Monday, February 5, 2007

Purple rain, purple rain...

Rex Grossman's cute failure; a wannabe healthy meal; and some procrastination

I don't know where you were last night, but if you weren't watching the Superbowl, then you must be napping on the moon...or...fine, you must have a life! But me? Ha, I was one of 95 million Americans who enjoyed the championship juggernut. Cuddled up in my mom's limegreen sofa, I treated myself with some toast, salad and chips, while sharpenning my vocabulary and awaiting Prince's halftime extravaganza. I don't have the extreme love for football (well, compared to the habitual tailgaters) but I started watching the post season a couple of months ago when the Cowboys made it. They only lasted a game [hahahaha, funny ending too!] but who cares, all I was waiting for was the Superbowl...because Prince was about to steal the show, yo!

What? No Little Red Corvette??? Part one here.

So there he was and his horrible bandana, bringing the pizazz in the roaring stadium. Who would have thought that one stilleto-wearing performer (apart from those who expose their boobs) could generate an audience of foul-mouthed football enthusiasts who all willingly participated in swaying purple glowsticks in the air while there's a tsunami on the way? Only Prince! And you can't really say anything antagonistic about the whole thing. It was heavily raining, there's a gazillion electronics the man's putting his hands on, his hairdo was undergoing a major disaster, and yet he delivers a performance nothing short of spectacular. Whatta bad ass!!!

Honey, don't talk with your mouth full.

Ok, there's so much joy over Peyton Manning's best QB without a ring nickname farewell, and although he deserves that, I can't believe this year's ads aren't snagging mad props! I know, there were some really corny ones, but come on. That gay lion thing was hilarious! And Kevin Federline's too! But I wouldn't go as far as liking that Snickers commercial. Men making out over a chocolate bar? Totally not for me. There goes my answer to your query, Charles! Haha. But if I were to have a favorite, it's gotta be this. Oprah and Dave snuggling with some popcorn and NFL game? Classic!

Just when I was already getting into this bizarre sport, it had to take a break. Oh well...


cheH said...

I like your new template kai! maski medya morbid ang dating hehe

Not really into sport kaya la komentaryo to this post,ang alam kong sport ay iba kasi at bata ka pa para doon LOL

Ingat lagi kai!

iskoo said...

masarap manood ng tv kung merong pagkain tulad ng salad, chips, toast, at sa case ko kasabay ang mainit na kape :)

Kai said...

Haha, thanks, Ate Cheh! I was gunning for the morbid look anyway, hehe. And no, I wasn't really talking about the sport, but Prince. You know, the singer? Hehe. Such a big fan :p

You're right! But that salad stinked, didn't like the dressing. Diet sucks altogether, I went back to fettucini the next day, hahaha!

chase said...

hahaha those guys look quite gross anyway. Even I lost my appetite seeing those two guys kissing. Just ewwww! lol!

Kai said...

For a second there I thought you were referring to the football players, was kinda shocked 'cause some of them are really cute, hahaha! But yeah, that ad was just absurb. Totally YUCK material!

ish said...

i love your new layout!
yeah.. the month of love..:)
sarap manood talaga lalo na kumakain! kaya lang nagagalit mom ko everytime i do that. alukin ko nalang diba?:)

RennyBA said...

Hi Kai! The Queer Chef pimped me here again and I'm glad to be back!
Very nice new template - sooo cool!
Never watched Superbowl and have never figured out that sport: You call it football but mostly they use their hands?
'Seeing it' through your eyes was very exciting though and thanks for sharing the vid too!
Hello from Norway, wishing you a lovely end to your week:-)

shai said...

ang morbid naman ng layout mo, hehehe =p

superbowl, ugh, we're queueing like hell bec of that, everyones dying to get a room and almost everything was fully booked (fast fact: im a hotel reservations agent in US, remember)

Kai said...

Thanks, hon! :)

Hey! Glad to see you here :) Haha, I know, it's weird like that. They use their hands to carry the ball, but they kick it to launch it or for a goal. Anyway, Prince's halftime show was more exciting, haha. Glad you enjoyed it!

Anong magagawa ko, walang valentine ang lola mo, hehe. Yeah, I heard! Wala na nga din daw vacancy sa eroplano e. Mega holiday yan dito, kaloka!

Anonymous said...

yeah, i didn't watch the Superbowl. i've never been a fan of football. well, i had an excuse t not soak up the game, i had schoolwork. haha. i saw Billy Joel sing the SSB, though. he too is awesome as ever before.

hah! did you hear about the "controversy" surrounding Prince's half-time performance? man, these FCC people have no life - making a big deal out of a silhouette. give it a break - people didn't even notice what they're implying. ugh. ahhhhh, basta Prince rules!!! Kababayan yan eh ;) hehe.

Kai said...

I wasn't a fan of football before too! But after watching the playoffs, I thought this could be fun, hehe. Yeah, I heard about that! I was enjoying Purple Rain like I never did before, never even noticed that! Only shows one thing - they have the dirtiest minds on earth. Anyway, kababayan? What do you mean? Is he Pinoy of some sorts? I'm clueless. :P

Anonymous said...

sinabi mo pa... these people are just looking for some issue to overblow. but anyway, he sure is, kai. his dad is pinoy =)