Sunday, June 3, 2007


I'm in no mood to blog but I might fail to do so in the succeeding days due to a jampacked schedule. But as wise men say, there's no harm in trying. Hence, this pitiful attempt of catering you an entertaining update.

1) As you know, I started my first official job over the weekend. Just when I thought I wasn't gonna complain about anything, here I am again, bitching to a friend of mine, about how small my eventual hourly rate is. My jaws dropped trillions of feet somewhere near jilted planet Pluto the very second I heard that the fat check I'm ever anticipating will only exist IF Mark Cuban decided to dine in and I got to serve him. Or someone else's billionaire character wouldn't mind throwing a big fat tip in exchange of friend mozarella sticks. Otherwise, I will be stuck with such a pathetic pay that could barely supply a car with gas.

The shit to memorize. How much are we getting paid again?

Or maybe I'm just thinking way too much (like I always do). Olivia convinces me that the pay wouldn't really be that bad since we'd be serving an average of 10 tables per hour. But what if I'm in the worst of days and nobody on those 10 tables spares me a single cent? I'm done? I get nothing? Nil? Nada? Zilch? I mean, it's unfathomable to me how someone can be so satisfied by working while only relying on occasional philanthropic aftermaths. I should know, I'm a customer who heartlessly disregards the tipping arena! But I'm giving Olivia a chance to materialize her theory. I will stay, enjoy the free/discounted meals and patiently try it out. But if things don't go my way, like they all should be, I'm quitting. Just like that. *snaps*

2) That film class I told you about was unfortunately snubbed by the students that they had to cancel it. They transfered me to another Humanities course just with a different specialization. Now I have to put up with a professor whose name I can't even pronounce and a class that will talk about Mozart, Houdini, the teenage mutant ninja turtles, and everyone else in between. Oh yay, fun! :-l

3) The junk is the lone American left in the French Open singles draw (men and women). She will be facing the two-time defending champion next so I'm not entirely confident that she wouldn't be the latest casualty to this national embarrassment from Paris. But who even cares about the French Open now? Nadal turned 21 today, he's finally legal, and we can already wed anywhere in the world! Yeee. Feliz Compleanos, Rafa! Te Quiero, whatever the hell that means. :-D

How can you not love? And cream? Ok, that's gross. But seriously! :-))

4) My schedule is inconveniently indefinite at this point. All I know is that I go to school for two hours, 4 days a week and I go to work for another 2-4 hours around dinner time. I have yet to schedule classes for driving (conquering freeway phobia 101) so this Tony guy called up to apparently ask when would be the best time to start the therapy. I could barely understand a word he's saying (he has a thick Indian accent) so I passed the phone to my mother who's seemingly BFFs with those people already. Since my schedule is pretty disoriented at this point, I could only take classes in the morning except this coming Tuesday. I clearly told her that, yet I still got yelled at. I supposedly "made her look like an idiot." I really didn't get that at all.

5) I didn't wanna get into a screamfest with her again so I just quickly left and shut my door. I have been through enough tears the past couple of days that I won't waste anymore Kleenex sobbing over this unworthy fight. I'm an extraordinarily irregular bleeding woman, which explains the seldom visit of that bestial torture. But when it rains, it POURS! (Warning: TMI ahead) I never use tampons, so obviously there's only a slight margin of time in between changes using pads (with wings). I had to call my father who's at work and ask him to buy me a new pack on his way home because I was padding the frantic passage every two hours and I'm running out of clogs!! I hate to ask my father to do things like that for me, but that's the same reason why he's the best father in the whole world! (He got me the maxi, with wings, and some bonus Midol. Now tell me, you'd kill for a father like that!) And as for my mother? She kind of lightened my condition with that disposable hot pack, but after that, I got nothing else. Plus, I should have been the one congested with PMS, not her!! Anyway, after three years of constantly living together, I've finally gotten used to moms. And they will always be moms. They're cursing at you one second, and they'll be shopping shoes for you the next.

6) Is it only me or The Finals suddenly became interesting? The Spurs are gonna win it, that's basic math. But I won't write the Cavs off just like I did to Miami a year ago. (Because that ate me up. Real bad) LeBron is proably one of the most overrated superstars this league has produced in years, but there's no question that his dignified All-Star doesn't deserve any doubt from anyone... for now, at least. I'll be surprised if they go out in a sweep, but I won't be shocked if Manu Ginobli, like the goregeous killer that he is, circusses his way around King James. Now we've got ourselves a show! Spurs in, well, 6.

7) But even if I'm whining about work, school, and my period, I'm nonetheless excited about the busier days ahead. Exactly a year ago, I was enjoying the pool, grilling something bacon-wrapped, and fattening my already fat ass on the kitchen couch. And look at me now? 15 pounds lighter, in school, with a job, and a heckling schedule ahead. Trust me, I really do hate it when I hear myself complaining, that it's even crazy when I tend to imagine that it could possibly be genetic. I know, that's just me, being awesome at excuses. So, to prevent another run at 'Randomgasms' stacked with complaints, I'll be working on a list of mid-year resolutions. I have jotted a few things down, bitching included, but I have yet to figure out what else negative is there for me to eliminate. Narcissism, perhaps? Help me out. It's your only chance. ;-)


Elaine said...

1) You can't really have it all. Hay.
2) That's gotta suck.
3) Te Quiero formally means I like you. But it can also mean I love you.
4) Hay. Moms.
5) Awww, you're dad is so cool. I don't think my Dad even knows what kind I use. And I'm no sure if I want him to know either. *eek*
6)I dunno basketball, but my siblings can't stop talking about it.
7) Enjoy being busy! And can I just say, I just told my parents yesterday I needed to make mid-year resolutions! Whattacoincidence. Woop. I'd suggest lessening watching TV. But I know I wouldn't do that either. Errr.

