Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy V-day.

These heart-shaped doughnuts reminded me just what it had to be... Valentine's day isn't just for canoodling couples. It's about love as a universal element of everyday life. Hmmm, ok, that's a little too improbable, but heck... I wasn't not gonna go tuck my head underneath my red heart pillow and cry myself to sleep while some Boys2Men classic drives me pathetically nuts. Why not have some festive doughnuts instead? Ms. Dulan's Krispy Kremes were just timely. Not that I had to see pink pastries to lighten up my perception of it, but this sweet gesture comes from an unrepentant unmarried woman, hence, I just couldn't help but feel the guilt when my young is already bitching about not celebrating the day with a certain someone. So thanks, Ms. Dulan -- though there's a slim to none chance you'll be able to read this, but still -- for being such a positive influence to my childish Valentine's Day prejudice. I've been feeling dispirited the past couple of days (not solely because of being alone, romantically), and I can't thank you (and also Ellen's Valentine monologue), enough for being a mother when I needed one. You and your pink doughnuts totally rock!

But just when I thought I won't be bothered again, a blast from the past craps my mailbox...

Omarion's Ice Box... Ok, what the fuck is this supposed to mean?

Well, not really interested. So yeah, after seeing the video (which was very sexy, by the way), I threw the junkmail right to where it belongs. Let's just say he's my Spencer to my Heidi (The Hills). I'm fed up, I went out. He's struggling, I don't care. The only difference is that, Heidi's too fragile to be unattached and I'm not that dumb to go back. Seriously! Who wants a smelly Filipino from the alleys of Atlanta when you can get the steamiest Latinos in Texas? Hahahaha.Ü

Single life rules!!! Can't stress it enough. Drew Barrymore, you're my new curvy hero. I love you! Hope you all had a fabulous time today, tied or untied. I certainly did... with my iron and still suffering ironing board. Haha, no kidding. Anyway, vday & this layout, officially retired. Later, bitches!


aCey said...

happy valentine's ate kai! hehe. girl power ka talaga.

Clare said...

didn't really get the whole thing about drew barrymore (love her though)

belated happy vday to you kai....

big hugs from way over here to way over there ;)

Rex Venom said...

Happy Heart Day!
Wish I had some of those sweets.
Your hair looks great.
Rock on!

Kai said...

Haha, I should be your hero! :))

Oh, it was her latest guesting on Ellen. She was all about being single and fun, that's why she's my new hero. Dapat ikaw din, hehehe.

Rex Venom
Hey! Thanks :D

Joey said...

What happened to your shoutbox?? Bah, sorry for doing a "hit and run" pitstop here but I'm so swamped with work. :(( So without further ado, have you seen last night's Grey's Anatomy eppy?


ish said...

hi kai!
happy hearts day!Ü
sarap ng donuts!Ü
ako rin i love drew sobra! minsan ko ng ginamit yung "dylan" as a pen name hehehe..:)

cher kulet said...

belated happy valentines day..

i want krispy kreme tuloy...

Kai said...

It wasn't as popular as I thought it would be so it just went poof. And hey, don't worry about it, totally glad to see you "hit and run" me, hahaha! OF COURSE I SAW IT!!!!!!!! OH MA GAH. My eyes are still puffed from crying so fuckin' hard! It's just so beautiful, wasn't it? Hay.

I just loved her again, hehehe.

To you too! :)

cruise said...

happy valentine's day kai. haha wawa naman yung nagpadsala ng video sayo, yan kasi kapal nya eh! haha

Elaine said...

I missed reading your posts Kai.

Belated Happy Valentine's! We have Krispy Kreme narin here sa Pinas but I just don't have the patience to go all the way to The Fort to line up with so many people.

chase said...

Belated Happy Valentines Day to you Kai! Oooohh those donuts look so lovely!!

Anonymous said...

happy belated hearts day, kai! those doughnuts look really good.

Spencer to your Heidi?! oh how i hate the douchebag. ahaha.

Kai said...
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Kai said...

Actually I was going to write another word that rhymes with that, but that'd dirt my blog, hehe.

Really? Gee, it's supposed to be the cheapest breakfast chain! They should put up more! ;)

Yeah, they do, that's why I resisted it! :(

I just saw the latest episode. I can't believe she's shrugging off Lauren for that pig!!! Haha, I'm totally into this. :))