Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dark and Twisted

Shonda's not really going to kill her titular character, is she? Duh, of course not. At least not in her dark and twisted being. While on the verge of death, McDreamy comes to her rescue ala knight and shining whatever... and there goes my cookieness. After an extended hiatus of extreme tear-gripage, I finally sobbed, heartbroken-ly-ish. What a denouement. What a show! As exclaimed by fellow greyhead Joey -perfectly- that certain episode KILLS! [No pun intended.] And I don't know if my cholesterol-wrapped weaks could handle more of these dark and twisted stories. But good Lord, Shonda is a genius! Never would've thought that the past two episodes would conclude the way they did. Let alone the sight of two former boylets of the show! Creepy yet very enticing. Hahaha. FINE! I don't care if it's a heart attack chasing after me now, but give me more drama! Peculiar, unexpected, bewildering drama... SERIOUSLY.

So addicted, I squeed when I saw James Pickens Jr. coach the East celebrity team of the NBA All-Star Friday night. CHIEEEEEEEEEEEF!!!! Literally. Asked, "Do you call Patrick Dempsey McDreamy?" he replied, "No. But he calls me McChocolate." Hahaha, loves it!

And I'm starting to think my mother and I have a Meredith-Ellis relationship. We fight, we love, we don't talk, we... I don't know already. You know it's just bizarre when she gets increasingly furious. She starts to morph into a dark and twisted monster. A monster who'd blurt out distinctively hard words that target cholesterol-wrapped weaks like mine. It hurts, and it always repeats... So I guess it's not at all insane of me to compare my life story to Meredith's... Um, mother-wise 'coz I remotely have no McDreamy (yet!). But whatev... I'm hanging on. As long as I believe I'm not being a pain in the ass, I will firmly hold on to my luggage. Like seriously... she can't be complaining about a daughter who has good grades, doesn't do drugs, doesn't even party anymore, does chores, dyes her roots, cleans her nails, plucks her brows, and resists the temptations of her coca-cola gallons. I'm pretty much doing a good job, and she tells me wala akong pakinabang??? Sorry mom, but that's bullcrap.

But this isn't supposed to be about me. I'll reserve more of my personal drama for later. Baka maubusan tayo, hehehe. Before I go though, I gotta tell you... The scene that made me cry really hard was the McSteamy-is-a-good-friend-after-all scene. Aw, man. That just inflated my already swollen eyes to extremes. I wish I had a friend... As hot as him... Poor me.


Joey said...

Eeee! I can't wait for tomorrow night's episode!!

Shai said...

Di ako maka relate sa post mo pero Ive seen your entry bout your new do! Astig, ang ikli! more more!

Kai said...

It's in an hour (and 15 mins, I guess). Totally counting down, hahaha! So excited :D

Hehe, thanks, bru! Manood ka na kasi ng Grey's Anatomy! :P

ish said...

hinde ko na nga napapanood lately ang greys anatomy eh. hinde ko na naabutan.. hay.. nahuhuli na ako.. pero naaliw ako minsan kasi pinangarap ko mag medecine pero hinde kinaya ng science ang katalinuhan ko. hahaha!

jassy said...

what's the latest season na ba? bitin yung season 4 ba o 3...kainis! haha...balik grey's anatomy na ako...

chase said...

hahaha too bad I miss soem eps of grey's anatomy. I am more hooked to Ugly Betty!

Kai said...

Go catch up!

Wala pang season 4. Still 3rd. ;)

I like that show too! And Rebecca Romijn's character? Hilarious!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i still can't relate to your grey's anatomy post. haha. sorry, kai :))

but seriously, we all deserve to have a hot friend :)

Kai said...

Oh yes!!! We gotta have our own McSteameh!

And hey, I suggest that you TiVo Grey's Anatomy instead of Desperate Housewives. You're really missing a lot. Trust me ;)

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