Monday, February 26, 2007

As predicted...

Jackpot! Well, almost. But 7 out of 8? (Counting my also correct predictions for the other two biggies) That's some redemption! My Auring skills are back! Thank God. I can make a living out of this. No, seriously.

The Hostess, Ellen DeGeneres
I'm a huuuge fan, but I'll keep it unbiased. Ok, not really, 'coz I love Ellen to death and I will samurai anyone who will say she didn't do a good job. She might have been short of racy jokes, but that's Ellen, and that's what her daily viewers like about her. She can produce funny moments without being as extreme as Chris Rock, and without totally choking up after the monologue like Jon Stewart. She was awesome, and again, I will elbow-drop the fuck out of anybody who disagrees. Make me.

Best Picture, "The Departed"
Minus the fact that it holds the most attractive ensemble of the nominees, this movie just had it. It was barbaric, sadistic, surprisingly witty, and overwhelmingly sexy. Recipe for success!

George Lucas must be having the worst time ever.

Best Director, Martin Scorsese, "The Departed"
FI-NAL-LY! Ok, I don't really have the right to celebrate because I barely have seen any other of his work. (I always find myself snorring while attempting to finish The Aviator and Gangs of New York, and I have never seen Good Fellas - boo me!) But I just can't help but exclaim "YES!" when he won, especially when I know that Clint Eastwood is as sneaky as a TacoBell rodent. Ha, he could have snagged that one too! But it's for Scorsese to keep, at last. And it's about time he looks for a new leading lady down here in Texas. (ahem!) It's been a long time coming!

Best Actor, Forest Whitaker, "The Last King of Scotland"
Although he was a condiment to my almost perfect predictions, I will admit that I was still crossing my fingers, until the very last nano second, that the envelope would finally have Leonardo DiCaprio's name on it. But it didn't, and Forest took it. (With thankfully, a non-shaking and totally-made-sense speech this time.) Don't get me wrong, I like Forest Whitaker. He's my homeboy! I might have skipped his film, but not his wit and musical skills... which I adore. But as for Leo, my love? He's gorgeous and all, and I'm afraid he's on track to a Scorsese curse.

Best Actress, Dame Helen Mirren, "The Queen"
I have seen this film, and I tell you, it's creepy how her portrayal is spot on. Enough said.

Best Supporting Actor, Alan Arkin, "Little Miss Sunshine"
I was really pleased to see Alan Arkin up on stage. (Despite being the cost of my 87% prediction results, and putting the trophy ON THE FLOOR upon receiving it - haha, grandas.) But I was just kind of shocked. I mean, his presence on the movie wasn't in its entirety, yet he gets nominated over the more peculiar role given to Steve Carell, (totally not throwing tantrums here, because as you know, I love love love Steve Carell, but just saying...) and beats out early favorite Eddie Murphy (who, unfortunately, tested the Academy's decorum by the early release of '08 Razzie frontrunner, Norbit). But it's Alan Arkin. And he's 73. And his role was a heroin-snorting, foul-mouthed, energetic grandpa that we all wish we had. Of course, he's going to win.

They look like they just came from a wedding. So cute!

Best Supporting Actress, Jennifer Hudson, "Dreamgirls"
Among all winners, this and Best Actress were probably the most predictable of all. If all the other awards (there's a ton) aren't any indication that she had this in the bag, then I don't know what is. It was like watching a Mavericks game. There's a slim to none chance of losing at all. And while Fantasia (the bitch who beat her out on Idol) will forever be introduced as the "America Idol winner" (fine... or "Grammy nominee," let's give her that) J-Hud will now have the "Academy Award winning actress" tag eternally attached to her name. Ha, eat yo' heart out, 'Tasia! Ok, I'm just being mean. Nothing against Fantasia and her duck voice.

Best Adapted Screenplay, William Monahan, "The Departed"
While I also slamdunked on this one, I can't help but notice William Monahan's Forest Whitaker moment in the middle of the speech. I mean, you wrote for Martin Scorsese, your film was nominated a bunch of times, and you appear to have not expected the win? Come on, Willy, who are you kidding?

