Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Budget Conscious

I was so excited to go to the mall today because this is the first time in a while that I'd be shopping for my family, without them knowing what I'm buying, AND without them paying. Hahaha, I know, I've been such a pain. So despite the freezing rain, we braved the foggy weather in hopes of completing our shopping lists.

I hauled my brother because quite honestly, I'm not the most brilliant shopper at all. I hate choosing, so if I get to set my eyes on something pleasant, I'd refrain from looking elsewhere for something cheaper, or better, and he's safely the other way around. Since we were in a mall, it was pretty convenient to hop from one place to another, depending on what our agenda was, and since we were looking for presents for parents (rhyme time!), we went to Dillard's for some bargain but high quality goods. Being the trying-hard-shopwizard that I am, I scanned the website first to have an idea of how much the potential gifts would cost, and some seemed quite reasonable, hence my confidence of heading straight to the retail.

Off I went to the Women's section, looking particularly for Dior's J'adore. As soon as I saw it, I giddily asked the salesperson how much it costs and it was about 10 bucks over my budget. BUMMER! As much as I'd love to spare more, I have three more persons to buy gifts for, so I had to tell the woman that I'm on a tight budget, and couldn't get it. And guess what, she grinned at me like a rich bitch. Oh no she didn't!!! But since I know it was merely classless of her to do that to a budget conscious customer, and I didn't wanna embarrass my brother, I just had to laugh it off. What can I do, Charlize Theron's endorsement is not for the jobless! So I went on and looked for other stuff... to no avail. My thin benjamins were already getting frustrated until I saw this perfume store just accross Dillard's, and IT'S ON FUCKIN' SALE!!! Ahhh, talk about luck! And you bet, I sprinted my way there, dorkily looking around for something to pay for. Excited enough to even forget the store's name...idiot!

But then again, I caught myself in the middle of a "what's your cheapest?" question and answer portion with the attendant. I was like, "Dolce and Gabbana... no? Um, Gucci... anything else? How about Bvlgari... err, that's too much". It was almost embarrassing that I could already feel my armpits sweating bullets, and my poor brother couldn't help either. The woman, who was exceedingly accomodating by the way, tried her hardest to help me though, but she was just as clueless. Well, I'd be baffled too if I was surrounded by all those perfumes of different names with different scents for different ages and sexes. My chances were slowly shrinking, as I continued surveying her of products I know of... until I saw the concealed Escada cubicle behind her. I asked the nice lady if anything there is within my budget, and yes!!! Angels sang in unison, and there it was... a gift for my mother!

Hahaha, I know, sounds like too much trouble for a bottle of perfume. But I'm afraid, I'm not even close to getting my list done. One down, three to go...


aCey said...

awww... ang sweet mo naman, ate kai! i'm sure your family will be so happy/secretly happy that you got gifts for them! ^_^

aCey said...

have fun hunting for the remaining presents! and advance happy christmas!

Kai said...

Pahalata ka, haha. You didn't read it in its entirety, but that's OK. I'm not done shopping yet, but yeah, I'll make sure to give them all presents. Thanks, and advanced greetings too! :)

chase said...

wow you really looked hard for your mom's gift. Escada is quite nice and it smells good too. I am quite addicted to perfumes or cologne.

ice_edge said...

Buti ka pa, you get to buy stuff for people around you. I have a money bank (the ol' alkansya made of lata. hehe.), but it's only enough to buy me something for my kid. For the other family members, well, kiss nalang sa kanila. :D

You want the oblation run pictures? I remember, I owe you a video, right? But it's stored in my phone, hence, I don't have any idea how to upload it. Ignorant me. Anywho, message me your e-mail add and I'll send a lot of pictures to you. Merry Christmas, Kai! Hehe..

jassy said...

at least you got something done...merry christmas!!!

shai said...

WA KEBS lang bakla sa mapang-uring ngisi ng chakang saleslady na yun...amf!

oh san nanggaling ang okani mo? yan pa din ba yung 300 dollars? good luck talaga at sana karirin mo ang pag shopping sa xmas presents!

Kai said...

I wouldn't normally go for those costly stuff, but it's for my parents, so why not. It's not everyday that I get to buy them such.

Merry Christmas! :)

Yes, $300 parin budget ko, pero parang wala na ata matitira sa akin, hahaha!

Laureen said...

how funny. well, it's a good thing you're sticking to your budget. and girl, i definitely do not have the budget to shop at Dillard's. haha.

have fun shopping for the rest of your family.

cheH said...

Happy shopping & happy Christmas kai!hugs

ish said...

wow! i love to do christmas shopping too! but i love to do it alone..:) i can choose. i just hate the loooong lines @ the cashier..:)

Kai said...

I don't normally go there, but it's for the parents, so it's got be special, and expensive for that matter, hehehe.

To you too, Ate Cheh!

You're like my mom! And as much as I wanna do it alone, I know it'll only benefit me if I do it with someone like my brother. He KNOWS how to shop right, shame on me, hahaha!