Monday, January 15, 2007

Women change their minds too often, don't they?

...that the Family Feud even had to compose a question based on it. Hahaha, women.

Won't go any deeper on that thought, but it's how I'd explain my abrupt change of templates. Just got tired of that rustic feeling, haha, and it's what two days old? Gee. Makes me think what if I got married, I'm afraid I might have the uncontrollable tendencies of changing my mind that sudden, hahaha.

Anyway, new layout inspired by, obviously, the hottest show on earth, Grey's Anatomy. I'm so in love with this show and it keeps on getting better. So obsessed that I squealed when I found out that my mom's new unit of work is a combo of neurology and plastics, that's like working for McDreamy and McSteamy! Hahaha, I know, it's insane. They're not even real doctors, are they? Oh gosh.

Apart from Grey's, I've also been spending time watching the first season of The Office (Steve Carrell's version). This comedy is like Arrested Development, the modern unconventional type. Contrary to the traditional studio set-ups like Friends, you figure out yourself when you comprehend the whole thing to learn laughing on your own, not by guide of laugh tracks. :))

Saw The Holiday last week. It was cute, romantic and funny. Chick flicks resurrect...again!

BTW, I've added a lot of widgets in the sidebar. Brought back the tagboard (in case I go for a long walk again), then the mainstay music player, the new flickr stuff, and that "what I'm doing" twitter thingamajig I found at Joey's Multiply. I've already got everything! All I need is a fridge and I'm good to go, haha.

So the Australian Open already started. Random query, do these people even experience winter? I mean, apart from their brief 'off-season', I always see them wearing those skimpy tennis skirts and the men, although brings me delight, practice without their tops on. Haha, should I care, really. Anyway, it's also the kickstart to another greuling year of 'come-ons' and umpire bitching, and not to mention, bangin' fashion.

Serena Williams (USA), Jelena Jankovic (SRB), Amelie Mauresmo (FRA), Nicole Vaidisova (CZE)

The Reebok girls were somehow in uniform, but they all look great. Especially Mauresmo who almost looks like a man in another outfit. And I love how they give boobs to these semi-flat Europeans. Good job, Reebok! And look who's back? It's the junk! Hahaha. I'm so glad to see her playing again, in stunning fashion, no less. Tell me, who else out there can pull off 2-pounder earrings while playing hard-hitting tennis? Only Serena. Only her. IDOL! And the men? Know what, I couldn't care less. As long as Rafa wears the trademark piratas and bicep-bearing tops, I'm all his!

I was quietly enjoying time alone here in my room when my mom suddenly knocked and asked me to put socks on her. Fine. Parents. And she --out of the blue, changed her mind-- basically goes... "Don't try nursing anymore, it's such a bitch!". And I was just like, "are you serious???". Wow. This is complicated but... FUCKIN' AWESOME!!! Hahaha, that's all I've been longing to hear! But... what do I do now? I still wanna earn like she does *clueless second*

Immona leave you now with this survey Acey tagged me with. I know, I've been posting surveys here like those seemingly lifeless people on MySpace/Friendster, but give me this while I'm fond of it. Not for long, I'll get tired of it once again, hehe. I'm supposed to state 5 weird facts about me. Um, ok. Here w'go...

1. I knock on wood everytime a bad thought nudges my unlocked cells.
2. I cross my fingers and wish everytime I see a digit repeated thrice (time, plate #).
3. I cough constantly when I get nervous and/or excited.
4. I like french fries dipped in vanilla ice cream. McDo style.
5. When I poop, I wash my hands with 2-3 different soaps. Ok, overshare. :))

Have a nice week, you all.


Vayie said...

Pretty interesting read.

Grey's Anatomy is really a hit although not that much in our side of the world.

Anonymous said...

don't freak out on me, but i haven't seen an episode of Grey's Anatomy. hehe.

but i just LOVE The Office. Steve Carrell is awesome.

ish said...

hahaha! natawa ako dun sa 5th weird thing about you hehehe..:)
ok lang yun! ako nga vain ako sa paa ko tinu-toothpaste ko to noh! bwahahaha!

Kai said...

Really? Interesting. Well, I know some who do watch it religiously, it's pretty good!

Can't help it. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? Hahahaha, it's the best show on earth! Well, for chicks, I suppose, since men would argue that it's either House or 24. Haha, but dude, you're missing A LOT! They just won a Golden Globe, that should kickstart a new obsession for you! :))

I swear, I'm always afraid of smelling something else on my hand. Hahaha, gotta love those fruit scented liquid soaps. ;)

aCey said...

hehehe... i enjoyed reading your 5 weird facts, ate kai! ^_^

kat said...

wow great new template! i finally switched to the "new" blogger but i'm so freaking illiterate when it comes to their widgets. i'm using one of their templates, but want to change it up and i don't know how!

i have a proposition for you and i'll email you later (won't bore you with the details for now).

very fun facts about you kai! loving the TMI! hahah...

Kai said...

Oh yeah, I had to bring up the poop thing, thanks to your difficult survey, hahaha, kidding!

Ok, I'll check your email. :) Hahahaha, now you make me feel embarrassed. I know it's oversharing, but that's weird too, isn't it? Haha, damn them surveys. :))

chase said...

I do agree! I also change my mind quite often as well. hehehehhe

shai said...

para ka nga lang nagpapalit ng damit kung magpalit ng layout, parang, parang, parang ako! hahah

nakakaaning naman yung weird fact #5 mo, pano kung isa lang ang sabon sa bahay? pareho tayo sa number 4

Clare said...

*sgh* i want to the The Holiday...wala pa ata dito...

Tani said...

I love Grey's Anatomy... and they're not even real doctors with realistic cases. I mean you don't sleep around with people you work with and get syphillis when you're a doctor, but then that particular episode was hilarious! I love it!
Those tennis outfits are getting skimpier! No wonder tennis as a sport is not for me...

Kai said...

Well, you're almost one of us, so it doesn't surprise me at all. ;)

Hay naku, hindi pwedeng iisa lang ang sabon. Isa pa, iba ang sabon ko panligo sa pang-alam no na, hahaha.

Ate Clare
I think you'd like it. Baka ipalabas pa within the next month, pang-pasko kasi yun.

Anong hindi? It happens daw talaga, according to my mom, who practically spent and still spends half of her life inside a hospital. A peds one, at that, let alone adult ones, hahaha!

Alvin said...

On the tennis outfits, yeah Amelie looks so "un-masculine" on her dress hehe...

And Nicole's dress :D (I'm a little concerned though with all the running and movement she does that she might have a Janet Jackson-like wardrobe malfunction... )

Kai said...

Oh, don't worry. I'm pretty sure outfits like that (just like Sharapova's) are getting taped. No nip-slips for men, hehehe.