Monday, February 12, 2007

The Peter Petrelli Hairstyle

This is why I strongly encourage ESL people to enhance their English. Rapido!

So I had my hair cut. Short. Really short. My mom freaked out, and she still does everytime she sees me. She had a lot to say about it, like... 1) I look fatter, 2) I look like a boy, and 3) I lost sophistication. Haha, thanks mom, that was some huge boost to my confidence! But seriously. I'm not gonna have a Top Model moment here and sob uncontrollably over this stupid mistake some old Mexican chick did to my head. It's just hair! I mean, unlike short penises, it'll grow back! Duh?

What I'm more concerned about is the reaction in school tomorrow. It's college, nobody would care! But my classes are different. I've been rehearsing my reply to Mrs. Dyer when she asks me why I did it -- she's all about change, and she'll be thrilled if she sees change! -- and what my facial expression would be when the entire class turns around and checks out my bob. Oh gosh, it's high school all over again. Nightmare! I think I should wink. Then onto my English class, where class clown Marvin or MV or EmVee would laugh at my new do and say that it looks hot two seconds later. Or maybe not. And lastly, my Algebra class, where I'll hopefully be greeted by this gay dude I've been laying my eyes on, stalker-style. He recently had a haircut, and I complimented it! I deserve payback... and friendship! :))

Note to self: shower, leave-on conditioner, quick blowdry, clip longer bangs behind ears, put on huge pearl earrings (for un-boyish looks), and refrain from cutting uneven stuff. Wait for it to grow back and don't ever come back to Pro-cuts for a haircut. NEVER!!!


ish said...

awww.. bad trip naman yun..
pero bilib ako sayo kasi ok lang ikaw, i mean steady ka lang about what happened. siguro kung ako yan haaay gera na... tska if i cut my hair short magtatampo si frany kasi ayaw nun nagpapagupit ako. kaya eto, kahit napaka init na sa pinas.. haba ng hair ko... pero dati mahilig ako sa boy cut, eh astig kaya un..:) ang ayaw ko lang yung sobrang short na walang ka dating dating yung buhok na parang bao sa ulo. hehehehe..:)

kat said...

Kai, it looks so cute on you! You can totally work that cut to your advantage! The bob is back, my friend.

Right before coming to the Philippines, my mom had my hair cut short. She said layers, I said ok. My hair turned out to be like a pixie cut --like a non-stylish Rosemary's baby cut. For many months, people though I was a boy. Like, give me keys to the men's restroom.

Your haircut is nowhere near that short! It looks so chic! It's a prime length to play with chunky highlights as well!

Kai said...

As long as I know what to do with it to make it look better than it was, I'm good to go. I did everything I noted myself to do, and I feel better. Hehe.

Rosemary's baby cut? Dude, that's high fashion! You could totally work it! Haha, I thought the bob was so 2006 already. But I'm glad! I think the notes-to-self worked pretty fine. I've been getting compliments so far! ;) I wanted to get highlights but I really like my hair color, and I was afraid the foreign chemicals would ruin it. :))

Jaz said...

Though am not really a fan of short do's, I think that bob looks kinda chic on you. No kidding :)

And oh, Happy V-day to you!

cheH said...

That Peter Petrelli look of yours naman is well justified.No ek kai dahlin it looks great on you! yaan mo na mga komentaryos nila,buhok mo yan ala silang paki? ;)

Happy VD my dear! saan date natin?:D


aCey said...

ate kai, I LIKE IT! it looks sophisticated. ^_^ and happy valentine's day!!! in advance. hehe. love you and yer blog!

chEr kuLet said...

i love the hair. and diba new look! :)

i cut my long hair short once.. halos sa waist na hair ko or parang nasa waist na nga rin coz layered sya. and pina-cut ko sya na parang mandy moore before, yung nausong maikli na magulo.. that was 3 1/2 years ago. kahit di payag ang lahat at kumontra lahat ng nasa paligid ko, kiber ako basta nagustuhan ko yun buhok ko. and soon, na nagpahaba na ako, sila na may gusto paiklian ko uli. i love changes.. lalo na if you'll look good naman..

:) take care and enjoy your new do. i love it pwamis..

and btw, happy valentines day!!!

Kai said...

I think I know you too well already to know you ain't lying. Haha, I so trust you, Jaz! So thanks :D

Naku Ate Cheh wala akong date. Ang kabayo at plancha ang date ko, hahaha!

Thanks!! And happy Valentine's Day 2u too!

Yeah, change should be good. And it's just hair. In 2 years time, I'll have that bra-length hair back. I still can't believe she cut more than 8 inches off it! Fuck that, hahaha! Kidding. :)) Thanks!

Happy Valentine's to y'all. Enjoy it thoroughly!

ralphT said...

hurrah to kikay-stuff! lolz ;)

missP said...

love your hair Kai.. one thing is true... to each his own. buhok mo yan so you know what's best for you...
happy heart's day to you! nakss.. looks like puno ang luneta ngayon. madaming ma fa firing squad ;)

Tani said...

I actually love your bob. It's very chic.

Kai said...

Haha, yes!

Hope you enjoyed Valentine's, MissP!

Thanks, girl!

Anonymous said...

your haircut looks really cute on you :)

good thing it does, else trying to blame a bad haircut on someone who can't speak english would be quite tricky.

sidenote: you've been religiously watching AI right? doesn't Sanjaya Malakar's sister remind you of our dear ate Vayie? hehe. gotta love that Sanjaya, he's got my vote.

Kai said...

Thanks! Oh, his sister.. Um, I don't think they look the same but they definitely have the same bone structure. Like Sanjaya too! But I don't really have a favorite yet. If I were to vote for someone, I'll give it to Chris, the chubby joker. Nice voice too!

Miles said...

I love the hair and I love people who make bold statement by chopping their locks, not caring what other people think! Have a great day dear!