Best Original Screenplay, Michael Ardnt "Little Miss Sunshine"
I really thought it was a photo finish between this and The Departed for Best Picture. But the consolation prize isn't bad, it got what it truly deserved, a nod for originality and fearless forecast of a real domestic chaos. That's why I consider this my favorite of 2006. Yes, even surpassing the stunning cast (worth twice the mention) and brilliance of Scorsese's Academy Award winning craft. I mean, honestly. I'm a 20-something yuppie. I can't relate my life relations to those of mafia themed movies, although they're sexy (thrice) and enjoyable. Whereas in movies like this, there's this sense of realism that makes viewers feel comfortable of what seems to be abnormal in their own environment. So kudos to the Academy for favoring Little Miss Sunshine over Borat's courageous (and naked) hysterical expose'.

And can I just say...

• Ellen was awesome, awesome, awesome. Can't say that enough. Awesome. She seriously needs to repeat. Awesome.
• Nice choice of winners, (I could care less about the others but still) I commend The Academy for rockin' the votes.
• I so wanted to be Al Gore last night. Besides the multiple wins... Hand in hand with Leo? Ugh, he's overly blessed.
• Speaking of his gorgeousness, look at him with Kate Winslet! (my favorite British person) So pretty. And can you believe it? It's been exactly 10 years since Titanic won for Best Picture! And was it just a coincidence that Celine Dion was also present? Hahaha. You're totally singing that freakin' song in your head right now. We'll stay forevah this wayyyy.....
• And lastly, Best Supporting Actress nominee, Rinko Kukuchi. Our Asian cousin (with couture Chanel) redeems herself from that horrifying Golden Globes freakgown. Good job, san!

Alright. Awards season is over. Back to work for them, back to reality for me. I have SIX chapter tests this week and I've morphed into a bookworm. Yikes, very geeky. If you didn't see the Oscars, and are completely clueless of what I just talked about, I'm sorry. That was just me, enlarging my already bootylicious butt, doing some observations on TV, and gushing over Leonardo DiCaprio's Italian charm. Come back next time, I'm giving out Target giftcards, you don't want to miss that.


Anonymous said...

love the new layout, kai.

and i knew i shouldn't visit your blog without seeing the show in its entirety first. hehe. you update fast ;)

scorsese definitely deserves this one. right. about fricken time. and ellen really did a good job. i was laughing every moment she was on stage. and J.Hud - awesome, right? when J.Lo introduced her before their best score performance, it was cool to hear her new title after her name.

and leo. leo, leo, gorgeous leo. i'm staying positive that he'll get an academy soon.

Kai said...

Yeah, it's old. And no, that wasn't fast enough. Haha, it took me overnight to gather my thoughts, then voila. A page six-esque rundown for you ;)

I'm happy about the winners. No hard feelings at all. (As if I have the right to feel that way, ano?) But I promise you, Leo will get that coveted naked man in two years. I'll pluck my dad's nipple hair if he doesn't. I swear! :))

tani said...

The Academy Awards should pay you for writing about this year's results. They'll be having plenty of hits courtesy of your reviews. Was it really 10 years already since Titanic? hahaha... :)

aCey said...

you can really pass the mag columnist test, ate kai, with flying colors! hehe

cher kulet said...

waaah hindi ako nakanood :(

Kai said...

Haha, my formality in writing still needs horrid sharpenning, but thanks anyway. And yeah! It's been exactly 10 years since Titanic? Parang kailan lang, ano?

Ow, dear. My amateur skills are reserved for blogging muna, but thanks! I'm definitely pursuing my dreams now that you've injected confidence in me. Naks, ang drama! :))

Waaah, you missed Leo in tux!!!!!!!!

kat said...

great recap of the oscars! i also love your pop culture posts! i love kate winslet myself, and was secretly hoping for leo to win! (love him! i like to think that i grew up with him...i dunno why).

also, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for the amazing layout! love it! i just emailed you the codes for the flickr thing. are you going to try to add it underneath the banner?

let me know if you need more info! or free whitecastles! =D

chase said...

Wow another fab layout! As much as I love Helen Mirren I was rooting for my dear Meryl Streep. I just love her potrayal of Miranda Priestly!

mrs. pektus said...

hi kai! :) thanks for dropin' by my online crib.. it was a delight reading your comments.

Seems like most ladies in the house is secretly in love with Leo (hahaha! that includes me). His Royal Hotttnessss!

Congrats to the winners special mention to The Departed cast and Martin Scorsese (an Oscar at last!). Love that film!

Kai said...

