Saturday, January 20, 2007

Transition Overdue

I just had to be reminded that half of my senior high batch is about to graduate by the end of spring. Ok, I'm supposed to be fully determined to be back in school, right? But my situation's slowly leaning towards the embarrassing, frustrating and pathetic. But like you, they all gave me the cliche' of it all... It's better late than never... Try until you succeed... It's better to give than to receive... (oh not that one, haha). So there I was, in a freezing Tuesday morning, discovering the humongous campus I now shall call my new second home. Eww, second home? Anyway...

I'm still hooked with the lifestyle I got accustomed with while out of school, therefore, I only got the three subjects I needed to fuel this supposed-to-be productive year with. TTH, from 9am to 2pm. Not bad! Hahaha. Fine, it's a daycare kind of schedule, but hey, I'm still recovering. Let's just think that I just got out of rehab and have only 12 hours to spend outdoors weekly. Fair enough, right? :))

I arrived at my first class -- Human Development -- 10 minutes ahead of time. Quite a way to make a first impression, eh? No wonder my professor is SO at home with me already (she calls me Kai! =p). So anyway, the first day was the usual "introduce yourself" day. I don't like that, it makes me blush, shake and stutter. But I knew I needed this course to rebuild my social skills. I'm starting to become a wallpaper, and I've never been so scared in my life. I have to regain my friendly, nice, animated being immediately, hence my over-participation the next day. Mrs. Dyer just loves me so much, she had to ask me time and time again if I'd prefer abortion to stay legal or not, if gays and lesbians deserve fair treatment, or the reason why I like bycicles more than motorcycles. I was talking too much, my classmates already know I've got a mole above my upper lip.

Next up was my Reading/English class. Before it even started, the room was already loud, courtesy of Marvin or MV or Em-vee or... anyway, he's such a clown, and it's obviously a cool thing to have someone like him who'd periodically lighten up a possibly boring course. We basically spent the hour and a half discussing our favorite movies and what materials we often love to read. Thank God, no "getting to know you" stuff. Haha, looks like this wasn't a boring one at all. And there's more... this class consists of people from Jamaica, Nepal, Britain, Africa and Baghdad! That's pretty cool, right? By the second day, I learned that English people and Jamaicans get offended by the apologetic phrase "excuse me", and that they call their fish "fishes". Haha, pretty awesome stuff! And that dude from Baghdad isn't actually an Iraqi or something. He just got home from a 3-year service and is starting to catch up on his studies. Isn't that amazing? Ha, I'll be acquainted with a real soldier! Dude, that's something else!

Then lastly, the dreaded Algebra. Not even five minutes after discussing the syllabus, we were already answering yawning and scratching scalps over fuckin' integers. Wow, this is gonna be a blast! Pfft. This is probably the only course I would have liked to giddily talk about myself. But unfortunately, the teacher -- although nice and all -- was overwhelmingly excited to teach us about her beloved numbers right away. She just couldn't wait. Oh well...

By the way, my HDEV course requires us to keep a journal for the rest of the semester. Basically be writing about various topics weekly assigned to us. That should be fun! It's like blogging, just with a pointed pen and a little more etiquette injected to it. Oh fuck, does that mean I can't curse? Damn it!!! But I'll keep you posted on my progress. For now, I bid adieu. Have an awesome weekend!


Vayie said...

It's nice to know you're back at school. I hope you're having one helluva time.

Kai said...

Oh yes! It's something that should build me up as a better adult. Thanks a lot, I'm having a great time so far. :)

cruise said...

wow back to school, kung mabigyan nga rin ako ng chance gusto ko ulit bumalik sa school. maganda yung nakuha mong schedule. tapos international pa nga classmate mo, cool. nakakapanibago dahil iba iba ng ugali at kultura pero sa tingin ko interesting din, dami kang matutunan.

Vayie said...

Kai, read my comment re: Diddly Squat! post. Thank you.

shai said...

Sabi nga nila, better late than never diba? kaya lang sagad sagarin mo na,para tapos agad..hehe

Jaz said...

At looooong last! I finally got into your comment box!! Darn, blogger beta keeps acting up on me that I couldn't seem to post anything for like a century now! *haha*

Glad to know that you're back in school :) Am sure you'd be having a blast!

Kai said...

Oo, nakakapanibago nga yung English class ko, pero yung ang pinakamasaya kasi open class, lahat nakakapag-salita, at sabi mo nga, dami ko nang natututunan about their respective cultures.

Right back at ya! ;)

Oo nga e, gusto ko narin mag-work galore.

Yeah, I think I was aware of your troubles with it. Glad you could post back now! :) Yep, it's been fun so far. Thanks!

ish said...

saya ng sked mo! an lufet!!
enjoyin mo lang yan kai!!:)

jassy said...

back to school. that's good! enjoy it!

Kai said...

I know, right? Haha!

Thanks! :)

aCey said...

hey, ate kai! using a different pc. hehe. i can comment now! haha. anyway, i wish you all the best. you can do it, so go go go! ^_^

chase said...

it seems you have an array of interesting classmates and all. that is nice! Diversity is fun!

laureen said...

well that's nice to know that you've blended in well with the american college crowd. hehe.

i have Human Dev too. which is unfair actually coz i supposedly already have the credits from back in Pinas but my school now won't credit them. oh well.

i don't like those "getting to know you" days either. i'd rather they have us write paragraphs about ourselves which the teacher reads on her/his own. that would save me from making a fool out of myself for speaking out loud. haha.

hope you have a great weekend.

Tani said...

You already got a headstart on keeping a journal. You're a blogger! And you're a great writer, Kai.
I love those "clowns" who liven up boring classes. Every class should have one.
I like your benign schedule too. :)

cheH said...

Uy kai! goodluck my dear! pagbutihin pagaaral hani? wag maglakwatsa! :)

boney said...

kai. i really am hopeful that youd love algebra. it saved my life. =)

im so jealous coz youre good in english and all. you rock, kai. keep up.

iskoo said...

exited masyado teacher nyo sa algebra, hehe. nakakasaturate nga ata ang puro numbers :)

Kai said...



I never took HDEV, but it's a requirement here in my new school, hence it's in my schedule. That class is fun after all!

Aw, thanks a lot, girl!

Ate Cheh
Hahaha, nag-sermon na kaagad!

I'm jealous of YOU 'cuz you rock at Math!

Ha, sinabi mo pa!