Saturday, December 9, 2006

Fedtard attack!

This post will go down as one of the bitchiest entries you could ever possibly read in this blog. I'm supposed to be done with getting pissed about it, since it's apparently not all that big of a deal, but I'm still not. And obviously, there's no better way for me to channel this overflowing fury other than to bitchwrite about it. So let's get this going.

Are you fuckin' kidding me?

Ok, first of all, I think Dwyane Wade is awesome. We all know the story about last season, and it was all great (yes, despite the phantom calls against my Mavs). But for him to be the recipient of this accolade sounds like a complete joke to my ears. Don't be misled though, I think the guy is a great basketball player, it's just that, my understanding of this award was it's supposed to be given to the best athlete slash sportsman in the world, on and off the court/field/ring, and there's no way I would have named Dwyane Wade that.

To start with, how can it be possible for Sports Illustrated not to give this then-prestigious recognition to somebody who's vastly dominating the sport of Tennis over the past three years? I mean, it can't be any clearer. Roger Federer IS the best athlete in the world today, and/or possibly EVER, and any sports analyst, who are in their right mind, would definitely agree with me, one way or another. He won three of the four slams this year, including Wimbledon for the FOURTH straight year, made the French Open finals, won more than 10 titles for the third consecutive year (open era record), cruised his way through his third Tennis Masters Cup title, and evidently, has just been leaving marks of his legacy in the history books.

And yet again, The 3-time US Open champ gets undeservingly snubbed by the American media.

"This award has always stood for more than the victory alone. It recognizes the manner of an athlete's striving and the quality of his or her efforts. Dwyane embodies that winning spirit by playing for his team, not himself, and by working in the community to ensure young people have the chance to realize their own dreams." - Sports Illustrated Group Editor, Terry McDonell ..... And you don't give the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador the freakin' award??? Who are you kidding?!!

And honestly, Vince Young did more for the Longhorns than Wade for Miami. And it could've made more sense if the thing went to Lance Armstrong, who battled his way through cancer, or the New Orleans Saints' momentous comeback after the Katrina catastrophe. There's more out there than a commercially marketable Dwyane Wade, but unfortunately, the publication has turned a blind eye on it and refused to give recognition to the best athlete there is, nor even the most inspiring stories of the year.

But to end this animosity-filled entry, that only a few of you might understand anyway, let me go back to my enraged Fedtard attack... Roger Federer displayed three seasons of superiority and sheer perfection the world of sports hasn't seen in a long time. While Dwyane Wade, your Sportsman of the year, could barely hold an excellent playoff - in a team of five, with a coach on court, and officials who're accustomed of treating him like a baby.

Yes, I know all about Wade although I've never heard of him until the 2006 NBA Finals.


Jen said...

Hi Kai. I've got a new blog po. Kindly change the link. Thanks dear.

Miss yah. Advanced Merry XMas dear.

ish said...

akala ko na kung tungkol saan hehehe... honga, di rin ako agree para kay dwayne...

Kai said...

Will update, thanks!

Haha, thanks for agreeing. :D

TED said...

Hey KAI,

I must say this is the most valid point I've ever encountere on a blog. I totally agree. (=-

Thank you so much for sharing sis.

Ciao for now.


vayie said...

Wow, someone's really pissed here...I know you're chessed off and all but wow, you know your sports.

Something's wrong here. My blogger password isn't working.

Kai said...

Thank you!

Haha, I know, almost nerdish. :))

Laureen said...

hindi ka naman masyadong galit noh? hehe. and knowing that D'Wade is one of your papas, hehe. but yeah, there are other athletes out there that deserve the title more than he does.

sometimes it's politics that runs the show. well, ok, oftentimes.

Kai said...

I know!!! I used to find him quite attractive, and now THIS? Arghhh! Hahaha. But seriously, I was really pissed when this came out. You know it, those Tennis guys are far better. ;)