Saturday, June 30, 2007

People, I am alive.

As an obsessed blogger... don't you just find it extremely annoying when you feel like you have a lot of things to write about and yet you couldn't figure out a way to convey it, much less, find not one second to start on it? I know. Hiatuses are lame. And I'm pathetic. But trust me, the reasons are valid, and no, it does not include another vaginal hemorrhage.

Who knew Humanities or Fine Arts Appreciation can make up so much of my time that I would even dare to forget about blogging? I had to visit the Dallas Arts Museum twice, listen to some Jazz music while excruciatingly resisting sleepiness, compare Ethan Hawke's modern take on Hamlet against Mel Gibson's (duh, no brainer!), AND watch Troy.. Troy, of all movies on earth!! Thank God, Brad Pitt was butt naked there a couple of times or I would have strangled my professor to death for putting me through all these torture. But fear not, 'cause the end of this treacherous course is drawing near and I simply can't wait.

Now, since I know I've left you hanging for quite sometime, how about some surveys to lighten you up? Oh come on, don't act like you don't want it.

10 things I want to do before I die

"Steer clear from the sappy and redundant. " from Vayie.

1. Visit Mindanao. Just for the heck of it.
2. Go on a safari in South Africa with my loudest friend, Michelle.
3. Try out for The Price Is Right, granted it goes on.
4. I wanna give birth, although that remains debatable.
5. Watch a huge sporting event that does that traditional (and idiotic) Mexican wave.
6. Get a Master's degree from a Top 10 university. See? I also have dreams!
7. Be a vegan... or at least, try.
8. Party in Croatia with one of my closest girlfriends, Petra.
9. Spend New Year's in Times Square. And yesss, even do the lame countdown.
10. Be awarded for something. Whatever that earns me a gold statuette.

"Interview me"

Grilling courtesy of Alternati.

1. If you were stranded in a desert island and were only allowed to bring one friend, one movie, one picture of an athlete, one DVD set of one season of one TV show, one hair/skin product and an eternal supply of one brand of chocolate... What would you bring and why? (Yes, the island has a working home theater and a fridge. hah!)
I will bring the only person I never have awkward moments with, and the one person I can count on whenever I'm starving: my brother. His kitchen skills are out of this world that I'm pretty confident that if we ever get deserted somewhere the aliens only know, he would sharply find a way to make a monkey's ass taste like the traditional beef stew. Plus, we have our own language (aka very twisted humor) that we'd be perfect for that major psycho-bonding. ... Movie? Dang, there's a lot of choices! But I think I'll go with Pulp Fiction. It's one of those movies I can never get tired of watching, and it's got that perfect Quentin combination of bloody action and sadistic comedy. Exactly what I need to scare off potential conquerors. ... As for the picture, which is a random stuff to bring in an island, haha, I guess I'll go with Tommy Robredo's backhand (click at your own risk). Mainly because that shot's hotness longevity can definitely withstand an extended stay in that island. ... I really wanted to go for Grey's Anatomy on the next one, but I'm afraid I might end up sucking my head in a puke bag just in case I ran out of tears to cry. So let's just bring Project Runway's Season Two. Santino Rice is just CLASSIC! ... And as for the beauty product, I assume sunscreen is the most sensible choice. 'Cause if I'm going to die in an island, I and my skin deserve to die beautifully. Am I right, ladies? ... Lastly, I'd love to have a lifetime supply of Twix. It's not necessarily my favorite, but it's actually not too sweet, and I easily get tired of sweet things (and that include boyfriends).

2. If you could have dinner with any four notable personalities in the world (two living and two who have bitten the dust) , who would they be, what would you guys eat and what would y'all talk about?
I would bring Nancy Grace, Mark Cuban, Lady Diana, and Eddie Guerrero to The Riverwalk in San Antonio, TX where we'll enjoy a few beers and the best beef briskets this state has to offer. We would be gleefully chatting about President Bush, Wimbledon's two-man show, The Great Khali, how boring the Spurs are, and a lot more. I would specifically interrogate them with questions that still hover my head up to this point. Such as Lady D's intuition of Prince Charles' infidelity, Cuban's disinterest in Steve Nash, Eddie's true feelings about a particular controversial storyline, and Nancy Grace's secret marriage and pregnancy (because she's a verbal monster, and I can't believe somebody dared to marry her).

3. What do you miss most, and least about the Philippines?
Ugh, there's A TON!! But to crop it to the obvious... I miss the food. I don't miss the traffic.

