Friday, December 22, 2006

My REAL grown up Christmas list.

I know this won't matter to you, but I'll give it a shot anyway, just in case a gold-hearted individual out there would have something extra to spare me with. I mean, seriously, if Gail got something granted out of her list, then sure I can too. Right? Fine, not really. Haha, but what do I know? It's already Santa Oprah studying my wishlist, hahaha!

I'm not gonna go good samaritan-ish on you and say all I want for Christmas is world peace... Pfft, that's good, but you won't hear me saying that. Instead, I'll be selfishly giving you (and Oprah, haha) a rundown of my needs. :))

1. It's common knowledge that this season isn't just about what it celebrates, it's also about food and being fat. But unlike you, I have some severe issues to work with, and as much as I enjoy eating, I know I need help. And what better way to help me get over this fat situation than gifting me Horizon's new treadmill!

2. Along with that, Ellen told me about Hydracoach, a new thingamajig that calculates the amount of water your body needs, and consumes everyday. Isn't that amazing? Note: it hit stores late December ;)

3. A relaxing but physical vacation would be a perfect way to end the year too. I also need to work on my forehand, so if anybody wants to chip in, The Phoenician would work.

4. Or if it wouldn't, Nintendo Wii offers sports like tennis, baseball and boxing. That'd be just fine for a daily workout.

5. And if that's not asking enough, I also need a personal nutritionist. That of yours, Oprah, too!

6. Or if he's too busy with you, then maybe you can just ask your friend Kirstie to get me some Jenny Craig help. Her change was dramatical and definitely the subject of my envy. A year of subscription would absolutely save my life!

7. Or if that's too much already, a pedometer from Wal-Mart would be fine. I was at Children's yesterday and I read something about keeping a good, balanced lifestyle. And all you need to do is walk 10,000 steps a day. I'm not very good at math, let alone counting, so that pedometer thing will surefire help my ass.

8. And while walking, I think I'm gonna need a new pair of Nikes. Those that got sensors monitoring your progress. Through your iPod, it tells you how long you've been exercising, how far you've gone and how much calories you've burned. Isn't that COOL???

9. And of course, I'm also gonna need an iPod nano for that. Apple green, please.

10. Apart from my concerns with health, I also happen to have a wish for my parents. They'll be celebrating their 25th year together by the end of the month, so if Colin Cowie can come over and help me with things, that'd be amazing.

11. Okay, I'm not entirely deluded yet, and I'm still aware that there's a slim to none chance that Oprah might actually be going through my crappy list. So you know what? I'll probably just wish for a free ticket to Los Angeles so I can audition for Deal or No Deal.

12. And if that works out, I'll be able to get all things mentioned AND finally get a new apartment. Look at me. I'm an adult, and I still live with my parents. I'm out of school and totally jobless. In other words, I need to move out. Immediately! Preferably to AMLI, which is conveniently just across this house. I still want to be close, especially when rough times come, like running out of salt or tin foil.

Alright, enough of this nonsense... In case I don't get to blog on the day itself...


黑暗记者 said...

Merry X'mas & Happy New Year!

shai said...

aba! at nagrequest pa ng kulay ng nano ha?! lol

ang gift ko sayo? pagmamahal at friendship =)

happy holidays!

Jen said...

Hi Kai...

Merry XMas!

Enjoy the Holidays!


aCey said...

teehee. this post, i bet, is so you! fun and funny... hope you get everything you listed, ate kai. i'm sure you deserve it! ^_^ happy christmas!

Nicka said...

Merry Christmas! :)

Jennie said...

merry christmas, kai! :D

vaN said...

Hope you get all what you want this year! :D

Merry Christmas and Huggy new year Kai! :D

elaine said...

Hey Kai! Merry Christmas! Just greeting you now just in case I wouldn't be able to later. :)

Vayie said...

Merry Christmas!

chEr said...

nice list..

hmm baket di ko naisipan gumawa ng christmas list? hmpf..

anyways, merry christmas girl!!!! :)

chase said...

Well let's just cross our fingers that Santa Oprah will wave her diva wand to grant all you xmas wishes!

Anyhoo, Merry Christmas to you and to you family!

Anonymous said...

wow, this IS a very gorwn-up Christmas list. i feel a little bit shallow about my list, tuloy. ahaha. any luck with any items on your list yet? *winkwink*