Saturday, June 16, 2007

My poppa so fly...

...he doesn't care if we call him Jimmy Santos.
...he confidently believes that he resembles Christopher de Leon instead.
...he doesn't complain when it comes to food.
...he never complains when it comes to alcohol.
...he doesn't mind going to the grocery only to buy his daughter tampons.
...he can't go a day without telling a joke -- no matter how corny it is.
...he repeatedly does a butt flop when he uses the swimming pool.
...he repeatedly causes our backyard a tsunami.
...he calls himself DOTC; as in driver of the century.
...he's as addicted to basketball and tennis as we are.
...he oftentimes shoots an airball even on the freebie line.
...he doesn't care about my obsession over Rafael Nadal.
...he is just as obsessed with Matlock.
...he can't get enough of game shows.
...he worships our cable provider for having The Gameshow Network.
...he even TIVOs The Price Is Right and Jeopardy on a daily basis.
...he still lets me sleep with him when ghost images hover my sleep.
...he snores like hell, which is the best medium of shooing bad spirits.
...he's addicted to chocolates, cookies and polvoron.
...he hates sour food, super cold weather, and the Phoenix Suns.

My poppa so fly, he also once murdered my haircut. :))


jassy said...

happy father's day to your dad!

Shari said...

Cool dad you got there, Kai! Happy father's day to him! :D

Cheenee said...


chase said...

That is a sweet poem and happy father's day to your dad dear. Hey I've been looking all over for you and been wondering if you want to be hosted under my I am keeping it so instead i am offering some friends if they wanted to be hosted under that domain

Elaine said...

Awww. Even if I'm like a day late, greet your supahfly Dad a Happy Father's day for me. :)

bone said...

as usual, im late. happy fathers day to your dad. =) dads are enough proof that there is indeed a God. di ba?

Talamasca said...

How wickedly sweet. Much props go to your dad for raising such an articulate girl like you. HFD! ;-p

aCey said...

awww, a late happy dada's day to yer pops, ate kai! but you look like a jap doll with the murdered do. still cute. hehe.

clare said...

nice haircut there ;)

Anonymous said...

hey kai! belated happy father's day to your papa!!!

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