Friday, February 2, 2007

Happy trails, January!

Ms. Dulan: Happy February, y'all!
Rutendo: Happy what?
Me: Happy February too!
[clueless South African slash Englander]
Rutendo: Do you really say that here?
Ms. Dulan: Nah, just thought I'd say that.

Which obviously just had to remind me of my current lonesomeness. While most of those smooching couples will share a fancy dinner and a little sumthin'-sumthin' on the day, I will most likely spend that particular night watching American Idol with beer/soda and something else fattening.

Ok, not that I'd be emo-ing out the whole time. I'd probably talk to a friend, listen to Charlie Wilson's "Without You" three consecutive times, and frown intensely for a couple of hours, thinking that I should be a part of that celebrating geographic. But that's just about it. I'm pretty sure my Algrebra instructor would leave me something to work with on that sorrowful night. Probably the only time I'll ever be thankful for her beloved numerals.

Cold Valentine's

Weird as it may seem, it's been snowing here lately in DFW. Four times in one season, let alone three in a month!!! Although it's ideally fun to see and experience snow, it could be such a pain in the ass when you're out. Especially when you're inexplicably loaded with electrons.

And do we really need to spend another holiday... cold... and alone? I don't think so!

Forecast says though that there's an abundace of sunshine over the weekend. Abundance! Haha, I don't know how abundant that will be but that should be joy. Even if it means that we're bound to endure yet another barbarous Texas summer. Gee, we just get the best of both worlds, don't we? Regardless, I cannot wait to put '06-'07 sweater days to perspective and bring on the fashion! As Emily [from The Devil Wears Prada] perfectly puts it: interest in fashion is crucial. Yes! Even if you're fat!

Ok, my sentences don't come cohesive anymore. It must be the ice-cold water my brother handed me at 27°F midnight weather. Oh, brothers. I'm headed for a paperwork-load weekend. Hope you have fun with yours!


ice_edge said...

hi, kai! read your previous post. You went back to school, right? good luck with that! :D

It's snowing there? Cool!! - outburst of someone who hasn't experienced snow ever. hehe.

take care!

evi said...

sure i have my husband to share valentine's day with but we don't really make this day extra special even when we were still dating. love has to be shown everyday. sweet gestures should be done not only on hearts day.

Kai said...

Yep, thanks!

Ow, exactly! :)

Anonymous said...

i so LOVE that song by Charlie Wilson. hehe. it does remind me that i'm gonna be alone this "holiday" after a LONG time, though. oh well.

i'll be parking by butt in front of the TV too, watching AI, of course. hehe. what fun!

Kai said...

Haha, I know! Welcome to the club :(

tani said...

for me, interest in fashion is indeed crucial especially for fat people. some clothes help make me look slimmer.

Kai said...

Well, yeah! Apart from black stuff, flowy blouses that bear your shoulder blades offer some help too!