Tuesday, January 9, 2007

White Castle!!!

As some of you may know, I'm such a huge fan of this movie, that it deserved a slot in my lifelist. I vowed to myself to do or have a variety of the most random things before I die, and tasting the famous White Castle burgers was never to be excluded. I knew though that the only chance I'd get to grab a bite of it was to go to the eastern part of the country and perseveringly look for it ala Harold and Kumar. But who would've thought that today is the frickin' day that I would get my free taste of the enticing slyders?? My brother passed the written exams for driver's licensure, so I guess this had to be his "blowout". He stopped by Save-A-Lot to grab some to-do pancakes when he saw this particular shelf stacked with White Castle microwavables! Sure enough, it didn't disappoint my lunch deprived tastebuds. And it only cost him 3 bucks! Hahaha, how's that for a Jersey treat!

These burgers are somewhat a quarter the normal size. It doesn't have any other condiments besides melted cheddar cheese. The one you get from the chain apparently has pickles and onions, but this already tastes great as it is. Definitely one of the best burgers I've tasted. Ok, before I go on drooling on the thing, I have to say that I only had a couple of them. Like a total of 6-8 bites (that's not a lot, you know!), so don't castigate me for yet again not controlling what I eat. Besides, it's for lunch and my brother's treat! Can't pass up a free meal, right? Hehehe.


Vayie said...

Wow. Now I'm salivating. Ü

chEr kuLet said...

drooling... mukhang yummy... ginutom nako tuloy.. tsk tsk...

:) take care!!!

aCey said...

yummm! pahingi, ate kai...

Kai said...

Alam mo yung mga burger buns na nabibili sa mga small bakeries, ganoon lang yung size, super liit pero ang sarap!!!

Yeah, you should try it when you come over!

Haha, kung hindi lang mapapanis, papadalhan kita diyan. :))

ish said...

burger!!! waaaaah!
kahit gaano sha nakakataba, love ko parin ang bacon mushroom melt at yum with mushroom and cheese! pakshet! ang babaw ko talaga!Ü

Gail said...

oh man! you made me hungry!

Kat said...

OMG! I HEART WHITE CASTLES! i even eat them for breakfast (when i discovered their hamburger-egg-cheese combo!). but they will be the death of me (i go at least 2x a week), so my goal is to limit my fast food intake to just 2-3x a month.

although i really think they are healthy...after all, they are steamed di ba? =)

Anonymous said...

you bet - White Castle burgers are one of the best burgers ever! and you can get them anytime - no need to travel like Harold & Kumar. i've had the burgers, i have yet to see the flick. hehe.

Jennie said...

looks yummy :D

love the new layout, btw ;)

Vayie said...

Kai, kaya naman siguro siya masarap kasi kahit maliit mas malasa! Sarap naman.

shai said...

ang alam ko lang na white castle eh yung nakakalasing dito sa Pinas. hahahah! pero mukang masarap ha?

hoi Kai, nice prof pic ha? hehehe

Kai said...

Wendy's? Haha, yeah, they've got good burgers too!

Yeah, I believe they're steamed, but the bun still isn't toasted, haha. Oh gosh, I have to have the same resolution, Kat. I can't seem to quite eating! :))

You have to see it! Haha, it's not 40yroldVirgin-funny but it's hilarious too, one of my favorites.

Thank you! :)

Oo, parang binabawi ng size yung lasa.

Hahahaha, lasenggera! :)) Naku yung pic na yan, parang ang haba ng leeg ko! Hahaha, at look! Nawala ang taba sa gilid ng mukha, magic ng photoshop. Hahaha!