Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006: Best Year Ever

I was on my knees paying gratitude for the year that has been, when I started unwrapping the year's colorful events in my head: from Zizu's infamous headbutt to celebrities' junk exhibitionism. 2006 is yet another banner year! But as you may know, this year wasn't exactly as productive as it should've been. I was out of school, pathetically undecided of what route in life I wanted to take. Hence, all of my time were spent and entertained by sports, reality tv, and honey wheat bagels. On a soon-to-be-demolished-bum's point of view, why don't we recall all of the stupid things that we laid our eyes on and conquered our numskulls.

The first half of the year was dominated by the most unlikely couple EVER, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, that even The Today Show was dragged into this then-fabricated love affair. The Dawson's Creek alumnus got preggers, and then speculations of an alien morphing inside her womb surged the surface. It never ended, until one cute thick-haired baby named Suri tickled our very eyes. She's probably one of the prettiest babies I've seen of late, but is she real? That I still don't know. But in spite of happy couples like TomKat, Hollywood has made its place a daunting foundation for sacred matrimonies. Sad but true, splitsville was just as trendy as flaunting your crotch. Speaking of displaying the vags, this year, hands down, belonged to Britney Spears. Apart from the most anticipated divorce in history, she lightened up every office cubicle in the world by quite-purposely flashing her fanny. Sure enough, her tool paved the way for the greatest comeback of modern times since Paula Abdul. And there were the other bitches who've altogether monopolized the daily episodes of E! News and sorts. Nicole Richie, the dubbed anorexic (I actually like her); Lindsay Lohan, the firecrotch; and Paris Hilton who's famous for banging half of Hollywood at age 12. It was entertaining when it started, but I'm so sick of these skanks, and I seriously hope to see a new set of regulars on TV and tabloids in the coming year.

On the brighter side of showbizcrap though, this year's TV shows were more than spectacular. Whoever thought that a show that embodies superheroes would be such a hit? I mean, considering that Smallville isn't as magnetic, hehe. Then there's the erupting left eye, the revival of the poncho, the death of Edgar, the wife murderer, the escape of gorgeous convicts, and the additional steam to an already sizzling cast. Scripted TV is back!!! But of course, reality TV won't allow you to ignore their geniuses too. Big Brother was back, with the Chenbot, and an all-star cast. Janelle didn't win, to my dismay, but Taylor Hicks is the new American Idol! A couple of rehab graduates won the Amazing Race, the Hoff was uninvitedly back on our TV sets, and some tattooed manbitch was named Tim Gunn's new boytoy. Wish for next year? More drama, less peculiar results.

It wasn't just the world of glitz and glamour that shook up the world in 2006. Sports' boneheads made headlines for themselves too! Zinedine Zidane's idiotic gesture that crippled his nation's chances of winning the World Cup, in his last game before retirement, no less, was the talk of the town for at least two weeks. I have all the respect for the guy, I mean, arguably the best soccer player of his generation, but come on now. A wrestling move on a sweaty grass field in the middle of a championship match? You gotta be kidding me. Then there was Terrell Owen's suicide/overdose drama right here in my usually peaceful neighborhood of Valley Ranch, Bode Miller's bageled performance at the Olympics, and Floyd Landis' testosterone overload. But it wasn't all that bad this year in sports. In fact, there were some seriously noteworthy performances just like Roger Federer's third year of sheer dominance, Rafael Nadal's superiority on clay (and Federer, hihi), Tiger Woods' emotional comeback at the British Open, Longhorns' amazing Rosebowl win, Saints' momentous homecoming, Andre Agassi's farewell, Mavericks' first trip to the NBA finals, and on top of it all... Emmitt Smith winning Dancing with the Stars! Ha, whatta year.

I can honestly say that I had fun throughout. From being sleepless during midnight of June 6 '06, to indulging a whole afternoon in YouTube, to laughing my ass off Borat's one-liners, to watching Saddam's long awaited execution. 2006's yearbook will forever hold memories of all these stupidity and awesomeness. I hope you all enjoyed it too!

And with that... I wish you my friends a prosperous, entertaining, and zit-free 2007. Cheers!


Vayie said...

What a wonderful year, indeed.

Happy New Year!!!

shai said...

at natawa ako dun sa sinabi mo kay Paris...hahahah

Happy New Year Kai!

Debbie said...

2006 was really something huh!...
happy new year to you...more prosperous and healthy year to you and your family!

Kai said...

Have a blessed one, Vayie!

Totoo naman, diba, hehe.

Yup! Greetings and blessing to your family too!

Anonymous said...

oh, it definitely was a great year. too much chika-galore events. haha. Happy New Year! cheers to more stories =)

Jen said...

Paris Hilton banging half of Hollywood at age 12? Heeee... That's hot! Hah. And that might be an understatement. Hehe!

And Britney? Ugh. As if she's still a teenie. Gah. When would she wake up and realize that she has 2 kids and an ongoing divorce?

And oh, I just hope this year would be great for you and uhm.... Happy Birthday!

missP said...

Hey, love your new do! ;) stay happy, healthy and... well, get wealthier this year...okay? :)
hope they left all that trashy attitudes to last year and produce more really trandy ones this year..hay, nako!

Kat said...

happy new year chica!! luurve the new template! love how innovative and creative you are! wishing you nothing but the best this year!

(p.s. i was going to suggest you should've tried a tommy burger while you were in la. or a cookies-n-cream shake from ed debevic's.)

Jennie said...

happy new year kai, and lest i forget.. happy birthday! :D

ish said...

happy new year sweetie!
although, madaming bwisit it was still a very good year for me!Ü

Kai said...


Thank you, sis!

Oh, you just saw the recent me now? Hehe, thanks though, MissP! Happy New Year too! But me? Wealthier? Haha, we'll see about that ;)

Aw. Thanks, girl! Best of the year to you too! And don't worry, I'll take note of those. Thanks!

You remember! Thank you, Jennie! *hugs*

Glad to hear that!

Tani said...

what a year indeed for hollywood... i enjoyed reading what you said about britney & co. you should be an entertainment journalist or something. :)

Kai said...

Oh gosh, Tani, thanks for reminding me that I've injected myself in the world of nursing instead of pursuing my dream of becoming journalist. Hahaha! Manisi ba? :)) But thanks. Appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

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