Wednesday, November 8, 2006


I was itching to blog the past couple of days but nausea kept me out of it. I think an Aleve overdose caused it, or this vanilla tylenol I tried two nights back. But whatever, I'm just so glad that my swollen gum, caused by the beastial wisdom tooth, is gradually leaving my piehole at peace. I'm finally enjoying food once again, and my 3-pounder gain was proof of that. Not that I'm happy about that! But heck, as long as I can luxuriate in food again, hehehe.

So it's exactly 6 days from today before my much awaited vacay to California. I know, I've been bitching about the idea of moving there, but much to my disgust of that concept, I still like that place. That being said, I only like California as a vacation spot, not a place for me to suffer in for the rest of my life. I've sited my reasons quite precisely already, so let me not go there again. I'm excited though! It's been a couple of years since the last time I saw my favorite cousins, and there's my cute little niece waiting for me to finally cuddle her. I also have a ninang from Fresno whom I've never met, but kept in touch with. Can you believe that she gave me 10k pesos just for a concert??? I know, she owes me that much, but damn, she loves me too much to give me $200 only for a musical showcase, right? Haha. I'm not really that materialistic, but with a moneyed godmother, I'll be a hypocrite if I say that I don't anticipate what she's got instored for me. Hahaha! Just kidding. :P

I can't help but blog about this... Spederline is dunzo!!! OMG. Finally! I'm not really that big of a fan of Britney's, but I just loathe K-Fed so much that this news brought delight to my nauseous system. He sooo had it coming, but I still can't believe it took her sooo long to file for divorce! Nevertheless, this is worth rejoicing. Now let the Britney + Justin rumors begin. :))

EDIT: Women on The View celebrated with waves of confetti. Hahahaha! Fiesta ito!

ETA: Random snapshots I saw while reading my daily sports news. Just thought I'd share...

Maria Sharapova is officially the luckiest bitch in the world!



Finally! After two long years, they're on the same court again. Heck, who cares if it's not an actual match, haha. But dare I say this... I want Rafa and Roddick for Tennis Masters Cup Finals. I'm so sick of Rogelio's domination! He's too perfect! Somebody gotta take him down!

OK. That's VERY random, haha! Have a grandiose weekend, my friends! Be smiling. :)


CheH said...

Bye bye spederline haha walang nagulat bat ganun? lol

musta dear kai?Ingat palagi okies?

Joey said...


Kai said...

Hahaha, oo nga e. At ang dami talaga natuwa. :)) I'm doing good, hope all's well with you too!

Have you seen K-Fed's response to the divorce? He's using the babies to get more from Britney! What a c*nt.

Joey said...

I know, I read about it! That fuck is totally milking what's left of his 15 mins of fame. :\ Whatever. I'm not a fan of Britney, but I'm glad she got rid off of him! She'll be awesome again! :)) God, I hope she hides her inner white trashiness now.

Who's that guy with Maria? I thought she's dating Roddick? That's not Roddick in the pic, is it?

Laureen said...

haha, yeah, finally. that's funny what the ladies from The View did.

you know, kai, there are just too many hot athletes, we should become professional athletes, too. haha.

chEr said...

nagulat ako when i first heard that britney filed a divorce.. la ako idea kung baket tama lang? hehehe di na kase ako nakakanood ng e-news eh.. hehehe

Kai said...

Can't agree more! Ow, that's David Beckham. Soccer player, Posh's spice hubs, ring a bell? Anyway, they're not together, that's just a fangirly pic of Maria. I don't know if she's still with Roddick though, I heard he was like "you don't bring sand to the beach" when he was seen with Paris in Vegas sometime last month. Eww. If that's true then he must be half an ass, but whatever, he's still half as cute. :))

I know!!! Growing up, Agassi and Rafter were the only ones I was drooling over, now seems like it's a prerequisite to be HOT to be a professional in that frickin' sport! Hahaha. And oh, Marat's really growing on me now. He doesn't smash racquets anymore! YAY! :))

BTW. I'll catch up on my reading tomorrow on your blogs, I promise. You guys have a lot to write about! This bitch is jealous, haha!

Dude, nobody was even shocked in this part of the world, haha. Everybody was party-ing, as you can see in the video. But the guy had it coming though. Had he been a good father and at least an attending husband, he would've still been swimming in Britney's cash up until now. But he's a nincompoop, he justly deserves that. :P

elaine said...

wow. i just heard that reese and ryan broke up. i'm so out of date! haha. loser talaga. and i hate him as well so i do not sympathize whatsoever.

hope you're doing well kai. take care!

shai said...

Eto pa, nung nag concert yang soon to be ex-husband ni Britney, nilangaw daw and he literally begged the management not to cancel the

Naks, vaca may super galanteng ninang pa..amfff! dito kasi sa Pinas, ako na ang hinahabol ng mga inaanak eh..heheh..

cruise said...

bagay sila nila maria sharapova :)

Joey said...

OMG. I didn't even recognize Becks! But now that you pointed him out, yeah that's him. Hahaha! When I saw the pic, I was just like, "Wait, that's not Roddick." :))

Kat said...

Kai! how's your tooth? you want some Vicodin? haha....i think you were in more pain than moi!

i am so happy about the Brit/K-Fed break-up! actually, i think the whole world rejoiced when it happened! but she most def. needs a good album to effectively re-launch her career. not that same shit she keeps churning out.

so you're not a cali fan, huh? my lil bro was born in cedars-sinai and i used to work in the beverly center (right next to it) well cali real estate is on the rise, but the rent is still waaay better than in NYC ($2K for a studio). i can actually picture you there but the culture there is crap. i don't blame you for not wanting to live there. it's good for shorter stints or doing college there or something.

ish said...

cali... so decided na kyo?
hmmm... asa ka pa sa divorce jan eh sobrang normal na yun lalo na pag celebs db?:)

Tani said...

*sigh* gwapo talaga becks.

here's what i have to say: i'm so glad britney divorced federline that i did not feel sad for their babies at all.