4. Describe in detail your ideal job. (The laws of logic, economy and physics can be disregarded in answering this question... :P )
Believe it or not, I want to work a 9-5 job. Sitting on a desk infront of the computer, with a colorful corkboard, pictures of my dogs/friends/etc., a cup of latte every 30 minutes, gossiping from neighborhood cubicles, and a workplace that doesn't require sweating. That's pretty much ideal to me. But working on field wouldn't be that bad either, especially if it allows me to snuggle with the cutest athletes, celebrities, starlets in the world.

5. How many Kai(s) does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Let's see... One to do the screwing, one to assist me with the screws, another one to hold the ladder for stability, and three more to stand by the side, with their arms folded, eyebrows raised, and furiously envying my big butt that I can not lie. :))

Now, now... if you want to get your own butt on the hot seat...
  • Leave me a comment saying “Interview me.” (And leave your email.)
  • I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
  • You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
  • You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
  • When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
HAH, I'm done!!! YESSS! Haha, I know, it's incredibly ludicrous how updating my own blog now takes an enormous type of time and effort. But I promise, we will go back to the way we were. Until next time, my friends. Enjoy the weekend!


jassy said...

hi kai! goodluck with your school work...working from 9 to 5 with your own cubicle is really pretty ideal.

Anonymous said...

wow..i see you've got a ton of schoolwork to do. hope it'll be over soon.


cheh said...

Hi kai,musta my dear?

long time no dalaw akitch.Bwizi lang:)

9-5 job used to be an ideal til I got one lol

Vayie said...

I thought that going on a hiatus is pretty lame too. I mean, there must be something worthy to write and blog about, right? So why stop? But then again. SHIT happens. You'd find yourself caught up in something and you have to drop blog momentarily - to your detriment, of course. Well, welcome back - that's merely what I want to say.

Nice. Finally you were able to answer the tags. Yay! I curbed a smile seeing this: "4. I wanna give birth, although that remains debatable."- Amen to that.

aCey said...

this post is loaded! and i thought i'm alone in this planet, re wanting to write about so many things, blog about it. lol. god bless, ate kai! nice tags, too!

Elaine said...

I totally agree. I've been reeling from a lot of the things that are happening! I want to blog about it, but I can't.

I'm going to answer tags and surveys when I blog again. "Interview Me." please? My e-mail's elainecarag[DOT]gmail[DOT]com. :)

chase said...

First of all, I dig the new look! Well I've been busy myself lately and I am like you with some postits around writing stuff on what to write on my next blog entry

shai said...

Nakakahiya ka bakla, mas marunong pa magluto ang bro mo sayo (wahaha, nagsalita ang marunong!) sige dadalhin ko din ang kapatid ko, or si Jake kasi tae ang cooking skills ko. hehehe

May balak ka yata buhayin si Eddie Guerrero ha? hehehe

Haba ng post, napagod ako! Hehehe

Talamasca said...

I still stand by my opinion that you're such a ginormous academic dork!!!1111

School Kai, school the world!!!

I'd love to have a lifetime supply of Twix.

I'm with you, sister.

Ok babai.

bone said...

for your ideal job, looks like we could be the perfect workmates! haha. bakit di kita nakikita sa mga daydreams ko? lol.

hey, in case you havent noticed, i am alive too. again.

how are you?

Cheenee said...


Go Fed. :P

Um... If you go to South Africa, go on 2010. It's also the World Cup there. HAHAHA! :P

evi said...

can't comment on indy shebang. it's disabled.

i also want to do 2, 3 & 9. obviously, i've done 4. hehe...

Laurene said...

As an obsessed blogger... don't you just find it extremely annoying when you feel like you have a lot of things to write about and yet you couldn't figure out a way to convey it, much less, find not one second to start on it? I know.

i agree. parang sobraaaang gulo sa utak. :P kaya ako, i write in notepad first. haha.


Alternati said...

Hey Kai. This is my delayed "Hahahaha... I love it" reply to your replies.

Hahahaha... I love it. Especially your answer to the last one. I'd personally bring a pic of Marat to the island but heck, seeing Robredo's backhand... I'd have a life-sized pic of that made to order.

mmmmm... twix.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall on that dinner. Seeing Cuban in a room with Nancy Grace would have phenomenal enough but Di and Guerrero? Fun fun fun...

P.S. When I first read "Cuban's disinterest in Steve Nash", the "dis-" didn't register initially... I thought, Cuban had a thing for Stevie?! I guess finding out Wentworth Miller is gay still has me on tilt.

Natala said...

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