Clare said...

congratulations with the job...i really wish i could say something more about the tennis guy and the nba pero clueless ako dun e. lol!

true...moms will always be moms.

something's wrong with my wordpress right now, my reply to your comment doesn't seem to get posted. yes, it's the young guy and yes, he is an ass.

Anonymous said...

that's one reason i don't want to work in a restaurant - you have to rely on tips. and being the big klutz that i am, i can count on messing everything up preventing anyone i serve from giving me a big tip. and i'd surely get my butt fired anyway. haha.

ahhh, the NBA finals. i wrote the Cavs off whe they were up against the Pistons. looks like this is gonna be an interesting match-up. an i SO agree with you - talk about overated basketball stars. Lebron does fit the bill. haha.

enjoy the rest of the week, Kai.

Vayie said...

Give your gig a chance. If you aren't happy and you feel the pay isn't really gonna work for you...LEAVE. Take it from me who've jumped from one job to another =). Because if you aren't happy with what you're doing - what's the use in staying? It's tough doing something that you are not designed to do.

Haha. Moms!

I agree with you when you said that moms would be "cursing at you one second, and they'll be shopping shoes for you the next." because a few days ago, I had a fight with my mom about the whole Puerto Galera trip. She wouldn't want me to go because she feels I'm still sick that I should take care of my coming thyroid operation. I snapped back, quite disrespectfully: "Anong kinalaman ng Galera dun? Kahit anong gawin ko..." before I can even continue, she cracked: "...wala na kaming pakelam???" - it's tough. I went to Galera and back and still we're not speaking a word to each other. Like I did her some big injustice or something. We are talking now, she even prepared me baon (pandesal and hotdogs) today -- After days of hostility. --- and you bet, Daddy ko lang ang kakampi ko nu'n.

I'm for Cavs this year. Sa underdog ulit ako.

And Happy Birthday to your Rafa. Everytime I see him on TV, he reminds me of you.

kat said...

loved your randomgasms girl! congrats on the job (don't worry, people are humane and will tip you. i always do at least 15% and usually 20% for good service and food). with your bubbly personality (at least in this medium), you're a shoe-in!

and uhm...your period woes are crazy! but so cool you got a dad like that!

Cheenee said...

GO GO GO SPURS! I think LeBron is Overrated. Hmph. Hehe. :P Go Spurs. Spurs. Aww... I remember two years ago, when I was on the plane, reading the paper announcing that the Spurs have won the Finals. haha! :P This is a great match. It's the first time the Cavs have entered the Finals.

Go SPURS! :)

Alternati said...

Ginobili is the only reason I have for watching a Spurs game. I am actually sick of the team, but Manu makes it all better. I want me some Argentinian hotness!

Gawd, I have given up on my "driving alone" therapy. I am probably one of the reasons why the seatbelt was invented.

My Dad is cool like that too. :)

My mom is crazy like that too. :)

So long as you don't have to wear a thong or an extremely tight white tank top with an owl on it, I bet the job would be fun. Some of the most famous actresses/ models were discovered waiting on tables. You know what would cool? Seeing you in a 50's styled resto with Brady Bunch hair, a pink dress and roller skates! That would be priceless! :P

Good luck with the new job dearie, And I haven't received my invitation to your quasi-Nadal wedding yet... Make sure Marat is on the guest list mmkey?

Alternati said...

PMS... er... I mean P.S.

Welcome back to blogger. I see you recovered your archive. That's cool. :)

Gail said...

kakakakaii!!! :( sorry to hear about your old blog posts. that must've been really painful.

anyway... i'll link you as soon as i get my list up ok.


chase said...

Well at least you got a job which is important but while at it why not search for another job that offers a higher wage. And when you get it you can just drop the other one.

Lovely randomgasms indeed!

mrs. pektus said...

How's your new job coming along? congrats btw :) I'm sure a lot will give you tips.. and mind you.. you can get 3 children to college if you serve good tippers.. I know my father-in-law did. So enjoy and have fun and love your work. Good Luck!

Kai said...

Yea, me too! Lessening TV is like lessening everyday water intake, haha. Good luck with us :P

I knew there was a reason why I didn't like him.

I was even more pissed because the hype he got re that game vs. Pistons way waaay over the top than whatever leftover there was for Dirk in his magnificent playoff run last year. I think it's the "market" thing, with LeBron being the face of the NBA what-have-yous. He's awesome, but I'm getting tired of him and his bitchiness.

Ow, still that was sweet of your mom to prepare you food, AND to care quite excessively, hehe. Ikaw talaga!

I know!! I felt like I was miscarrying something everyday, if you know what I mean, hahaha! But yeah, my dad's pretty lenient when it comes to things like that. :)

Believe me, I hate the Spurs. But there's just no way the Cavs are winning this thing. They'd even be lucky to get a game off of this rather one-sided series.

Kai said...

Ginobili is the only reason why I even have the idea of rooting for the Spurs, hahaha! Exactly, the Latino factor's just too hot to resist!! :))

I drove today.. on a highway!! I almost got killed by a crossing squirrel, and I even got yelled at. It was hurtful, haha!

Speaking of Marat, have you heard of this recent interview where he's been sounding awfully negative about a comeback? He's gotta pull it together! I'm not ready to another eye-candy! :P

I actually got them all back. Thanks! :D

Already dropped it, hehe.

Mrs. Pektus
Really? That's good to hear! Unfortunately, I had to quit. For many other reasons besides the lack of incoming profit. But don't you worry, I'll get myself back on track. Thanks, Mrs. P! :)