Saturday, June 9, 2007

10 reasons...

...why I quit my job.

1. I tried serving water once and the humongous glasses almost escaped my fat little hands. 2. Wearing all black from head to toe, especially during Summer, is just completely out of this world. 3. Free food at work is not the greatest idea on earth. No wonder we all looked like twins. 4. I'm currently studying about Francois Boucher, Dorothea Lange, Francisco Goya, Andy Warhol, and Jacques Louis David (people I've NEVER even heard of in my life!!) that there's not much enough space in my already smart-stuffed brains for the different types of cheeses in their variety of pasta dishes. 5. Loud Mexican music in the kitchen is like juicing lemon on a busted wound. 6. A pathetic wage of less than $3/hr is not even enough fill out a 70s car gas tank. 7. Befriending the legacy of Van Gogh, Mozart and Beethoven are so much more important for my future career than making love with lenguinis, raviolis, and rigatonis on a daily basis. 8. I'd rather watch paint dry than to witness every single table luxuriating in their respective dishes. 9. Spontaneous ESPN tv at the bar area will get me fired eventually, anyway. 10. Target pays double the hourly rate of what I was gonna get. If that's not reason enough to quit, then I don't know what is. Bottomline, job this normal is NOT for me. Period.

...why tomorrow's showdown will be an epic.

Besides these delirious attempts at singing which are already YouTube favorites.

1. Roger Federer is closing in on becoming the GOAT (greatest of all time). 2. Rafael Nadal is also gunning to become the greatest clay court player of men's tennis history. 3. Fans have voted Rafa to be the better dancer, now it's time to prove who's the better player on dirt. 4. They're lovers off the court. 5. Whoever wins will cry during presentation. I'm stacking more votes for Federer on this one. 6. Mary Carillo is color-commentating, alongside John McEnroe. You cannot be serious! 7. Rafael Nadal has been scary good at the French. (He's literally unbeatable here, for Pete's sake!!) It will be the match of Fed's life to finally get his stamp on Roland Garros, and more importantly, beat Rafael Nadal for the first time on the Parisian clay. 8. Rafa, on the other hand, should use Fed's recent sluggish performances to his advantage. If he wins, not only he gets to be in the record books, he would also help tennis get back to mainstream popularity. 9. The French Open is Nadal's as to Wimbledon is Federer's. This is his house and Rafa will do everything to barricade those come-ons if he wants a three-peat. 10. And as for Roger, it's practically now or never.

...why you shouldn't worry about me.

1. I'm getting a new job somewhere here in Valley Ranch, and I'm not homeless yet. 2. The pool is clean and working, that should help me shed those pounds I gained from eating too much of those free Italian nachos. 3. Remember that job at the psycho ward with Rue? 4. This is random but The Sopranos ends tomorrow, about the same time as Game 3. What are you watching? 5. I'm buying tons of cucumber tomorrow to erase those ugly dark circles around my eyes. 6. There are three cute guys in my class, that's why I refused to ditch it when Carino's subtlety let me choose between work and school. Only an idiot would take that job over an easy class, with eyecandies in tow. :)) 7. Wimbledon is on is two weeks. That will surely keep me and my hormones busy. 8. My mom was actually the one who persuaded me to quit. 9. Which means, she's still totally fine with me being a pain in her ass. 10. But I'm sticking to my agenda. After fixing my license, I'll be working some place else where there's flexible schedules and no free food.

Have an awesome weekend.


Vayie said...

Reasons are valid. Goodluck on your next adventure.

Elaine said...

Yes. You could definitely ditch the job. And with eyecandies to convince you more? I totally understand. Hahaha!

I don't really watch tennis, so I couldn't comment on it. I happened to flip through to one Rafa's games at the French Open though. Just not sure which one. :)

clare said...

you quit? and here i was asking on multiply how work was!

looks like you have a lot to keep you busy these!

happy weekend and i miss you too!!!

missP said...

i just joined the wagon as well... let's celebrate!!! ;)

chase said...

Well you do have valid reasons there and I know that you can get a new job anyway.

Talamasca said...

You, sizzling hormonal fangirl, you! ;-p

The Sopranos, aside from Six Feet Under, is definitely one of HBO's greatest series evah. Thanks to HBO for the spanking six seasons!

Alternati said...

Bree, Edam, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Gooda, blue, goat...

Cheeses I can name. But I dunno what goes with what.

Well if ten reasons ain't enough for quitting... The Mexican Music would've made me run immediately.

LOL, I saw that video of Federer singing. I do hope Rafa wins.

Ain't worried about you at all girl, Pretty sure you'll bounce right back.

P.S. Love the new layout. :)

Anonymous said...

hey kai! it's me debbie. i totally forgot what my password is so...haha :)

anyway, so sad to hear about that, but there's really no point being in a job that you hate. it would just be a drag. hope you find that place where you can be happy and busy too! :) target seems like a nice alternative.

hey i've been craving for cupcakes. do you know any place where they have them home baked?

Anonymous said...

$3/hour?! you've got to be kidding me! OMG. i would quit too. haha.

so who won the French Open? ok, wait, don't tell me...i'll do my search online. haha

good luck on your next job hunt, Kai =) and welcome back to Blogger. i can't remember if i said that already. LOL.

Kai said...


Hahaha, yesh!

Trying, hehe.

Why, what happened?

And I will :)

And thanks to Bravo for replaying them. :P

Ugh, it wasn't just the cheeses, but the pastas, the herbs, the wines they use.. yadda yadda yadda. Kakaloka!

Exactly. Hey, I'll ask around. :)

Don't sweat it, thanksss!

Alternati said...

"Interview Me" Questions:

1. Let's start with something trite.. LOL... If you were stranded in a desert island and were only allowed to bring one friend, one movie, one picture of an athlete, one DVD set of one season of one TV show, one hair/skin product and an eternal supply of one brand of chocolate... What would you bring and why? (Yes, the island has a working home theater and a fridge. hah!)

2. If you could have dinner with any four notable personalities in the world (two living and two who have bitten the dust) , who would they be, what would you guys eat and what would y'all talk about? (I am so expecting at least one athlete in the guest list!)

3. What do you miss most, and least about the Philippines?

4. Describe in detail your ideal job. (The laws of logic, economy and physics can be disregarded in answering this question... :P )

5. How many Kai(s) does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Kai said...

Got it. Yay. :D