Wednesday, January 31, 2007

And I am telling you...

I'm not going... Ok, that was cheesy. HAHA! Well, I certainly have no plans of extending this mini-hiatus, so please, just embrace me back.

I'm not that all about school actually, there's just been a lot of papers, chapter tests and disconcerting algebraic expressions to get over and done with before hopping back to the usual blogging habit...well, at least temporarily. So let's see... I guess I haven't been missing a lot. I did see The Queen and Dreamgirls over the weekend, I've already seen all the Best Picture contenders but Babel, which I don't have any interest in seeing anyway, and I'm presently counting down to the Oscars. Reviews are over at my Mulitply, so I'm not gonna expand opinions here anymore. But can I just say... if Jennifer Hudson doesn't win an Academy Award, I'll watoosee the Kodak Theatre til it burns down the whole Hollywood Blvd in ashes. Um, seriously!

See what I'm talking about?

Oscar Predictions:
Best Actress: Helen Mirren, "The Queen"
Best Actor: Forest Whitaker, "The Last King of Scotland"
Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson, "Dreamgirls"
Best Supporting Actor: Eddie Murphy, "Dreamgirls"
Best Director: Martin Scorsese, "The Departed"
Best Picture: "The Departed"

I don't really have a good reputation when it comes to predicting things, but I took this guessing game from Yahoo!, and got everything I answered right [but Best Actor]! But hey, that's some improvement!

Oh gosh, can't tell you enough how excited I am for J-Hud! Who would have thought that an Idol reject, who didn't even make the top 5, would be nominated for an Academy Award? Pretty surreal, right? Speaking of Idol, I haven't been monitoring the auditions like I used to in past seasons, but I've seen some good stuff here and there. So far, I like the attractive 16-yr old from New York, the hair-headed dude from Memphis, and that humorous afroboy from 'Bama. I'll be surprised if these three don't make it to the finals, or at least the Top 24. That's how good I think my taste is, hahaha!


Also vigorously followed the two-week broadcast of the Australian Open, not to mention, in hopes of seeing another guy win it all besides Roger Federer. I mean, we all know the guy is unbelievably masterful, but every tournament he enters always seems to be the Federer invitational. That's how ridicolously perfect he is! Damn it. But at least, women's tennis brought some juice over the 2-week tourney. If Serena Williams mercilessly annihilating Sharapova in the finals wasn't exhilarating enough then I don't know what is. Told you, the junk is back!!!

Alright, that's about it. My own comeback is done. School's been refraining me to finish the ironing job and I've been stacked with clothes for almost 2 weeks now. Boy do I miss my yaya. So anyway, gotta get to this. See you later!


cruise said...

Pwena na mag artista nalang mina si Federer para may newby na pumasok sa top. Tignan mo si Pacquio nag-aartista na sasabak pa sa pulitika, hehe. Just to cheer you up.

aCey said...

hi, ate kai! glad to read from you again... god bless your schooling! ^_^

Anonymous said...

don't sweat about your short hiatus =) welcome back anyway, hehe.

although i haven't seen Dreamgirls (i sure do want to), i think J.Hud does seem quite the contender for an Oscar. she won a Golden Globe for heavens sake. i'll join you on that watoosee brigade if the time calls for it. haha. Jennnifer definitely as one of my faves during her season.

i have to agree with you on your predictions. they're people i would be rooting for as well. hehe. wel, except forest whitaker. i'm like "who?" haha. i'm mean.

ahhh, i'm sure you were ecstatic that serena whopped maria's beee-hind. i remember you aren't a fan of leggy Ms. Russia. but seriously, Federer nanaman? haha.

Kai said...

Oo nga e, kaya lang ang problema, enjoy na enjoy siya sa pagka-number1 niya, kaya malabong umalis siya. Haha, at as if naman may ibubuga talaga si Pacquiao!


Just look at that bangin' "And I'm Telling You" rendition. That alone deserves an Oscar! Ok, maybe that's exaggerating, haha, but you know what I mean. She really stole the show! And as for Forest Whitaker, um, haven't seen his movie, but I saw the full trailer of it when I watched The Departed, ironically, and I gotta say he's really good. Hate to admit, may even be better than Leo :(

And ow, not that I dislike Sharapova. She's cute, nice and all, but the grunt just gets to me. I mean, Rafa's sounds like a girl's compared to hers, you know what I mean? HAHAHA. But anyway, I was rooting for my Idol, not against her...if that makes sense. :))

Tani said...

I can't wait to see the Oscars on TV. I also want The Departed for best picture.

Kai said...

And Scorsese for best director. It's about fuckin' time!