Thursday, July 5, 2007

Indy Shebang..

So yesterday was supposed to be this country's anniversary of independence. Forget about what they celebrate, I'm just all about the food and the Kobayashi vs. Chestnut showdown! This time last year, I was busy photographing middle-aged nurses who are having a great time in the kitchen with an array of Filipino dishes on the table and loadsome of BBQs to chow down, while the youngsters (and I mean, those bratty little kids) enjoy our backyard pool despite the uncooperative weather. While this year, I found myself alone in the kitchen frying sausages with our cable provider anti-festively cutting the connection (thence, no hotdog eating contest telecast for me). And the worst part? The sun was shining bright outside and rain forecasts were uncharacteristically set aside.

Trust me, those tasted good! After all, they should me smoked, right? LOL.

Pardon my cooking frying skills, or lack thereof. That's one of the main reasons why I stopped pursuing being the next Paula Dean. But anyway, after that meaty breakfast that my mother and brother later feasted on, I was left with nothing but the internet, obsessive video-uploading at Multiply, and the crappy TV antenna to entertain myself with. I couldn't cook up an appetite to make more BBQ'd stuff just to make the day worthwhile, so I just spent the rest of my day chatting up with old friends from the Philippines.

This made me realize how ridiculous I am when I, a Filipino, forgot about my very own independence day a month ago. So with that, I want to segway to Alternati's question #4 in my "Interview Me" post (below). I was being vague for the only reason that there's just a bundle of things I miss about home that I wouldn't have enough space and energy to list them all for you. But since I now feel like I owe Mother Philippines an apology, here's a special 10 things edition about what I truly miss about my native.

1. My friends.
Because it totally sucks how half of my social life now tends to revolve around Friendster.

2. The village bakeries and "sari-sari" stores.
Here, whenever we run out of eggs, we always have to waste about ten drops of gasoline just to get to Kroger or Tom Thumb. Whereas back home, there's always Manang Rose's mini mart to buy or even utang eggs, salt, rice, etc.

3. Taho, halo-halo and sago't gulaman stands.
Diane and I, back in our childhood, would always call each other whenever we feel like buying taho (even during the hot summer) or going to this little burger joint by the church. And it was not just another burger stand, it probably had one of the best burgers I've ever had, plus, they also had halo-halo and sago't gulaman. While here? You can only get halo-halo from Chowking which is about 3-4 states away from here, and hamburgers, though generally cheap, are (per my brother) like heart attack on a platter. :))

4. The summer leagues.
My subdivision had a lame summer league—although John and Camille Prats (you know, those kids from Ang TV!) became regulars there over the years. I always hopped to the next village because that's where my friends were and the cutest guys played. Trust me, there's never a better place to catch the hottest sweating guy than on the courts. Y'all know that.

5. The party scene.
What I like best about the party scene back home is that it's waaaay more subtle than the wild stuff here in America. In Manila, it's normal to have a good time without having to shove one maniac's face to the bouncer because of excessive flirtation. Here? It's not an ordinary night without some horny guy feeling you up like he's never touched a woman in his life!!

6. Divisoria/Tiangge
The place for the cheapest dasters on earth!! And yes.. I wear dasters.

7. Bubble Gang
For some reason, I absolutely enjoyed that show. Especially Michael V.. Haha, I adoooore him!

8. Tagaytay and Baguio.
Tagaytay and Baguio both have the temperature I want for my wedding. Not too hot, not too cold. In Dallas, you get the best of winter and summer that you can barely feel any difference during spring and fall!

9. Tropical Hut Hamburger
Why the hell you never established a branch in America?? Are you blacklisted or something??

10. And lastly, cursing in Tagalog.
I don't get to do that anymore because I only get to utilize my native tongue when I'm at home. I mean, you just have to conceal the foulmouth when you're around the family, right? So just imagine how often I want to pull the malutong na P.I.M. whenever I encounter some bitch around here. Like, seriously. A bitch, go to hell, or fuck you is never more hurtful than that or a gago or tarando. Am I right, Talamasca? :-P

So there.. I've paid my dues. And if that's not enough, my family finally got The Filipino Channel, and I'm afraid, I might be hearing more of Kris Aquino now than ever before. Punyeta!


bone said...

girl, i know what you mean.
we have balot and halo halo here (from chowking, dj bibingka and other filipino restos) but nothing beats the ones the we get sa mga kanto kanto lang..
and do you remember tapsilog in carinderias?
at ang greenhills. lahat ng uso nandun. for export pa. haha.
the best talaga.

