Monday, December 18, 2006


I have to admit, I was once addicted to this community, even plead guilty of having multiple accounts before, which partially consist of people who I don't even know, who have too much time in their hands, bombarding your neat, lovely page with messy and glittery testimonials. It grew out to be the most annoying thing ever, hence the urge to abandon them. But for my own personal friends, I've decided to go back and create a new one. I figured that by not having a number in my username (such as Kai-I, Kai-II, Kai-III for corresponding friendster account number. I know. LAME!), it'd be easier for them to locate my profile and get in touch with me, especially now that I'm oceans away.

So far it's doing its duties quite adequately. I get to see my friends' new photographs once in a while, some wedding pictures even, and their babies', but most importantly, it became a tool for me to be in reach again. I'm glad to have gone back! However, there are still some things that kind of stings my eye whenever I log in to it. I don't know how to say this politely, but it's what Hannah loves to call pa-please, hahaha. You know what I'm talking about!

Like this cousin I have from Manila who nicknamed himself "Ashton", when he remotely doesn't look like the real one. I mean, it could've made more sense if he has similar features, or hair, or height, or accent with that Punk'd guy, but no, and his real name isn't even close! Hahaha. Then there are those whose lives revolve on the bulletin boards. One chick writes, "Mama, we all go to hell. I'm writing this letter and wishing you well". Hahaha, the creepiest thing I've read in a long time! I also get mad at my mother, but I sure don't want to go to hell, let alone take her with me. I mean, who does that?!! Then there's another who says, "I've never looked better and you can't stand it.", ermm...not really! Sorry, I know mean girl syndrome, but did she seriously have to say that? On the bulletin boards??? :))

Then there are those profiles which take forever to load because of 1,000 music videos and hundreds more of those photo slideshows. Not to mention, their unbearable animated backgrounds! Isn't the purpose of this thing to get connected with people, and have an interesting and attractive profile? Well, waiting 10 minutes for your page to load is definitely otherwise, that I just had to click the back button and swear to never hit your page again! Don't even get me started on the "emo" or emotional self portraits. Those of which are intended to be stolen shots of yourself. I mean, what's wrong with looking at the camera and displaying your bright smile? :) Seriously.

But eventhough Friendster goes haywire, as its members, I still can't resist the urge of logging in everyday just to check out my friends' daily update of profiles, and frequent addition of photos. It's my own little way of getting connected, because as you know, a jobless prick can only afford so much. So with that, I'd like to thank SBC for my unlimited internet, mom and dad for paying, and Friendster for its free service. Who needs long distance calls when you've got Friendster? Hahaha!


trish said...

heyy.. sorry it took me ages to change ur link in my blog. but anyway I've done it. so cool. i like ur new place. hope everything is good with u. and hav a happy christmas. speak soon. :D

much love,

Laureen said...

oh, do i love Friendster. haha. i like it even more than MySpace b'coz most of my friends are on F'ster, so i get to stay in touch with more friends through that service.

and about the bulletin boards? haha. i am one of those who will post surveys. but i absolutely hate those faux-chain letter ek-ek, though. and i hate it when people flood the boards with the same nonesense message. one time, a friend of mine posted the same message 40 times (i kid you not). had he been a stranger, i would've deleted his sorry profile from my contacts. haha.

but yeah, Friendster has been one of my favorite websites for a couple of years now. man, that sounded so lame. haha.

Nicka said...

I get your point(s), really! There was one time when a flatmate asked me to add him up in friendster and when I looked his profile up, I couldn't find it. When I complained to him, he told me that I should have searched for 'Tom Cruise'. Good lord. I didn't know then if I would laugh at him or with him.

Kai said...

Don't worry about it! Merry Christmas too. :)

I also deleted my MySpace, it seems like everyone there's begging for some sexual attention. Yak! :))

Tom Cruise? Oh my gawd, hahaha, that's hilarious! See, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who notices.

ice_edge said...

I used to have a "friend" there who posted repetitive messages on the bulletin board, eating up about 8-10 pages of it. Graah. I don't get that. Deleted her nalang.

As I've always believed in, Friendster is a popularity contest. Paramihan ng magv-view. Other than that, it has served its purpose for me to connect with old friends. So, yeah. Negativity aside, kudos to friendser! hehe..

Kai said...

Yeah, popularity contest, indeed. Well, MySpace is worse, right? Hahaha! Some would even go as far as posting their asses just so more men would dig them. SO cheap! :))