Thanks, Kat! And I really don't think one person dislikes Leo. Unless it's a manly man who hails himself as prettier than our Romeo, hahaha! And are you really serious about those White Castles? 'Coz I'll grab 'em. Hahaha, just kidding. You're very welcome! ;)

Of course you were! Fashion nut, hehe.

Mrs. Pektus
Ain't I just a comment whore? Anyway, thanks for returning the visit. LOVE The Departed. Totally deserved. :)

chase said...

hahahha you got me there!

iskoo said...

i'm impressed! you could have gotten 100% right since Eddie Murphy is quite good actor.

Debbie said...

Whatever happened to this blog, Deb? As Rose's (Titanic) frozen raspy voice would say...Come back, come back!!!!!

you're still into Titanic mode huh... :) but man! that movie still has such strong effect on me. whenever i watch it, like once a year, i would always wish that somehow the ending would be happy. like leo would have grabbed a bigger piece of wood to float on..haha! seriously!

anyway, school has just sucked all the blogging powers that i used to have. i got 12 hour shifts in the hospital so by the time i get home, it's just a snooze fest. and by the way i'm doing my clinicals at cedar sinai...that is one fancy hospital! we were all like..."i want to be admitted!" hehe

take care...i'm just around here, lurking. i still read your blog. :) i know you're hair is super short, and i know your in school! hehe

Shari said...

Didn't watch the Oscars because I forgot all about it, but...

I love Ellen to bits! I was watching her show about 4AM this morning, but I dozed off. She's an awesome host, haha!

I must admit though that I haven't watched even one of the Oscar-nominated movies. I'm such a suck-ass when it comes to pop culture. But hey, when I heard that Martin Scorsese won, that's my exact initial reaction too: FI-NAL-LY! Haha!

Is Jennifer Hudson really that good? Whoa. Instead of winning a Grammy, she landed an Oscar. And in her debut movie! :o

I'm 'fessin up. I admit that I'm a overly-obsessed Titanic fan. I know the lines by heart, LOL. Kate Winslet. Ahhh, one of my most favorite person - British or not. =)

Miles said...

Hi Kai! Love the post and your writing! I was personally disappointed that Will Smith didn't win. He's my all time fav. even before his Fresh Prince days!! but nevertheless, Forest W. did a fabulous job in The Last King of Scotland... There's always next year for Will!

Kai said...

Yeah, I just didn't think The Academy would get affected by Murphy's Norbit, when they did.

Cedars Sinai? Are you serious? Damn! My mom totally made a mistake. She snubbed that freakin' job offer (for the second time) in so much fear that our lifestyle here in Texas far out of reach when she transfers there. She has a point though, but dang, imagine nursing Tom Cruise's baby? Haha! CONGRATS, Deb! You're working your ass off, you totall deserve it :D

And yeah! I chopped my hair, can you believe it? YOU SHOULD BLOG AGAIN!!! Damn it. Haha, I miss your stories. :(

I wasn't convinced by critics too, that I had to see Dreamgirls, personally. And I'm telling you (haha, no I'm not singing), miss thang can act. You should see it for yourself. She might shock you too!

Thanks, Miles! Yeah, I really thought it was a photo finish in that category too, not counting out Peter O'Toole, who was, per se, brilliant as well in Venus. But yeah, Will's gonna be around for a long time. He's got nothing to worry about :)

sneaky said...

hey there long time no visit. wacha'upto now?

was surprised about jennifer hudson winning.
i mean.
wow man.
she just sky rocketed.


Talamasca said...

Oh yeah... Oscars! I must say, they got everything just about right. Congrats to Scorsese's The Departed and Little Miss Sunshine! And dude, those dancers behind the silhouette thingy were flexible that they just gave me the wiggies. Haha.

Anyhoo, thanks for blog crashing. Come back anytime!

Vayie said...

Finally an Oscar for Martin Scorsese! Remember Jon Stewart quipped the last time: "For those of you keeping score at home, Martin Scorsese, zero; Three 6 Mafia, one."?

Kai said...

I wasn't, maybe because I saw her performance.

I liked those dancers! Why everybody didn't, gee, as if that was an easy thing.

Yeah! So happy for his win too. Haha, come to think of it, he was right! Three 6 Mafia even got ahead of him. :)) But I guess an Oscar (for both Director and Picture) was worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

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