Saturday, December 2, 2006

On the first day of Christmas...

Damn, December's here! And in no time, I'll have to turn a year older again. But I'm not gonna dwell on that just yet. In fact, I'm pretty much thrilled by the approaching Christmas season. It's my favorite time of the year for the simple and very corny reason that most families gather in this occasion more than any other. Well, not that I'd normally care about others, but whatever. I just thought it's cool to think about it that way, besides the most anticipated part of scrapping the gift wrappers on Christmas morning.

And what better way to kick off the season but with snow! On a very rare event, this northern part of the state was slathered with snow two days ago (still November, word!), from morning til afternoon, and it never stopped. Boy, you can only imagine our sophomoric glee while watching the flakes cover our frontyard, as if it's getting any thicker than an inch. Haha!

My sometimes incosiderate mother though attempted to ruin our gaieties by asking us to Christmas-ized the house, inside and out, in the midst of a killer temperature. I'd normally bitch and be all "please, stop killing me!", but I'm practicing being patient right now, therefore, I just had to be the obedient daughter, even if watching the snow spread before my eyes was the perfect lazy day I've always dreamt of. I didn't have to do much though, since there's the little brother (who's literally big, btw) who's more than willing to climb slippery ladders and attach one electric extension to another, and a partridge in a pear tree. The finish product was more than satisfying anyway, and I'm proud to say that I took part in making the Christmas tree, oh yes! And there, we finally got our first ever PAROL!!! Now my mother stands a chance in winning that Deck The Halls-esque contest here in Valley Ranch. She's obsessed with decorating that even our indoor plants are now plastered with running lights. Seriously.

And since we're already talking Christmas, I thought I'd just ask you, my dear friends, for some wanted advice. I happen to be jobless, and with only more or less $300 in my pocket (seemingly impossible to buy 5 people quality gifts, but that's all I fuckin' have *sniffles*), I'm wondering what gift is best suitable for the greatest father on earth. I know, I'm too sweet! :)) My mother, who's my super best friend as you know, deserves a stupendous giveaway too, but unlike my father, she's very easy to pick a present for. Kindly help??? Just for my dad. I want to give him the best gift possible, even if it's under 50 bucks, hahaha, just kidding.


Tani said...

first of all, what are your dad's interests and hobbies? what do you think is useful for your dad? try ebay. heard there are lots of goodies there.

Vayie said...

Well at least from where you're at you can now feel the frightful "Christmas weather". Here, not only did the Bicol region had just been devastated from the super typhoon, the weather here in Manila is not even cold - parang summer pa rin kaya hindi namin maramdaman na December na.

Well, I wish I could be of help in suggesting what gift you could give to your dad coz I don't know what he's like. My daddy kasi is so easy-to-please. For starters, is he the regular, stereo-typical dad o parang daddy ko na kahit 63 na, super-groovy pa?

Kai said...

Haha, I don't wanna buy stuff from eBay, especially if it's a present for someone special. Thanks for the concern anyway. Appreciate it! :)

Doesn't it malamig ang simoy ng hangin yet? 'Cause it should be. I've heard about the catastrophe, my parents are from bicol, so we instantly contacted relatives upon learning the news. Sadly, we still couldn't contact our folks in Catanduanes. Their safety is in my prayers.

As for my dad, he's kinda hip. He just bought chucks for himself so that option's erased from my list. I'm leaning on something that would be useful for him everyday, with the exception of watch, clothing and toothbrush. Haha, I'm clueless that's why I need help. But yeah, he's not frumpy, he's a teenager at heart to say the least, hehe. :)

Katrina said...

napaka entertaining yung recap mo of your cali trip! you make me miss it! i used to chill @ eagle rock in high school (and glendale galleria); worked in the gap kids @ rodeo drive; and fooled around with the bf in griffith park! hahah...LOL.

well glad you had a wonderful time! you look so relaxed and happy in your pics!

as for your gift dilemma, i share your pain. low funds but still want to get something fab for the 'rents. this year, i'm creating a calendar and album for both sets, and then i'm getting them a little supplement (what? i don't know yet...). check out shutterfly though, they have some amazing-looking photoalbums you can create!

shai said...

na update ko na link mo bru! nakabalik ka na pala.

haay, kelan naman kaya ako makakaranas ng snow, styro na naman ba ang gagamitin kong props? bwahahah, in fairness pala ha, ang ganda ng christmas tree, kame nga, hanggang ngayon, ala pa din, as in blah! hehehe

gift? hmmm, madalas naman ang mga parents nagpaparinig mga gusto nila eh, pero kung hindi, tignan mo na lang kung ano yung kailangan, or kung ano yung interest nila diba?

jassy said...


give him a book...that's what i used to give my dad. hehe...

chEr said...

shocks gusto ko rin makaranas ng snow.. kelan kaya mangyayari sa pinas? hehehe

cruise said...

wow paskong pasko na nga ang ang dating, ang ganda ng mga chistmas decor at syempre ang ganda ng model :)

exciting talaga ang pasko kasi sarap magbalot ng regalo, problema wala akong mabalot eh, hehe.

its the thought that counts, check mo rin kung ano hilig ng mga gusto mong bigyan ng regalo, check mo kung ano pwede mo ibigay base sa hobby nila. example kung mahilig mag jogging, bigyan mo ng towel (sample lang) :)

iskoo said...

wow snow! talagang white christmas. i've been dreaming of a white christmas, dito white din kasi sobrang liwanang ng araw, hehe. paskong pasko na dyan sa inyo :)

Laureen said...

ooooh, we started decorating our house this past week, too the lights were put up just a couple of days ago. i SO love this holiday. hehe. i'm kinda jealous that it snowed in dallas. when i heard about it in the news, i instantly thought of you. hehe.

as for your dad...well, what does he like? why don't you have something engraved for him. ThingsRemembered has a bunch of nice stuff that are useful everyday things that won't put a hole in your pocket ;)