max's. miss their chicken, man.

what is it with In-n-Out, anyway. i've heard so many "good" things about it. hehe. oh yeah, Whataburger is really good =) i'm salivating now. haha.

yup, panalo nanaman si Pacquiao. was it really just 15 minutes long? haha.

ooooh, the best holiday is just raround the corner. i cannot wait. oh, it started snowing in Dallas, right?

Laureen said...

"around" pala. haha.

oh yeah, i was kinda wondering what happened to your blenched blog. enjoy the weekend, kai... welcome back to texas! =)

Kai said...

Hey girl! I thought you aren't blogging anymore. Shall add you back up in my list. :)

Not a big fan of their roasted chicken, but the crispy pata is just heaven, haha! Same here, my peeps were so into those burgers that it eventually got me to trying it out. It's not bad, but it's no way near Whataburger's, plus the fact that it's humongous, hahaha. And yes! It snowed a couple of days ago. It's fun, especially that we only get to experience it once in 2 to 3 years. Imagine, it was 81 the previous day and in the 50s yesterday, while we dropped to 15 the day it was snowing, hahaha. Texas weather's the best! :))

ish said...

wow!!! sarap naman nun!!! inggit ako..:)