Talamasca said...

Super lolzie! Your pictorial with that ginormous sausage kinda reminds me of this Japanese hotdog commercial I saw ages ago. It was weird in a suspended animation kinda way, but made cute by the presence of some Harajuku girls. But weird still. Hell, Japanese commercials are weird. O_o


Aww! Kai's getting super nostalgic and all! Kelan ba balik natin, ha? *offers virtual ice cream and a pat on the back*

Michael V rocks my socks as well. He's a comical genius, methinks.

A bitch, go to hell, or fuck you is never more hurtful than that or a gago or tarando. Am I right, Talamasca? :-P

Foshizzle, my nizzle. :-D

Laurene said...

ate kai! speaking of Ang TV, it is airing in ABS-CBN again! :) kaso umaga nga lang dito so indi ko mapapanood. :(

and I have loved Bubble Gang since i was in elem. :) kakatuwa nga si michael v.

tsaka masarap ngang magmura `pag indi ka naiintindihan. :P

chase said...

Ooohh that looks delicious to me dear. I miss halo halo too but you can make one if you have access to all the ingredients. I just manage to find some sago, nata de coco and other stuff for halo halo when I went to this asian store that my indian friend told me about

Alternati said...

It never occurred to me how extremely convenient having a nearby sari-sari store is. Ours may double the price of goods you can buy from a grocery, but it's still cheaper than money on gas.

hahaha.. Michael V as Juni Lee (Spelling?) I lurvvee it.

Cursing in tagalog is such a luxury here. I guess using P.I.M. there isn't as fun, cursing is only fun when the cursee (?) knows what you're saying. Cursing in Ilocano is something else! You gotta try it.

Be thankful if TFC only brings you news about Kris... When anyone mentions Ruffa's marriage... Word of advise... run to the hills!

Vayie said...

I guess I'll miss the very same things you miss about PI if I'm overseas.

Don't you think neighborhood Sari-Sari stores are SO cool? Especially when you're in a place like ours in Tramo when there's this long stretch of Sari-Sari stores you could choose from. Even now, my mommy would ask me to buy something like Patis or bawang...Hahaha.

I love Taho. But I don't like it kapag hinahalo nung mama yung taho ko, for I always wanted it na buo-buo. Hehe.

And oh, summer leagues. It is where I met my first boyfriend (*cringing*). I can very well relate with what you said about watching/meeting cute guys esp. at Basketball leagues Hehehe. (So, you live in the same village as the Pratts? Well, they're far from being the ANG TV Kids)

Divisoria...everybody who went overseas misses Divi. Why not? Buhay na buhay ang P500 pesos mo du'n!. You wear dasters? This I gotta see!!

I don't get to watch Bubble Gang anymore, because if I may admit medyo redundant at corny na sila. But I still love Michael V!

There's a Tropical Hut Hamburger branch near the office. And we usually go there if we're salivating for a burger or clubhouse. I remember when I got confined, I wouldn't like to eat anything but a Tropical Hut Cheeseburger so my kuya had to walk a few blocks for it. But at least, a few blocks lang...I could imagine what it's like for you!

And finally...cursing in Tagalog. I admit I could be a potty mouth sometimes, but I never curse directly on a person. Except maybe at times - just like you, when I see Kris Aquino, Regine Velasquez or Jennylyn Mercado on TV, then I'd go : "Pu---ina ka...Letse!". I'm also known here at the office to utter: "Ampotah." whenever I'm amused or irritated. =)

Vayie said...
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Erwin said...

hahaha I remember the days of Ang TV!, halo-halo from Iceberg, taho from the street vendor... le sigh.

clare said...

good list you have here...if i left i'd miss michael v too! lol! and dasters! omg, i'd miss them sooo much!

sorry i haven't been commenting much, clueless ako sa mga sports posts e. ;P

Shari said...

w00t! Nostalgic, are we? Nahawa tuloy ako, hmpf. I love the 10th the most. Natawa tuloy ako dun. :P